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Donna Jack
January 5, 2017

King Soopers in Conifer, Colorado annually lets the local Kiwanis Club set up tables to sell Joe Wheeler’s books – with all proceeds going to the local elementary schools and home schools in the Conifer area.  This year we were able to raise $3,468.59 for the project.

In the process of helping people purchase Joe’s books, I purchased many books for my own friends and family — and was able to work with Joe and get to know his work.  You can discover his books, and other things he offers, on his website:     www.joewheelerbooks.com

Below is the text of Joe Wheeler’s December 2016  blog about election 2016.  If you go to this printable link you will not only see the text of the article below, but a Norman Rockwell picture within the article, depicting the division between a husband and wife over the 1948 election in which Truman won over Dewey.  As always, Norman Rockwell beautifully and accurately captured a real piece of life in our county.


Joe Wheeler’s Blog #50, Series 7_Election 2016
From Joe’s “Wednesdays with Dr. Joe” articles

December 14, 2016

What a relief: the long almost unbelievably contentious election is finally over! For most of us, it couldn’t come soon enough. Reason being: now, at long last, normal life can resume again. At long last, friendships can be reestablished—hopefully—between all the millions who have been estranged by the decision to vote differently from the other friend, family member, or spouse. Then, for a time, we can forget that America is split right down the middle where party affiliation is concerned.

What an enduring miracle democracy is, as has so often been said: “the worst form of government—except for all the others.”

And the cycle tends to endlessly repeat itself.

One party defeats the other amidst much rancor. Members of the winning party are jubilant and members of the losing party are despondent. If one party pulls off a trifecta (presidency, Senate, and House of Representatives), the winning party tends to be ecstatic, and the losing party broken-hearted.

The interesting thing is: When a trifecta occurs, almost invariably, the winning party over-reaches and becomes arrogant and dictatorial, thus planting the seeds of its own destruction. First thing you know, the mood is, Let’s throw the rascals out! – and they do. And the cycle continues.

So let’s all remember that nothing ever keeps going up and nothing ever keeps going down. Sooner or later, there will be a course correction.

Having said that, “Long live the United States of America!”



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