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Donna Jack
October 22, 2017

From Roberta’s letter:  “All of this is not BECAUSE Trump was elected, but his election has REVEALED what already existed.  The hatred and anti-Americanism was already there, . . . ”

The hateful supplemental material (Educator Resources) — recently recommended by Superintendent Jason Glass, for K-12 teachers in Jefferson County (Colorado) Public Schools —  is only an expansion of what public school children have been fed for years (this includes the teaching of AP U.S. History in recent years).

At the end of this blog post, is   1)  how to write and send letters to the editor; and 2) other blogs on this site, that talk about the superintendent’s new controversial resource list and curriculumNote:  The School Board of Education is supposed to decide on curriculum to be used in the classes — not the superintendent3)  list of blogs on this site about the AP U.S. History mess.

Trump Era Chaos”
Letter by Roberta Sutton

We’ve all noticed what chaos has emerged since Donald Trump’s election.

Right away there was a march of women against Trump who were wearing “Vagina Hats.”  There has been the surfacing of Antifa with their masked assailants, and their destruction and mayhem in Berkeley.  The NFL players have complaints about our police, and because of that, they  refuse to honor our nation and its flag and anthem.  All of them “attack” the President.

All of this is not BECAUSE Trump was elected, but his election has REVEALED what already existed.  The hatred and anti-Americanism was already there, but it was stirred up and brought to the fore because someone with a different belief than theirs was in charge—and Trump was going to be leading the nation in a different direction—one they didn’t agree with.

His view of what is correct was in opposition to the direction the country was headed in before his election.  Trump is actually trying to turn around the Ship of State.

For the last many years (not just the last 8 years) our nation has been sliding toward socialism.  Many Americans (mainly young ones) favor socialism as a viable and good form of governance.  The approval rating of Bernie Sanders (a self-proclaimed socialist) is high, especially among the young ones.

Actually I don’t believe they really know what they are supporting.  Any honest look into what socialism historically stands for, would send one running away in horror.

Roberta Sutton


The Anti-hate Group that is a Hate Group

See an excellent video on the subject of teaching hatred by Prager University: The Anti-hate Group that is a Hate Group – the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center). See Blog 0261.

How to send a letter to our local Colorado Jefferson County paper:

If you need information on how to send a letter to the Canyon Courier (a local paper that is connected with others in our area), the information is linked here:  2017-10-17_How to write a letter to the Canyon Courier
Things need to change in the schools – even AP U.S. History corrupted

In our public schools, and in other types of schools, people have for decades been taught to hate our country, hate each other, and to be violent — this includes the teaching of AP US History, which has become part of the hate-America teaching curriculum.

5 Blogs on this site about controversy over changes in
AP US History in High Schools

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