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Donna Jack
February 10, 2017

Soviets in the Classroom… America’s Latest Education Fad
by Charlotte Iserbyt  [link to “Soviets in the Classroom” 1986 – here]

Federal, UN and Soviet control of education content in our classrooms, is extensive.  The heavy influence of Soviet education in our classrooms was made official in 1985.  People need to become aware of the agreements our country has with Soviet Russia, and need to try to stop Soviet influences in our schools.  Parents need to do whatever is possible to protect their children and grandchildren from the mind-altering mind-control that is taking place in schools.

Read about America’s education cooperation with Soviet Russia in the attached article, written in 1986:  “Soviets in the Classroom … America’s Latest Education Fad.”  Note, Charlotte Iserbyt, the author of the article, says her article was originally boycotted in our country.

Here is one paragraph from her article “Soviets in the Classroom”

“What do the Soviets—who kidnapped 10,000 Afghan children and shipped them to the Soviet Union for “re-education” and in the spring of 1989 used poison gas and sharpened shovels to disperse a nationalistic demonstration in Soviet Georgia, killing at least twenty persons and injuring 200—have to offer our children in the way of school materials? What does a country have to offer our children in the way of school materials which, according to an 1987 “out-of-print” book by American Federation of Labor—Council of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) entitled Cruel and Usual Punishment: Forced Labor in Today’s USSR, holds tens of thousands of political prisoners in Soviet prisons, labor camps, and psychiatric hospitals, including between four and five million non-political prisoners in slave labor camps? What does a country which publishes children’s books for disinformation purposes overseas—and in the case of books distributed in India, portrays America as “rich, uncaring, and prejudiced,” and compares us with the Brahmin caste, which is the ruling caste much resented by the disadvantaged in India—have to offer our children in the way of school materials?”  [see the entire article — 2015-05-02 Soviets in the Classroom…America’s Latest Education Fad_Charlotte Iserbytre]


Extensive US and Soviet education system agreements — in 1985

When Charlotte Iserbyt was in the Department of Education under President Reagan, she was shocked to learn of the strong influence on our curriculum, that comes from Communist countries, and especially the Soviet Union.

Charlotte Iserbyt reported in her article, Soviets in the Classroom, that in 1985 “President Reagan and the Carnegie Corporation signed the extensive agreements with President Gobachev of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Academy of Science, respectively, to basically merge the two nations’ education systems.”  She could not find anyone to publish her work exposing this merger.

Attempts to publish Charlotte Iserbyt’s article about these agreements

In 1986 Charlotte tried to get organizations and publishers to publish her article, exposing agreements between the US and the USSR, to share teaching methods and content between their countries.  Going to all the conservative organizations and think tanks, she met repeated rejection.  America’s Future was one of the groups that did not publish and distribute her article.

In 1989, the late Judge Robert Morris, N.J., became chairman of the board for America’s Future.  He had been involved with congressional investigations into Communism in our public schools.  [At the end of this article there is more information about Judge Robert Morris]

Judge Morris found Charlotte’s article about these agreements inside a drawer in his new desk at America’s Future.  He called Charlotte to ask her about the article, and then published it right away — four years after the fact.  America’s Future was at that time a well-known conservative organization.

When in the Department of Education

When she was working in the US Department of Education, Charlotte Iserbyt also came across information within the US Department of Education that spelled out detailed instructions, showing how to infiltrate and take over school districts — by gaining control of advisory committees, accountability groups and committees, study groups, student councils, school boards, PTAs, etc.  She was fired from the US Department of Education, soon after she tried to inform people within the US Department of Education of these instructions to infiltrate and take control of school districts in our country.

Goals of the United Nations, U.S. Department of Education,
and Soviet Russia, align —
see blog posts on the UN.

From the inception of both the United Nations and the U.S. Department of Education, they have shared a goal to standardize and control people, and eliminate national borders, thus creating one world government.  That has been, and continues to be the goal of Soviet Russia as well.  In fact, Soviet Russia greatly influenced the structure of the United Nations.  Alger Hiss was one Soviet espionage agent, who was a high ranking U.S. State Department official.  He had great influence on the structure of the United Nations, and was its first Secretary-General.  At one point Alger Hiss was president of the Carnegie Foundation. [http://www.conservapedia.com/Alger_Hiss]

[In 1950, Hiss was convicted of perjury for denying he was involved in Soviet espionage.  [http://www.conservapedia.com/Alger_Hiss ]

Carnegie Endowment trustees had, in 1910, decided that “the most effective way to change people” is war.  Following war, they decided they had to get control of education in the United States, in order to prevent people in America from returning to the life and ideas they had before the war.   [Details of these plans, and much more can be found in “America’s Road to Ruin” by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt – http://www.rense.com/general95/Iserbyt%20AR2R%20May2011%201119(2).pdf]

Using “education/indoctrination” from birth all the way through college and university degree programs, and then for the rest of life – they would have the “lifelong learning” necessary to change people.  Outside the schools, life-long indoctrination is carried out through the mainstream media and other media (television/radio/newspapers/magazines/books/Hollywood/online resources, Facebook/twitter/tweets/emails, etc.).

Often innocent people with good intentions, believe and trust in public schools, the mainstream media, and other forms of communication — not realizing these outlets are being used to change them, and to overthrow the United States of America.


 [Note:  The material that follows, is taken from the a web page on the site belonging to America’s Future.  America’s Future is an organization that supports the sovereignty of the United States of America.]   http://www.americasfuture.net/misc/founded.html

“Robert Morris, the renowned geopolitical strategist and one of America’s foremost authorities on intelligence and national security, became America’s Future’s chairman of the board in 1989 and president in 1995.  (Note:  Robert Morris is the man who published Charlotte’s article.)

“During World War II, he was a U.S. Navy intelligence officer in Soviet Counterintelligence and Psychological Warfare in the Pacific, and in 1951-53 was chief counsel to the U.S. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. Morris achieved remarkable distinction in many careers: attorney, judge, academic, strategist, and author. He was president of the University of Dallas, 1960-62, and president of the University of Plano, 1964-1972. A member of the Circumnavigators Club and a world traveler, he published a syndicated newspaper column for many years under the title ‘Around the World.’ He is chairman of the National Committee to Restore Internal Security. His many important books include No Wonder We Are Losing, Disarmament: Weapon of Conquest, What Is Developmental Education?, and Our Globe Under Siege.”


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