0241_Media obsession with Russia is Malpractice_ The biased media that most people watch and listen to pushes propaganda__ ignoring interests of the public_article by Gary Bauer

Donna Jack
August 11, 2017

True to their consistent performance for many years, the mainstream media continues to push their propaganda — ignorng what people are interested in.  Instead they work day after day to convince people to believe that what the mainstream meadia wants them to believe, is what they should believe.

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From Donna Garner

Wed 7/19, 3:11 PMDonna Garner <wgarner1@hot.rr.com>

  7.19.17 — Excerpts from Campaign for Working Families – Gary Bauer

 “Media Malpractice”

The media’s obsession with Russia amounts to journalistic malpractice.  Very few people care about this overhyped nonsense. Meanwhile, the big media complex is failing to report on the things people really do care about.

A recent Bloomberg Poll asked Americans to rank the most important issues facing the country.  Here’s how the results broke down:

Health care 35%
Jobs/Unemployment 13%
Terrorism 11%
Immigration 10%
Climate Change 10%
Russia 6%
Taxes 4%
Other 4%
Trade 2%

Only six percent of Americans said Russia was the most important issue facing the country today.

Now let’s compare this to the results of a recent survey by our friends at the Media Research Center. MRC crunched the numbers to see what the broadcast networks were covering during a one-month period from mid-May to mid-June. Here’s what they found:

The Russia/Comey investigation received 353 minutes of coverage or 55% of the network news airtime. Climate change got 47 minutes. Terrorism received 29 minutes of coverage.

Efforts to repeal Obamacare received 17 minutes. The economy and jobs got 5 minutes of network news time.

So the left-wing media’s most important issue [Russia] ranked 6th among the public. The 2nd most important issue to the media tied for 4th place among the people. But the people’s No. 1 issue — health care — ranked 4th in the media’s coverage.

It’s no wonder Americans are increasingly losing faith in biased big media.

Donna Garner

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