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Donna Jack
December 6, 2017

Podcast of AM91 Dec. 6, 2017 interview with Dr. Wheeler.

Tomorrow author Dr. Joe Wheeler will begin 6 days of signing his books at King Soopers, in Conifer, Colorado.  His website is:    www.joewheelerbooks.com    At the end of this blog, read about the three books he has published this year.

Twenty-six years ago, Dr. James Dobson interviewed Dr. Wheeler on his national “Focus on the Family” radio broadcast — the interview was about Dr. Wheeler’s book Christmas in My Heart. The response was so overwhelming, that Dr. Wheeler decided to do another — and has done one each year ever since then.  This year is book #26 in the series of Christmas in My Heart Christmas stories.

A large number of Dr. Wheeler’s 98 published books will be set up on display at Conifer King Soopers tomorrow (December 7) and each scheduled day this month.  He will sign any book that you purchase, writing an individual comment designed specifically for each of his 98 books.  If you wish, he will also designate who the book is to go to, and who it is from.

Where and When:

King Soopers —  25637 Conifer Road; Conifer, CO 80433

Thursday, December 7 – 9:00 – 5:00
Friday, December 8            ”
Thursday, December 14     ”
Friday, December 15          ”
Thursday, December 21     ”
Friday, December 22          “

Fun last year at King Soopers!

What fun I had last year, meeting people who were already familiar with Dr. Wheeler’s books, and others who were getting to know him and his books for the first time: —school children who had received a book or more of his in the past, because of their reading programs at school —children who had received his book(s) as a gift —people who had purchased books in previous years at King Soopers —adults and children who had just learned of his books


I started reading Dr. Wheeler’s books last December, so I could do a better job when encouraging people to look at his books.  I began by reading the book Everyday Heroes.  I really loved reading about the everyday heroes he chose, including a goose!  Then I read stories in several of Dr. Wheeler’s Christmas in My Heart book series.

For anyone who loves animals, I’m sure they would love reading about the animals in his 10-volumes of animal stories.  “Owney The post Office Dog” is a favorite of mine.

I then read the book Easter in My Heart.  I still remember some of those stories quite vividly.  Later in the year I read:  What’s So Good About Tough Times?  Like all the other books, it is filled with memorable stories, and includes a story Dr. Wheeler wrote especially for that book.  When I first get a book, I often search for the story he has written for the book.  They are always good!

When his new book Life-Changing Stories came out earlier this year, I had to buy it and read it right away.  There was no disappointment!

Like with all the stories Dr. Wheeler collects and publishes, and the many stories that he writes, they touch the heart strings, shine a light on the part of America that so many of us cherish, and encourage us to aspire to be a better person.

As Dr. Wheeler says, he chooses stories that have spiritual elements, and that require a nearby kleenex box to accompany the reader.  I’d say he accomplishes those goals quite well.


There was a big celebration in the spring –
see Blog 0188 for a report

The annual event at the Lewis Barn on North Turkey Creek Road, had a carnival atmosphere, with food, face painting, games, rides on a truck bed to see the buffalo — while children were getting the book they ordered, signed by Dr. Wheeler.  Then the presentations began.

Each of the schools were awarded a portion of the profits from the book sales last December (2016).  Dr. Wheeler gave a book to each of the 3rd graders who participated in a reading program, and he gave a special book gift after a drawing (he gave as a gift the 10 volumes of animal stories).

See information about last year’s program here: Blog 0188 .


All profits from the sales of Dr. Wheeler’s books go to schools in the area
(to help encourage children to read)

The elementary schools:

Deer Creek
Elk Creek
West Jeff
Rocky Mountain Academy


Dr. Wheeler’s website, where you can learn about the books that he has published: website:  www.joewheelerbooks.com


He has published three new books this year:

Christmas in My Heart (#26) http://joewheelerbooks.com/product/christmas-heart-26/

My Favorite Life-Changing Stories http://joewheelerbooks.com/product/favorite-life-changing-stories/
My Favorite Life-Changing Stories

Abraham Lincoln: Civil War Stories [2nd Edition – paperback] The difference: a new introduction, “Why Lincoln Matters Today”, and a new section of Lincoln storiettes for children. (2017) 374 pages. http://joewheelerbooks.com/product/abraham-lincoln-civil-war-stories-new-second-edition/


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