0238_County Commissioners meet Aug. 1 for presentation of ELID (Evergreen Local Improvement District) – email announcement by Art Onweller – 44 pages of Tuesday Staff Briefings – on last page are their recommendations

Donna Jack
August 1, 2017

[link to a 45-page document with the email from Art Onweller and information from the agenda for today and accompanying information.  Pages 26-45 are about the presentation for the ELID, including maps, etc.

2017-07-28_County Commissioner’s meeting on ELID_Aug 1 – BCC briefed on ELID_schedule

This morning our county commissioners in Jefferson County Colorado will be briefed by those supporting making Evergreen a Local Improvement District (LID).  We need a briefing from those not supporting the LID.

Here is the body of an email from Art Onweller, July 28, 2017 – subject: County Commissioners’ meeting on ELID:

Progress is slowly proceeding to present the plan for establishing an Evergreen Local Improvement District (ELID) and present it to the County Commissioners. It takes two Commissioners to approve the plan without anyone of us voting on it. Once approved, the next step is to place a 1% sales tax on the November ballot for approval. This tax will be used to fund the ELID.

To avoid an election, it is extremely important that we show the County Commissioners that we are opposed to the formation of the ELID and that it isn’t a good idea. And, that other County Agencies and organizations are capable of local ‘projects”..

The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) will be briefed on the ELID next Tuesday, 8-1.  This briefing immediately follows the regular Tuesday 8 a.m. public meeting and is held in the BCC conference room on the 5th floor.  Please plan to attend even though there is no public testimony as this is not a “public hearing”.

Also, the Commissioners should be contacted and at a minimum, request that they hold a public hearing before voting on this ELID.  Their phone number is 303-271-8525.

The briefing packets will be available on line after 5 p.m. Monday.  The link is below.  This is where we should be able to see the ELID application and what Dean Dalvit is proposing as far as infrastructure projects.


Staff Briefings – Jefferson County, Colorado


The Board of County Commissioners holds staff briefings on Tuesdays following the formal business meeting and public hearing.

Art Onweller
25th H.D. Area Coordinator


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