0236_Fact Sheet and Recommended Actions in Connection with Proposed Local Improvement District (LID) in Evergreen

Donna Jack
July 24, 2017

This past week Kathryn Isenberger sent out a 2017 ELID Fact Sheet and action suggestions.


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PROPOSED Evergreen Local Improvement District
Facts and Action Suggestions


What it is not:  Connected in anyway to “Affordable Housing” AFFH, Federal Grant Money — that was a separate matter being dealt with by the County Commissioners.

What it is:  Additional level of Jefferson County government in the unincorporated Evergreen area, the boundaries of which would be El Rancho on the north, south along Hwy 74 including downtown Evergreen, around the lake south along Hwy 73 to Marshdale, encompassing Evergreen Metropolitan District and West Jefferson County Metropolitan District.  (Shown on attached map.), run by a 5-7 person appointed Board by the Commissions, not elected by Evergreen residents, which would instruct Jefferson County staff (through the Board of County Commissioners), to oversee and manage the projects identified by the appointed Board.

If approved, how long will the LID last?  In perpetuity. Organizers will submit the LID application based upon perpetuity  Per Dean Dalvit, they do not want to provide for a sunset provision.

How much $$ would be generated annually from the 1% sales tax?  Approximately $1 million.

How much “infrastructure” can be built with $1 million?  Not much.  Example from CDOT 2015 Cost Data, a pedestrian/bikeway bridge 345-feet long x 5-feet wide (2,000 sf) cost $1.9 million. ($965/sf)

Is the cost of Jefferson County staff managing the projects taken out of the $1 million?  No.  Staffing costs at the county will be borne by all taxpayers in the county, and will come out of an already tight County budget.

Who determines projects?  5-7 person appointed Board.

Are organizers promising more than LID revenue can deliver?  They are promising improved roadways, curbs, butters, crosswalks, bike path, roundabouts, trails, parking, restrooms, art projects, etc. — with no project specificity or cost analysis.

Does the LID have power of condemnation?  Yes.  As it is administered by Jefferson County, it will have the power to condemn private property for public use.

Who are the organizers?  Nine mostly-downtown Evergreen business owners as identified on the attached, being led by downtown business owner and architect, Dean Dalvit.  Evergreen lawyer Richard Toussaint is doing all legal work in conjunction with Jefferson County.

Are the organizers “coordinating” with Jefferson County?  Yes.  In Dean Davlit’s own words, “The submittal to the county has really taken the form of a dialogue so that the language can be developed and refined properly.”

Do organizers have to convince the County Commissioners that the community is supportive of the idea before they would approve?  Yes.  See highlighted verbage on attached.  Thus your contacting the Commissioners is very important.

Is a Public Hearing required before LID approval?  We are unable to find rules and regs that require a public hearing, however commissioner Rosier has publicly stated that a public hearing would be held.  This should be requested when you contact the Commissioners.

Downtown Evergreen does need some help — how to respond?  The Ross-Lewis Trust, a family-owned Trust has owned a large section of downtown Evergreen for over 100 years.  Dean Dalvit used as a reason for the LID, the stream banks in need of repair after the September, 2013 flood  On October 16, 2013, Jeff Bradley, principal of the RLT, and owner of a construction company, applied for permits to repair the concrete walls to both the Army Corps of Engineers and Jefferson County.  He received the Army Corps of Engineer permit several years ago.  He only received Jefferson County’s permit on June 22, 2017 — four years later!  Thus, his family will repair and pay for the stream bank repairs this fall when Bear Creek is flowing more slowly.

Additionally, Mr. Bradley removed the old Crafters Building fro downtown Evergreen and is planning a picket park, after his men complete the difficult job of removing rock that has sluffed off the slope behind the Evergreen National Bank building.  This work is being done on Saturday mornings as a crane is necessary to lift the buckets containing large boulders over the building roof.  The Trust will pay for the park — LID funds are not necessary, requested or desired.

Thus — if landowners are willing to pay for and improve their own properties in downtown Evergreen, why should all of Evergreen residents be subjected to additional sales taxes, proceeds of which may benefit privately-owned property in downtown Evergreen?


Contact the County Commissioners.  Be respectful, be accurate.  Do this soon as we do not now when Mr. Toussaint will submit the LID application to the Commissioners.

Libby Szabo, Chairman
District ONE

Casey Tighe
District Two

Don Rosier
District Three

Or write all three at:   100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, CO 80419
Or call all three at:      (303) 217-8525


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