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Donna Jack
February 10, 2017

In Blog Post 0178 you can read Joseph Goebbels’ quote  — it talks about making up a huge lie and repeating it over and over to manipulate people.  You can also read his quote in Quotation 26 on the Quotations page of this website.

We need to be slow to judge people, and slow to anger.  Those who wish to control us, use against us, our weakness to swiftly judge and to get angry.  They keep repeating lies — lies that are designed to divide.

It is difficult to avoid judging people,
when quick harsh judgment is all around us every day.

Almost no matter where we go, people seem to be angry, saying bad things about people — frequently these uncomplimentary words are about people they don’t even know.  People often seem to be eager to cut someone else down.  These harsh unkind words are not only focused on strangers, but just as easily shift focus to people close to home:  people in our schools, our churches, at work, in our neighborhoods, clubs …  and in our own families .

Blog post 0090 goes into detail about “Label-Libel” — a term I found in a book
from a New Mexico teacher supply store.

Human nature is a combination of both good and bad.  Those who have evil goals in mind to control other people, frequently take advantage of the weaknesses of human nature (greed, selfishness, dishonesty, pride, vengeance, gossip, hatred, anger, impatience).  They encourage and feed these weaknesses, in order to divide us from each other, so that they can accomplish their own selfish goals.

“Divide and Conquer”

As a child, I learned of the Romans and their very successful use of “divide and conquer.”   Division is a method we see used all around us today, to train people to hate each other:  “diversity studies” “women’s studies” “critical thinking” “ethnic studies” “multiculturalism” “political correctness” “broad-brush unsubstantiated critiques” “name-calling” “prejudice” “close-mindedness” “violence” “slander” “libel”

A partial definition of “Divide and Conquer”

“A divide and conquer strategy, also known as ‘divide and rule strategy’ is often applied in the arenas of politics and sociology. In this strategy, one power breaks another power into smaller, more manageable pieces, and then takes control of those pieces one by one. It generally takes a very strong power to implement such a strategy. In order to successfully break up another power or government, the conqueror must have access to strong political, military, and economic machines


“Furthermore, in order to maintain power and influence, large governments will often work to keep smaller powers and governments from uniting. In fact, this use of the principles within the divide and conquer strategy is most common. It is much easier to prevent small powers from linking forces than to break them apart once they have aligned.”  http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-a-divide-and-conquer-strategy.htm

Some summary thoughts about “Divide and Conquer”

Selfishness, anger and pride are used against people in the “divide and conquer” strategy.  These “not-so-good” human characteristics, when nurtured, cause people to become incapable of thinking clearly.  These weaknesses stand in the way of our joining forces.

There are people who secretly use our wea

knesses to turn us against each other, tricking us so they can manipulate us.  We often become divided from each other, simply because we are quick to anger, quick to speak, and quick to categorize each other.   These are natural human shortcomings we need to fight.

It would benefit all of us to step back, and avoid assuming the worst in people.  If we join forces, we may be able to help thwart the efforts of the real enemies who are encouraging divisions between us, in order to defeat and control all of us.


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