0199_Part 5_HUD/AFFH grant money_I have met with Libby and a member of her staff_The county vote concerning HUD/AFFH grant money postponed until Congress acts

Donna Jack
April 27, 2017

Invited to search for accurate information about HUD/AFFH grants

A few weeks ago our County Commissioner Libby Szabo (Jefferson County Colorado – District 1) asked me to help her find accurate information.  She is being bombarded with information from two different sides — information making opposite claims, even about the same incidents.  She wants to know what is really true.

The question Libby is facing:  Should she vote to accept or reject HUD/AFFH grant money?

Because of Libby’s request to me, I have been diligently researching through the internet and books; have interviewed several people with insight and experience; have learned some things about Douglas County that has refused the HUD/AFFH grant money; and have reported in four previous blogs on this site some of the research up until last week.

Meeting two days ago with Libby and Kat

Last Monday afternoon (2 days ago) I met with County Commissioner Libby Szabo for several minutes.  Kat (one of her staff) joined us for another two hours.  Kat and I then continued talking another half hour, after Libby left to get some work completed before leaving for the day.

While I met with Libby and Kat, I heard some points of view and pieces of information new to me.  I have asked for documentation.  Some things were given to me at the meeting, and other information will be forthcoming.  I have studied what has been given to me so far — and will continue analyzing the information.  I will report back to them what I am finding.

Libby spoke at a meeting that night

After our meeting Monday afternoon, Libby spoke at the 285 Corridor Tea Party meeting in Evergreen that evening.

Further information and future meeting

I will be meeting with Kat to get more details about how our county has been distributing the HUD/AFFH money.  We will further discuss counties across our country that have had run-ins with HUD for various reasons, the responses from HUD, and other topics.

Kat will be providing more research and documentation that I have requested.

The vote on whether to ask for HUD/AFFH grant money
will be held off at least another month – waiting on Congress –
Keep seeking information for strong position

Libby and I have agreed we will not come down strongly on one side or the other until we have gathered as much information as we can, and have analyzed it all carefully.

She does not want to make a decision that will hurt the people in our county – she takes very seriously her responsibly as county commissioner.

Whether we end up agreeing or not on her decision, I respect Libby’s sincere desire to do what is right.  She will vote based on her understanding of the information she ends up having.



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