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Donna Jack
April 1, 2017

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Julie Williams Reporting about events on Feb. 13, 2014_YouTube
Thorough Account of events after Nov. 2013 BOE election

background information:


Julie was one of the three members of the Jefferson County Board of Education (JeffcoBOE) elected in November 2013.  The three were not endorsed by the unions.  Since the Jeffco BOE is a 5-member board, they became the majority!  Immediately after their elections, the unions began working to recall the three — and two years later, the unions successfully had the three recalled.

Julie Williams Speaking

Below you can watch a YouTube by Pundit Pete, of the then newly-elected Julie Williams speaking on February 13, 2014.  That evening she gave an update on what had been happening since they were sworn into their board positions the previous month!  https://youtu.be/Dr97bSVjsPI


[Located online at:  http://www.tipofthespear.net/S-Colorado_JeffCo_schools_Board-Mtngs.htm#JeffCo02082014chaos ]

You can see a very thorough chronological documentation of events, up to, including, and after former Superintendent of Jeffco Schools’ emotional plea at the 10 minute 57 second Feb. 8, 2014 School Board meeting.

1)  Superintendent Cindy Stevenson’s announcement Nov. 7, 2013 to resign at the end of the school year (2 days after the election and on the same day the new Reform Board Members were sworn in) — and link to November 17, 2013 newspaper article about Stevenson to retire after school year;

2) Copy of JCEA request for what is later referred to as “spontaneous” actions at the February 8, 2014 board meeting, and JCEA directions telling members what to say, and what to wear.  Words in the JCEA memo end up on signs at the meeting.  The JCEA memo (seen in the linked site) tells union members to send the message:  “we do not approve of the lack of transparency and disrespect that this group shows for the Jeffco parents, employees and community.  THIS IS BEFORE THE BOARD MAJORITY HAS A CHANCE TO DO ANYTHING. 

3) memo sent February 7, 2013, the day before the meeting disrupted by the mob – with instructions of location, instructions to wear black, and directions to “demand ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY, and TRANSPARENCY” saying the new board members were destroying the TRUST  of the community and OUR KIDS AND UR DISTRICT DESERVE BETTER.”

4)  A copy of a message sent out to parents about the upcoming meeting with instructions, and a link to a posting at Coloradopeakpolitics:  “RED HANDED:  Union Coordinated Outburst at Jeffco School Board Meeting” –Dated February 10, 2014

5) a screen capture of a document from JCEA urging recipients to be there, same instructions, with more inflammatory accusations (not true, but the recipients don’t know that)

6)  Michele Patterson, president of the JeffCo PTA insisted it was not a JCEA notice to members and supporters.  There is a screen capture from the website article, but the article has been pulled.  It was at:  http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=377272

6) article quoting a parent who wants the changes in Jeffco that the 3 new board members want to achieve

7)  Feb. 8, 2014 article on Colorado Peak Politics reporting on Jeffco Superintendent Cindy Steven’s announcement to retire early.

8) Revealing Politics put together a video of part the meeting with comments.  https://youtu.be/1gfCWZ-jhwc

9) A Press Release by Jeffco BOE president Ken Witt, on Feb. 8, sent to Lynn Setzer, the district’s Chief Communications Officer, during the February 8 NEA riot at the Board of Education meeting.  She never sent it.

As is stated on the TipOfTheSpear website:  “in an act of outright insubordination, Ms. Stezer refused Mr. Witt’s requests to sent the Press Release to the media.”

10) Julie William’s speech on February 13, 2014, that is linked above, is next on the Tip of The Spear site.

11) Comment that Cindy being an “innocent victim of horrible, mean, Conservative bullies” is seen to be a gross misrepresentation.

12) February 4, 2014 Denver Post article about Cindy being hired to lead new school-executive initiative.

13)  Noted:  Cindy wanted to get out of her responsibilities in Jeffco School District as soon as possible to start her new position with the Colorado Association of School Executives (CASE).

14)  February 14, 2014 The Colorado Observer article pointing out the “Golden Parachute” she was getting from the Jeffco School district.  Even so the narrative continues that she is being ‘Forced Out.’

15)  Audio and transcript of a February 17, 2014 interview Ross Kaminsky did of John Newkirk (one of the three board members recalled).

16) A note by Geri Zahner Heasley that basically says:  It is thoughtless to assume that only people with children in the schools are interested or engaged.  She gives several concrete examples showing this is just a ploy of those in control to shut up everybody else.  Read her work on this subject.

17)  A lengthy February 17, 2014 interview of Ken Witt by Nicholas Garcia of Chalkbeat.  It shows a calm, reasonable, thoughtful group of three people, who are “focused on making the Board responsible and responsive to the community they serve.”  Transcript.

18)  A summary of the situation and a powerful Call to Action.

19)  Cindy Stevenson is the Ex-Officio Vice President for the JeffCo PTA:  a page that shows her position and those working with her.

20)  Second presentation of President Ken Witt’s submission of a Press Release Ms. Setzer refused to release to the press.

21)  Agenda Items on the February 13, 2014 executive session concerning

— Superintendent Search
— Transition Plan
— Discussion of Michele Patterson’s inappropriate use of JeffCo Twitter accounts and one tweet about wanting to clean her guns and learn how to shoot (in reference to new board members)
— Insubordination of Communication Staff – in an act of outright insubordination, the School District’s communication staff refused to distribute the board’s press release after last Saturday’s meeting.  The board will address the insubordination of these staff members.


THE ABOVE IS FROM Geri Zahner Heasley’s Tip of the Spear website:

TipOfTheSpear.net – Project Tip of the Spear | Jefferson County School Board Meetings


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