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Donna Jack
October 16, 2017

In Blog 0257, Tim Leonard’s letter called out our school superintendent for pushing the gross misuse of our children in Jefferson County (Colorado)  — when he introduced more radical left-wing curriculum for all our school children — starting as young as 5 years old.  The superintendent justifies this all, in the name of compassionately responding to gross inhumane violence in Charlottesville, VA.

Below may provide a central resource to learn how to combat the destruction of truth that is in happening in our schools.


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[10.13.17 — For those people who are desperately concerned about the bias and indoctrination that are found in so many of students’ instructional materials/textbooks, I highly recommend your getting involved with  Truth in Textbooks.  Reviewers trained by TNT are making a difference throughout the country.  TNT training is done online, and a new class is being formed for January 2018. Please go to the TNT website to learn more and to sign up. Help spread the word.  – Donna Garner]



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 A recent yougov.com survey determined that among 18 to 29-year-olds more millennials have a positive view of socialism than a negative view, i.e., 43% favorable and 26% unfavorable.  How does a generation change so dramatically from those of previous generations?  Abraham Lincoln said, “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.”   Many have seen the current crisis of confidence among America’s populace coming for some time: the breaking down of order, socialist indoctrination and the constant attacks on the religious/cultural foundations of American and Western society.

 Thousands of articles have been written describing the problem and many of their readers will behave like bobble heads, agreeing completely but then moving on to their next daily chore, as if the problem would fix itself without some effort. Many want to help but have no single avenue available to them to affect change.

 The Impact of Truth in Textbooks – 5 Million Texas Children Benefit

 Volunteers from five other states joined Texans in late 2013 to mount a challenge to textbook publishers and professional educators to return factual accuracy to Texas children’s 5-12 grade social studies textbooks.  That group, Truth in Textbooks (TNT), formerly known as Truth in Texas Textbooks (TTT), has now grown to nearly 200 volunteers from fifteen states. 

 As the name implies TNT’s mission is simple: to compel publishers to put “truth back in the textbooks”. Volunteers do the hard work of actually reading the books, producing a detailed report on the errors and a “report card” rating the books as either “Good”, “Acceptable”, “Poor” or “Unacceptable”.  In October 2015, the 469-page report was submitted and volunteers testified before the Texas State Board of Education(SBOE). After the report as well as some of the most egregious errors from the 1500 errors found in 37 textbooks were shared with the SBOE,  the publishers on their own and sometimes at the insistence of the SBOE changed or removed over 60% of these errors.

 TTT was not met with enthusiasm by many. The Texas American Federation of Teachers described groups or individuals like TTT “nincompoops” for daring to become engaged in reviewing the textbooks.  It was ironic that criticism was toward a group of parents, grandparents and citizens who found over 1500 errors versus the “professionals” who should have identified these types of errors but did not.

 When the smoke had cleared in Texas, the 5 million Texas children who would be using these textbooks for the next 10 years would find these inaccurate statements removed from the textbooks and replaced with the truth:

 General Douglas MacArthur was a racist; corrected

  • Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon didn’t qualify as “significant enough” to be included (it is now)
  • America’s form of governance is a democracy (constitutional republic is the correct answer)
  • America would run out of oil by 2020 (publishers forgot they were selling books in Texas, source of some of the largest shale oil discoveries in the world, corrected)
  • Unequal income distribution was the cause of the great depression (corrected)
  • Jews and Christians had religious freedom under Islamic rule; (the term “dhimmi” was introduced explaining the different rules for Muslims and “people of the book”)
  • Many more errors related to Islam, Israel and the Middle East

 Truth in Textbooks Comes to North Carolina

This grass root effort spread to North Carolina when educational activists asked TNT to focus on NC textbooks up for adoption.  Department of Instruction bureaucrats thwarted the efforts of these local advocates to be a part of the review teams and eventually the approval of textbooks was done outside the glare of the public eye.  Only “educational experts” would be qualified to pass judgement on the books for North Carolina children; concerned citizens were excluded.  

 After months of negotiations and hundreds of hours of work by TNT volunteers, a 181-page report highlighted 603 errors in just 8 social studies textbooks that were approved by the so-called experts.

 One of the publishers allowed to sell books in NC was Worldview publishers.  What makes this decision especially egregious was in the course of the Texas review in 2014, Worldview textbooks were deemed to be of such low quality that the State Board of Education removed them from consideration for approval!  Worldview’s refusal to address the many errors found in their textbooks by TNT was a major contributing cause of not only their initial rejection for “approved status” by the Texas SBOE but also the appeal several months later when a second refusal blacklisted them from the Texas approved list of textbooks.

 Imagine if in North Carolina you could purchase for your child a drug denied approval for distribution in Texas because of the harm it would do to children. How much public outrage parents would occur over that decision?  Yet when it comes to what is put in to the minds of our children, a discredited publisher  is allowed to sell their wares.

 Fortunately, NC Lt. Governor Dan Forest, who chairs the SBOE,  and newly elected Department of Public Instruction Superintendent Mark Johnson are working to restore more public input to parents and concerned citizens and away from the educational bureaucrats.  We applaud their positive reception of the initial report presented to their staffs. TNT is hopeful further discussions will occur and more social studies textbooks will be reviewed in the near future.

 Californians Ask for Help from TNT

 TNT has been working in California for over a year in preparation for the approval process of social studies textbooks.  Our first reviews were submitted in July ’17 with more on the way. TNT hopes to have nearly 40 textbooks reviews completed before the final decisions are made this fall. This huge effort was made possible by TNT’s prior planning which included multiple training classes in ’16 and ’17 of volunteers from around the country. When TNT’s latest class graduates in October 2017, TNT will have close to 200 of the 300-500 reviewers needed to have year-round coverage by trained persons who can respond to the many requests TNT receives to help states, school districts and individuals representing a single school wishing to have an evaluation done on their social studies textbooks…all at zero cost to the requestors.   

Florida Leads the Nation in Classroom Transparency
with New Law – TNT Benefits

Florida has passed a new law, CS/HB 989 Instructional Materials legislation, that requires more transparency in the rights of not just parents but any Florida citizen who requests access to the school books used in the school system and more access in approval of these instructional materials.  Activist groups lead by the Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA) recruited close to 40 individuals in the latest TNT class that will graduate in Oct 2017. 

 These volunteers and many other TNT veterans will turn their focus on Florida beginning in early 2018 and conduct extensive reviews of social studies materials and will be sharing those findings with activists in the 67 Florida school districts with the intent of rewarding those publishers who publish “Good” or “Acceptable” instructional materials and urging school districts to avoid books rated as either “Poor” or “Unacceptable”.

 This brochure highlights more about the accomplishments of Truth in Textbooks as well as a general overview of the process and protocols used in the selection, training and application of TNT volunteers upon completion.

 If you’re tired of talking about the problems in our children’s classroom and would like to get involved in returning truth to our children’s textbooks, becoming a reviewer for Truth in Textbooks is for you.  Write to tnt.textbooks@gmail.com to express your interest.  The next class [online] begins in January 2018. If you are interested in having a TNT representative speak to your group or wish to learn more, please write to us at truthintextbooks@gmail.com. Visit TNT’s website at www.truthintextbooks.com and “Like” us at TNT’s Facebook page.

 Lt. Col. Roy White (ret.)
Truth in Texas Textbooks Coalition
Boerne, TX   214.924.9033

Donna Garner

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