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Donna Jack
October 17, 2017

This morning John Newkirk (former secretary of the Jeffco Board of Education) attended the High Country Republican Club breakfast (see Blog 0254).  He said that he has had the most vile negative responses to his recent opinion editorial — more irrational and raging responses than for any other of his articles over the past 2 years.   He says he has written many controversial articles before; but he must have hit a nerve! Newkirk-Opinion-Glass-9-2017

Let the superintendent hear from you, and send in a letter to the editor of the Canyon Courier, or other papers, letting them know you appreciate John’s opinion editorialhttp://www.canyoncourier.com/content/letter-editor
2017-10-17_How to write a letter to the Canyon Courier

John Newkirk’s presentation was excellent this morning, which was no surprise.  He spoke about the arrogant disregard for rules that our Superintendent Glass has displayed.  Read Superintendent Glass’ letter.

See Blog 0257 for 2017-08 message to jeffco schs on charlottesville va on this subject and comments.  These letters were sent to all legislators, and Representative Tim Leonard forwarded the document to me.  The second letter from Superintendent Glass has his recommended Charlottesville Educator Resource Guide, for new K-12 curriculum, which went to all teachers in the school district.

The superintendent moved suddenly on this “new” K-12 curriculum – just a few days after Charlottesville.   The public and the school board were not given a chance to look at what he presented.  Note:  selecting curriculum for our schools, is one of the very few responsibilities of our school board.  It is a critical responsibility that has been ignored by this board and previous boards.

It turns out that the curriculum our superintendent supposedly chose, is totally anti-American, and teaches hatred, bullying, white guilt, civil disobedience, and a host of other anti-social behaviors.  The sad fact is:  this curriculum is not at odds with much of what is already being taught in our schools!

Glass is asking for a balance of curriculum recommendations —

Years ago I was taught that if a bill at the capitol is bad, don’t amend it — kill it!  That is what must be done here.

Now that people have spoken up against what Superintendent Glass is planning to do, he wants submission of some education resources from another point of view.  No promises.  Just give the appearance of being reasonable.

Don’t compromise with Glass — call it what it is, an overstep of his authority, and a gross perversion of what education should be — and nix the whole thing.  There should be no new curriculum from Superintendent Glass and those who are behind him pushing it.

Superintendent’s focus in the “new” curriculum

Link here to the superintendent’s Educator Resources for teachers grades K-12, to see for yourself what he is wanting to force on all the district school children.  The first several resources are taken directly from the website of the group Teaching Tolerance – a subsidiary of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).  SPLC is given as a resource for teachers.  All of the resources i this document are from the far Left.

Reminiscent of previous irrational responses (when a citizen curriculum
review committee was recommended)

This same furious, raging, violent response John got last month, occurred when John Newkirk, Julie Williams and Ken Witt were on the 5-member school board (2015).  Note that it is on the same subject — curriculum.

At that time, Julie proposed a citizen curriculum review committee be appointed (people who are not insiders in Jeffco Education).  The intent was for the people on the new “genuine citizen” committee, to review the curriculum and report to the board what they had found.  After all, it is the main purpose of the board to review, recommend and choose curriculum, and they need help.  I know from personal experience that reviewing curriculum is a daunting task — a task that has been ignored by previous boards.

The boards does need help, but not from the education establishment that benefits from bad curriculum choices…the same establishment that has gotten us the terrible curriculum choices that we have.

Julie was very familiar with the new AP US History Framework at the time.  Across the country she knew that there was concern about its Leftist bent, censorship, and lies.  See Blogs 0006, 0013, 0015, etc.  When she mentioned at a school board meeting her idea for the committee, the union members, and paid activists in the audience, went crazy, calling out “censorship,” “recall,”  and other things.

This was the thing the left had been waiting for — a pretend reason to justify the recall of the three (majority) “reform” members of the school board.  A recall they had been planning since before the three were sworn into office.  See Blog Post 0002 to read about their documented plans to get rid of the board even before they were sworn in.  And listen to the words they scream at the Feb. 8, 2014   10 minutes 57 second board meeting [Blog 0002]— “recall”  “liar”  “no respect”  revealing where they were going.

[Note:  the language was identical for recall petition and recall ballot.]  [Petition and ballot words were all lies – later pointed out by the press – Blog 0027]


Here’s a way to fight this mess

Link here to Blog 0258, which gives information on how to join a national movement that is beginning to reign in the out-of-control garbage that children and  young adults are being fed in schools through curriculum.  “It’s the curriculum, stupid.”

An October 16, 2017 post by Kim Lawrence

During John Newkirk’s presentation this morning, John told of an October 16, 2017 post by Kim Lawrence Gilmartin.  See the next blog, Blog 0260, for her article.

Also, her post can be read in a printable pdf on this site, and her post is also liked here.

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