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Donna Jack
February 10, 2017

Joseph Goebbels — propaganda minister

Joseph Goebbels’ quote is at the end of this blog —  it talks about making up a huge lie and repeating it over and over to manipulate people.  You can read it in quotation 26 on the Quotations page of this website.

Blacklisted by History, is a book written by M. Stanton Evans
— Below is a video in which Mr. Evans tells about his book.

This video link has a lot of information about Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies.  One of the things you will find in this YouTube, is a summary of things that have been made public in recent years — things that verify the extensive Communist infiltration in our government that Joe McCarthy was trying to expose to the public.

The book Blacklisted by History is very long (605 pages plus 32 pages of Notes and the Appendix; plus an Index).  Because it is so long, a large percentage of people in this country are incapable of reading it — because they can’t read.  Making people illiterate is a gross tragedy that has occurred deliberately – it was a well-thought-out plan by the original founders of  public government-funded schools.  Look at Blog 0172 – Illiteracy by design…

For some information about the deliberate dumbing down of America see:

0014_Making Americans Illiterate:  A Key Factor in the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America – YouTube with Samuel Blumenfeld_ Frederick Douglass:  Was an American Slave, and became one of the best orators of the 1800s

Some people won’t read books like Blacklisted by History, or the auto-biography Witness, by Whittaker Chambers.  They believe the lies, repeated over and over, that Joseph McCarthy and Whittaker Chambers are crack pots, who tried to destroy innocent people.

Of course, the bearers of these lies are the very people whose deeds need to stay out of the view of the public.

 Whittaker Chambers’ autobiography Witness is over 700 pages long, and details his years before and during the time he was in the Communist Party USA; the years he was a Soviet espionage agent; his escape for his life when he defected; his efforts to live peacefully; his years of writing for publications before and after his testimony; and his eventual testimony.

He chose to testify in the hope that the truth would awaken our country to the deadly forces of world Communism, forces that had already taken over huge portions of the globe since World War II; and had plans to use the United Nations to spread Communism even more.

M. Stanton Evans appears in two documentaries called Agenda and Agenda 2

M. Stanton Evans, the author of Blacklisted by History, is in the video linked above; and he is one of the people who appears and speaks several times in the documentaries Agenda and Agenda 2.  These documentaries reveal goals, efforts, and accomplishments made by the Communist party, that relentlessly pursues control of our country and of the world.

You can read about these two Agenda documentaries, and find out how to purchase them, by going to the Blog Posts linked below.  Or go to www.agendadocumentary.com.

[Blogs 0110, 0111, 0114, 0115 and 0122.]

Below is a short partial transcript from M. Stanton Evans’ interview about his book
Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies:

[Interviewer]     “You (Mr. Evans) prove in the book that there was Soviet penetration of our government…big time… And you also prove that Joe McCarthy was right in identifying people who were, to put it bluntly, Soviet agents.”

[Mr. Evans]  “That is correct.

Just for the benefit of the audience, assuming there are some that may not know the background:  The conventional story on Joe McCarthy, was that he made all these wild charges against innocent people, smeared victims in the State Department in particular and elsewhere, calling them Communists, without a shred of proof to go on

[Interviewer]  “So they said.”

[Mr. Evans]  “So they said.  And so it is still said in all the history books, and the biographies of McCarthy — endless iterations”



Blacklisted by History, reveals another example of human weaknesses being used as weapons, against other humans.

In both Joseph McCarthy’s and Whittaker Chambers’ cases, those who are working to destroy our country, lied over and over about these two men.  And the public just listened and took it all in, doing no research for themselves.

It is a weakness, and it is wrong to jump to conclusions before having the facts.  It is difficult not to jump to conclusions.

In Joseph Goebbels’ own words, he tells of the need of the state to cover up  subversive actions in order to sustain themselves — truth is the enemy of the state.  The people planning our country’s fall, do not want people to know anything about their infiltration of our government and their presence and control throughout our society.

A corrupt State must tell huge lies,
and repeat them over and over,
in order to hide the truth.

Joseph Goebbels_master propagandist of the Nazi regime
The truth is the enemy of the State.
Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945) – was “Master propagandist of the Nazi regime and dictator of its cultural life for twelve years.” In 1929 Hitler “appointed Goebbels Reich Propaganda Leader of the NSDAP”.   http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/joseph-goebbels

[ Nazi Party, in English is:  National Socialist German Workers’ Party — in German it is: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) — https://www.britannica.com/topic/Nazi-Party ]

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