0232_ An autobiography by Robert (Bob) Ruesch_ looking back at summers growing up in the shadow of his wonderful father who for thirty years managed and expanded the YMCA of the Rockies_ Estes Park, CO

Donna Jack
July 7, 2017/update July 17, 2017

Recently I read Robert (Bob) Ruesch’s autobiography (In the Warmth of the Shadow:  A boy, the Rocky Mountains and God … See what happens).  This refreshing book recounts his years growing up in a world-class resort retreat center in Estes Park — the YMCA Camp of the Rockies.

Watch a promotional YouTube about the book:

Bob begins each chapter with an inspirational and thoughtful selection from Scripture, and then proceeds to recount events which take you back in time.

You will experience a very long ride to camp, in a car that isn’t air conditioned.

You will anticipate doing the “seeming” simple job of chopping watermelon for 2,000 to 2,500 hungry vacationers, and then realize it is not that easy. 

You’ll learn about the art of cracking eggs for that huge crowd.

You’ll find out how to transport food and supplies to a “simple” casual cook-out in the woods.

You’ll ride up a steep bumpy dirt road to an exclusive retreat at the camp.

You will crawl under the main lodge on a near-disastrous sleuthing expedition.

You will experience the possibility of almost certain death — to be rescued before it is too late.

You will escape in the middle of the night to eat S’mores and lead a secret sing-along around a campfire — having forgotten something very important.  Try to control the laughter as you experience this escapade with teen-age Bob.

The descriptions of 1950s through 1970s America are refreshing, heart-warming, informative, inspiring and fun.  This book is good “for children of all ages.”

Bob gives you a glimpse of his unique view, and what he learned and experienced growing up, in the shadow of his father — and how his father taught him to be able to stand strong and honorably on his own.


If you order directly from him, he makes more on the sale of his books, and will individually sign the copies of his book.

Bob Ruesch
(303) 807-8117

Or you can order on Amazon.

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