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Donna Jack
July 21, 2017/July 22, 2017 update

My husband is taking online, the Hillsdale College class “Introduction to the Constitution.”  It is free. It is one of a number of classes Hillsdale College offers free online.

In light of the gross ignorance of the Constitution in our country — and the frightening results of that ignorance that we are seeing around us — it is important that people become aware of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence.  We need knowledge in order to be able to stand up to protect and preserve our nation.

For decades, our public schools have been omitting this knowledge from being available to students.  In fact, grossly false information about our country, our founding, and our freedom, continues to be taught throughout the schools.  Children and adults have for a long time been taught to hate America,not understanding the unique blessing it is on us and on the world.

At the end of this article, see four previous blogs on this site that deal with the lies in AP U.S.  History.

Dr. Larry Arnn – teaches “Introduction to the Constitution”

Dr. Larry Arnn is the teacher for the 11 lessons of an “Introduction to the Constitution” class.  He has been president of Hillsdale College since 2000.  He is the kind of person that you gladly listen to — because of his extensive knowledge, and his enthusiasm for whatever subject he speaks about.

In this series he serves as more of a moderator that  one giving a lecture.  He is working with freshmen and sophomores at Hillsdale College.  The information is a very good review, or foundation if you have little knowledge of the Constitution.

In the second class on the Constitution, a number of people take turns leading the sessions, using a lecture format.

You can access here the list and content of the 11 lessons in the
Hillsdale “Introduction to the Constitution” class …or link to each one of them below:


The Declaration of Independence—Universals and Particulars  (11:53)

Larry P. Arnn

The Declaration of Independence—The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God (8:33) – Larry P. Arnn

The Declaration of Independence—All Men Are Created Equal  (7:35)
Larry P. Arnn

The Consent of the Governed  (7:37)
Larry P. Arnn

Representation of the People  (10:32)
Larry P. Arnn

Sovereignty and Power  (11:11)
Larry P. Arnn

Reason and Passion  (8:54)
Larry P. Arnn

The Separation of Powers  (1- :04)
Larry P. Arnn-

The Necessity of Virtue  (9:22)
Larry P. Arnn

Ballots Rather Than Bullets  (10:04)
Larry P. Arnn

The Problem with Big Government  (9:47)
Larry P. Arnn\

The Problem with Progressivism  (14:33)
Larry P. Arnn


Books Dr. Larry Arnn has written.  They are available on Amazon:

Liberty and Learning: The Evolution of American Education;
The Founders’ Key: The Divine and Natural Connection Between the Declaration and the Constitution and What We Risk by Losing It;
and, most recently, Churchill’s Trial: Winston Churchill and the Salvation of Free Government.


Learn more about Dr. Larry Arnn:  https://www.hillsdale.edu/staff/larry-p-arnn/


Blogs on this website about the false history being taught in schools.

Below are four blog pieces on this website from 2015 and 2016.  They skim the outside edges of the false history that students are being taught in schools … and in many cases, the false history their parents were taught as well, and that they believe today.

The articles linked below are dealing specifically with the AP (Advanced Placement) US History — which the brightest children are exposed to.  Correction:  the brightest USED to fill those classes.  Over the past few years, at the high school I know about in Jefferson County and others around the country, EVERYBODY is welcome in the classes.  “We want to give everyone the chance to have the best” (giving everyone the same advanced class waters it down for everyone, eliminating much opportunity for rigor — but the content is not the best anyway).  See links to blogs on the subject below.


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