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Donna Jack
August 3, 2017

Gramma Griizzly’s Corner

Following is a link to email announcement of Aug 1, 2017 meeting – the county’s schedule for the meeting and county staff recommendations:  – 2017-07-28_County Commissioner’s meeting on ELID_Aug 1 – BCC briefed on ELID_schedule

ELID may have been stopped, but…

The documentation on this site, related to the proposed ELID is important, even though supposedly the proposed ELID is not moving forward.  These blogs will give you a heads-up, so you can see the original direction of this ELID  (Evergreen Local Improvement District), and work to head off whatever it morphs into.

Listed are previous blog posts on this site so far about the ELID issue – including a YouTube of Dean Dalvit presenting his proposal at the Evergreen Lake House.  The blogs on this subject so far:  0234, 0236, 0238, and 0239 (this blog piece).  Titles and links to these blog pieces are at the end of this blog.

Beginning of report on August 1, 2017 Jeffco County Commissioner’s
Staff Briefings

After the conclusion of the 8:00 public testimony on the first floor of the Jefferson County County Building, people moved to the 5th floor conference room for staff briefings for the County Commissioners.

The staff presentation was scheduled to end at 10:45.  It was over well before 9:45, when I arrived. I stayed to talk with people who attended, and below is a report.

Unexpected offer to testify on any of the four agenda items,
to those who were present

Near the end of the public testimony, Commissioner Libby Szabo asked if there were any more people who wanted to testify – and welcomed Dee Oltmans and DeDe Wagner to speak. That was a surprise for them.

Even though Dee Oltmans and DeDe Wagner were not expecting to be able to testify, they were happy to take the opportunity to speak up against the proposed LID.

What Dee and DeDe spoke about
(link to the entire open testimony–they testified last)

Dee began by stating that she doesn’t want another level of government — and this proposed level of government would raise sales tax for no reason.  We already have services from the county and CDOT.  We just need to work to get more attention for our roads in downtown.

Dee is concerned that this proposal for an ELID seems to have come out of the air.  And she is concerned about eminent domain destroying our old Evergreen and its western charm, where people come from far distances to visit — especially at Christmas time.

DeDe agreed that we have the county commissioners and CDOT to take care of our roads.

She was concerned that wide sidewalks would “destroy a beautiful community” that reflects the 1880s and earlier.  We just need repairs in some areas.  We don’t need a little mini-government within our working government.

Things learned at the meeting(s)

During the morning, it was shared that the proposal has legal problems (according to state law, the proposed district has to have contiguous boundaries).  There is land between Evergreen — and Home Depot, Wal Mart and other shops in Bergen Park.  This land separates the two areas.  So the proposed district lines cannot include that part of Bergen Park.  Without the sales tax money from those businesses, the ELID will not be able to finance their projects.

Also there is not time to get signatures gathered to put the LID increase in sales tax on the ballot this November.  It was also learned that the LID cannot be passed more than 120 days before the November vote of the community to decide whether to increase sales tax.  The election cannot be a special election — but has to take place in November.

Those proposing the LID learned that their list of things to do with the $1 million collected in sales taxes, was far too long for the $1 million to finance (it was obvious the list exceeded projected funds gathered in sales tax — even without price tags for anything).  Without the Bergen Park area businesses within the Local Improvement District, there would be far less added sales tax money collected than the $1 million.

I was told that if the one cent increase in sales tax were passed, Dean Dalvit planned to go to a bond company and get another $4 million, and spread out the repayment of the $4 million over 10 years.  That would immediately put us into ten years of extended debt.

Some Lessons: 
You can never accurately estimate how long agenda items will last; so be there early. 
Come prepared to testify in case the opportunity is presented.


Even though it looks like this has gone away, from experience I can guess it will morph into something just as damaging to our pocketbooks, and will minimize our voices in our community.

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