0195_Part 1_HUD/AFFH: AFFH in Five-minutes_ YouTube about how you will lose your zoning, etc — HUD AFFH federal grant money – We need to break away from it now!

Donna Jack
April 8, 2017

A Video:_AFFH in Five Minutes
For more information about HUD/AFFH, see Blogs 196, 197, 198
Decision & History_County of Westchester v. HUD – Decided September 25, 2015
(27 pages)


1.  County Commissioners to vote soon – we’re under “old rule” – intentions behind AFFH
2. Introduction and the Video:_AFFH in Five Minutes R2 11080_ Video Transcript   

   1.  This blog piece is an introduction to AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing) 

Our Colorado Jefferson County county commissioners will vote before April 30th, whether to accept HUD AFFH grant money.  Become informed, and encourage them not to accept HUD/AFFH funds.

This movie and transcript deal specifically with the new rule.

Since our county set up our five-year plan last year, we aren’t under the “new” AFFH rule.  Some people think that means we don’t have to worry, but the truth is that HUD has been testing the waters since 2009, to see how much control they can take.

In 2009, they first chose to go after the county of Westchester in New York.  The litigation and efforts to comply have taken 7 years, and it looks like they may not have paid enough.  They may have to continue integrating people into their communities, and building and financing, more government subsidized high rises.  Below is a sample paragraph from an article by Mark Lungariello about the expense and grief Westchester has gone through: all because they accepted grand money from HUD through AFFH.

“The benchmark was the centerpiece of a landmark 2009 settlement with the federal government in which the county agreed to build the housing in 31 of its richest and statistically whitest communities — and take other steps to promote affordable housing in the region.”

Notice that the issue is relocating (integrating) people into Westchester, and providing “affordable” housing for them.  The goal is to equalize every part of their county, racially and economically.  What is our federal government doing, coercing people to integrate, and forcing counties to financially support people who are being ntegrated into their communities!?

You can read a December 27, 2016 article about the Westchester case here.

The next blog will go into more detail about Westchester.

This video and its transcript will give you a sense
of the long-standing and current intentions behind HUD and AFFH.

Those who are directing HUD/AFFH, are interpreting the old rules more forcefully, and increasing the pace of implementing their secret plans.  They keep their intentions quiet.

Here you can read an excerpt of an article from June 1, 2015.  The article is referring to a meeting, in which the people were talking about HUD’s AFFH Rule 101.  They make it clear that the public must not know of the rule that would become official about 5 weeks later.

Some say the “new rule” does not apply to us
so we are safe.

The “new” rule speeds up the movement in our country toward the overall goal of stripping us of our property.  Though the new rule doesn’t  go into effect for us yet, HUD is using the mechanism of AFFH applications, to trick people into agreeing to things they would rather not agree to, in order to get grant money.  They they are seriously vulnerable to lawsuits, because HUD is more strongly enforcing things, and are reading things into the agreements.

We need to break away from HUD/AFFH grant money now.


 5 minutes and 26 seconds into the video:  (Under AFFH,) “The government’s demand for balanced and integrated living patterns, forces communities into regional living, impedes local rule, and supersedes community decisions.” (These “integrated living patterns” are regional patterns.)


AFFH in Five Minutes R2 11080
HUD’s – Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing
[Effective July 16, 2015)

“Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing is a familiar HUD term, but on July 16, 2015, AFFH became the basis for a new rule adding severe strings to Housing and Urban Development grants.  These new stipulations will shake the very foundations of your community.

The people who control LAND USE and ZONING LAWS, also control much of where and how you will live, the value of your home, and what it will cost to keep it.  Right now these are controlled by your community and your local officials who reflect your wishes.  HUD is about to change that.

“Under the new AFFH regulations, if public officials or public housing authorities accept certain HUD grants, your community will lose control of local zoning and land use
and you can be forced to join a region, whether you want to or not.

“And here’s why:”.


Transcript of the above video:

TRANSCRIPT_AFFH in Five Minutes R2 1080—HUD’s – Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing_transcription by Donna Jack



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