0221_Part 8 HUD/AFFH–June 27, 2017_letter to County Commissioners before their vote

Donna Jack
June 28, 2017

This is a letter to the Jeffco County Commissioners June 27, 2017 — given them yesterday, before I testified:

Commissioners – I appreciate the opportunity to speak.

Commissioner Szabo asked me to sort through colliding opinions about whether or not to accept HOME and CDBG money.

People on both sides are convinced they are looking out for people in this county – both sides are aware of a shortage of housing for seniors, low income working people, etc.

After weeks of interviews and study, I recommend voting against accepting HOME and CDBG money.


The people I talked with in our county government are working well over 8-hour days, to bring people out of poverty.  They are providing personal counseling, and schooling to train people to become literate and competent, so they can qualify for better jobs.  Some is financed with the help of HUD money.


People who don’t want us to accept the funding, are also working tirelessly.  They research and inform, and find money to replace HOME and CDBG money. They believe that the federal government should get out of the housing business, so we can have a voice in where and how we live.


We squeaked through – are we safe forever?

Not too long ago someone in our county intentionally did not spend money from HUD in the way agreed upon.  HUD found out, the person was let go, and HUD decided simply to let us pay back over time what was spent improperly.  Because of this lack of punishment, people in our county believe that HUD will never bother us, because we cooperate.

I believe there is reason NOT to feel safe with HUD.

A January 2, 2013 article told of HUD ”Unveiling a Massive Integration Plan” that  would target “more than 74,000 census tracts”, and “require that each census tract contain a similar percentage of minority families that now live in concentrated areas of the local/regional governments jurisdiction.”  1:33

Such plans justify not trusting HUD.  Their goals are to destroy our communities.


Some don’t worry about the new AFFH rules, because President Trump plans to cut funding that supports the new AFFH rules.  But people who are elected are not always able to do what they promise to do, even if they want to.

It’s been reported that the bill to cut the funding of the new AFFH rule has been drastically amended.  It may be neutralized.


Government housing and forced integration does not have a successful history.  Still HUD, through the new AFFH Rule, is pursuing forced desegregation, with more third-party lawsuits encouraged, because of community members influencing what we should report as impediments.


The burden of 40-years of overseeing facilities for HUD, is a burden to our county.  Additionally, these “investments” are guaranteed to stay the same type of facility for those 40 years, even if citizens and the county want to change.


The Douglas County Commissioners are very happy they turned down HOME/CDBG money.  Faith-based groups and others are stepping up to replace what the federal government was doing – without burdens of useless regulations, etc.


I hear you are phasing out of relying on HOME/CDBG money to pay for required oversight of properties.  Please completely phase out.

Donna Jack
Jefferson County
Evergreen, Colorado


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