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Donna Jack
January 17, 2017

Insistence on their own way, ignoring laws

Leading up to Inauguration Day on January 20th, people who insist on imposing their way on all the rest of us, no matter what the law says, have been working to destroy our election system, and destroy the freedoms we have under our US Constitution.  They prefer anarchy, which they believe will lead to a better form of world government.

My school district awarded for being the best in the nation

In 2008 or 2009, Billie Ayres (founder of the Weather Underground) and Angela Davis (former Black Panther, whose address used to be “Communist Party USA”), presented at an event on the East Coast, an award to my school district (Jefferson County, Colorado) for being the best school district in the country.  The award they had presented, was announced at a Jefferson County school board meeting that I attended.

In the 1960s, according to an undercover FBI agent who was in the Weather Underground, Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn were part of the bombing of a police station where one officer was killed, and several others were injured.  See:  2009-04-03_Weather Underground History Restored_by Allan C. Browfield

William Ayres’ Facebook page today says that he and Bernadine are now in Cuba, celebrating her 75th birthday.

“On a flight to Havana—celebrating Bernardine’s 75th birthday tomorrow! Back in time to rise up in Washington!”

In his Facebook post, Mr. Ayers links an investigative video by Project Veritas (James O’Keefe’s organization).   You can watch the video below:

The James’ O’Keefe video exposes plans for violence during the inauguration this week.  He turned over the evidence to the FBI and law enforcement groups.

People are being encouraged to be anarchists – Even in schools in Jefferson County

Much of the general public has been conditioned to believe that if they don’t get their way, they are justified in forcing their way on others.  We saw that mentality in our school district, in November 2015.  At that time, three school board members were recalled.  The democrats hadn’t expected the election of three republicans in 2013, who were not supported by the union.  It was the first time in decades that the majority on the board was not controlled by a majority who were union-supported.

The unions proceeded to immediately begin work on fooling the public into believing that the three new members on the board were wasteful with taxpayer money; secretive; mean; rude;  disrespectful; wanting to censor everything true out of American history.

The video in Blog 0004 shows that it was not the three board members who were mean, rude, dishonest and disrespectful.  The video of the February 8, 2014 meeting, three months after the three were elected, shows the plan to recall and the words that would be used on the petitions and the ballots for recall.  In Blog 0080 you can see the identical wording for the petition and ballot (wording spoken in the linked video of the 2014 meeting).

Before the election, the unions, PTA members, some teachers, and some parents who wanted the democrats to control the school district, orchestrated and carried out walkouts in our school district.  My youngest child attended the school where they carried out the first of several walkouts in our school district.

This week leading up to the US Presidential Inauguration

During this Inauguration week, I am sorry to see that people are choosing to take whatever actions they can, to try to destroy the rule of law in the name of stopping Mr. Trump.  It is so foolish, since revolution will destroy all of us.

I sincerely hope that those who believe the lies against President-elect Trump, will begin studying news sources that are not pushing for an overthrow of our government.  There are many resources much more honest than ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN.  These four news channels are doing all they can to divide this nation, and turn people totally against our new president-elect.  They are not the only information sources that are intent on inciting and pushing for violence.

Some places to get away from the false news that supports anarchy

One of the other outlets where you can get much more honest news,  is www.breitbartnews.com   There you will read:  “President-elect Donald Trump Signaled on Monday that there would be no new deals negotiated for his real estate company during his presidency. . .”

John Newkirk, one of the school board members in my school district who was dishonestly recalled, writes for local papers in my area.  Read one of his articles on the dishonesty and the exploiting of children:  https://jeffcoeducationtruth.com/grammagrizzly/2016/01/how-the-national-teachers-union-usurped-a-local-election-and-how-you-paid-for-it-by-john-newkirk-jan-28-2016/   Read about his account of what has been happening in our school district.

I find it helpful to look at the news clip videos on Fox News.  There you can find out a tremendous amount of information daily, that you will NEVER find in the mainstream media — or in most of the public schools, colleges and universities.

Another great resource is The Drudge Report.  http://drudgereport.com/

And Complete Colorado concentrates on Colorado news.  It is like a Colorado Drudge Report.

Students are fed lies and hatred every day in our schools — so is the public.

Anarchy and hatred are being pushed in public K-12 schools, and in most colleges and universities.   Every day students and the public are being told the Trump family is dishonest and will steal from the taxpayers.  Students, teachers, and even many in the public are living in fear, because of all the lies.

Students and the public are fed propaganda (lies)

One of the countless false accusations against President-elect Trump is that he will grow his fortune during his presidency, at our expense.

The mainstream media and the schools generally don’t tell people that both President Clinton and President Obama became many times more wealthy while in the White House.

The Trump family is actually doing much to assure
the public they will not use the White House for financial gain

See Blog 0169 on this site for information about how President-Elect Trump is making sure NOT to gain financially from being President — and in fact how he and his family are giving up vast amounts of their own personal money in order to make sure that they will in no way make money at our expense.

President-elect Trump has already spent a lot of his own money, to help finance the primary and the election.  In contrast to his predecessors, Mr. Trump is making huge efforts to make sure he and his family do not gain wealth by being in the White House.

The Left came up with the term “false news” —
False news is what they actually produce themselves.

The mainstream media hides the truth, and makes up lies.  They are in the process of making up lie after lie about the Trumps, in the hope of starting a revolution, and continuing revolution for four years.

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