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Donna Jack
June 21, 2017

HUD — the Department of Housing and Urban Developmet
AFFH — Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

Contents in this blog:

1.  Jeffco Commissioners vote this month whether to accept HUD/AFFH Grant money
HUD is the Department of Housing and Urban Development
Introduction to short YouTube about AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing)
2.  Short YouTube — AFFH in 5 Minutes – great introduction to AFFH taking more control.
3.  Transcript of the AFFH in 5 Minutes YouTube linked above
4.  Some believe it is kind for the government to give HUD/AFFH grant money
5.  History of HUD and AFFH, and the e-book Agency-Tyranny-How to STOP HUD’s
           Devastating Attack on Property Rights-ebook — you can download the book.

— Let them know why they should not accept the HUD/AFFH money.

Our county commissioners were scheduled to vote whether to accept AFFH grant money on April 4th.  They voted to postpone the date, in order to gather more information.

This period of time is an opportunity for people who want to protect their property rights, to study up on this issue, and contact our county commissioners.  Help them understand why it is important to all of us, that they vote NOT to accept the grant money.


The YouTube video introducing AFFH

(Material quoted below is from transcript of the AFFH in Five Minutes YouTube above)

“July 16, 2015, AFFH became the basis for a new rule adding severe strings to Housing and Urban Development grants.  These new stipulations will shake the very foundations of your community.

“The people who control LAND USE and ZONING LAWS, also control much of where and how you will live, the value of your home, and what it will cost to keep it.  Right now these are controlled by your community and your local officials who reflect your wishes.  HUD is about to change that.”

Test Cases to file Discrimination and False Claims Act Lawsuits (under the old rules).

HUD has begun test cases to devastate and restructure communities, using the older rules. See the example of Westchester

The 5 minute 51 second YouTube video below, is an introduction to AFFH.  You can watch three other YouTubes are later in this blog.  All contain background information to help you understand what the AFFH mandates mean to all of us.

1.  AFFH in Five Minutes R3

Read the transcript of the above YouTube:
TRANSCRIPT_AFFH in Five Minutes R2 1080—HUD’s – Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing_transcription by Donna Jack

Some believe it is kind to give away money and affordable housing.

People who hear about bringing affordable housing into their communities, think it is a kindness.  But they don’t realize what it CAN do to their lifestyle and their community, IF IT IS TIED TO THE HUD CDBG/HOME FUNDS.

A lot of people believe that accepting “free” money from our government is perfectly harmless — in fact even helpful.

House and Urban Development (HUD) may have begun as a sincere effort in the 1960s, trying to bring equal treatment of blacks, and helping people have freedom from persecution because of their race.  But it has turned into a tool that is now being used for social engineering — controlling where people live, and what they can do in their own community.  It is attempting to make every neighborhood in the country conform to a  prescribed, forced, equal balance of race and economic level – and it is moving people out of their neighborhoods, to live in others to achieve this “balance” and “equality.”


History and examples of troubles with accepting HUD/AFFH grants.
Agency Tyranny:  How to STOP HUD’s Devastating Attack on Property Rights
by John Anthony
Agency-Tyranny-How to STOP HUD’s Devastating Attack on Property Rights-ebook (1)
or:  https://jeffcoeducationtruth.com/grammagrizzly/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Agency-Tyranny-How-to-STOP-HUDs-Deastating-Attack-on-Property-Rights-ebook-1.pdf

You Can download this ebook — it is 62 pages long.    It begins with an introduction, and below you will see the titles of the five chapters, with sub-chapters:

Attacks on Personal Property Rights — Vancouver Action Plan; The Beginning of Sustainable Development; Crushing the Concept of Private Property

Origins of Regionalism and Sustainable Development in America — UN’s Marxist Ideals Codified in US Regulatory Law; Regional Sustainability Grows as Community Choices Whither

Federal Agencies and the Birth of HUD’s AFFH — Increasing the Power of Federal Agencies; HUD’s Untapped Authority; Westchester County and the Launch of AFFH

How HUD’s AFFH Devastates property Rights — AFFH Hidden from the Public; A Tricky Review Process; HUD’s Fair Housing Assessment — Instrument of Coercion; Setting the Table for a Civil Rights Lawsuit; Coercing Communities to Join a Region; Lawsuits, Lawsuits, Lawsuits…

Stoppinig AFFH — Harvesting the Delay; Talking to Lawyers; The Ultimate Solution — Just Say “no”


Elimination of property rights.

The federal “rules” attached to accepting the HUD money, are changeable in the future.  There is potentially unlimited control hanging over our heads if we accept the HUD money.  In other words, there are no constraints on the interpretations of the mandates as they exist now, or in future mandates.


Realistically we should never count on changes in Congress.  We are watching everything being stonewalled by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress.  And if AFFH is eliminated by this Congress, when the power shifts in a future election, we will be back to where we are now — on a track for losing all of our property rights.  We will lose the freedom to chose a neighborhood that we can afford, in the “flavor” we wish.

We need to preserve options now for property owners and renters.

We need to protect ourselves on a local level (county).  THINK LOCAL CONTROL!  Think freedom.


We need to move away from taking these HUD/AFFH government “grants” or “free money” — federal government money is never free, but always takes away our choices on the local level, and at the state level.

Some people in both Douglas County (Colorado) where they refused the grant money — and in Jefferson County, where we hope they refuse the grant money —
some people are working to help set up private money to
help make up for the loss of grant money


Three more YouTubes that give information about AFFH
(Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing)

This YouTube and other resources can be found at:  http://sustainablefreedomlab.org/videos/

1.  John Anthony Palmetto Panel 2016 (48 minutes 15 seconds)

From YouTube:  Published on Mar 24, 2016

2.  Straight Talk About Planning — The Other Side of Sustainable Development — (4 minutes 47 seconds)

from YouTube:

“Published on Jul 11, 2013

“Most of us see sustainable development as helpful. In fact, sustainable development planning is costing people their property values and the grant money planners provide usually comes with strings that further limit property owners’ rights while recasting the social makeup of your community.

“This video is a brief explanation of the caution everyone should apply before jumping into sustainable development plans. It also offers suggestions for doing your own community planning.”

3.  Astorino Describes HUD’s Overreaching      (12:18)

From YouTube:  “Published on Apr 26, 2013

“County Executive Robert P. Astorino describes the issues Westchester continues to have with HUD, as HUD makes demands that are “beyond the four corners of the settlement.” This is despite the fact that the county is ahead of schedule in building the agreed upon 750 affordable housing units.”


Additional Resources:

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