0309_Little Pink House – Film exposing corrupt eminent domain actions_ In some Theatres April 20th, 2018 (Denver May 4-10) _ What one family can do against the corrupt government/ corporate machine _more showings can be arranged

Donna Jack
March 11, 2018

Fred Holden forwarded a letter from Scott G. Bullock, President and General Counsel for Institute for Justice.  An excerpt from that letter:

“The Institute for Justice is headed to the big screen this spring Little Pink House, the story of IJ client Susette Kelo’s historic battle to save her home from eminent domain abuse, will make its debut in multiple theaters across the country this April.  Starring two-time Academy Award nominee Catherine Keener and Emmy nominee Jeanne Tripplehorn, and featuring cameos of several IJ staffers, this film captures the real-life drama of IJ’s work—and the courage all IJ clients share in fighting for their rights against seemingly insurmountable odds.”


Next month (April 20, 2018) a movie (“Little Pink House”) will be released to some theaters.  In Denver it will be released May 4-10.  See other release dates near the end of this article.

You can see a preview of the movie at:  https://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/little-pink-house/

Little Pink House (not rated)

In Theatres April 20th, 2018 |© 2018 Korchula Productions and Dada Films


“Based on a true story, a small-town paramedic named Susette Kelo leaves a bad marriage, and starts over in a new town. She buys a rundown cottage with a gorgeous water view. She fixes it up and paints it pink. Then she discovers powerful politicians want to bulldoze her blue-collar neighborhood for the benefit of a multi-billion dollar corporation. Susette emerges as the reluctant leader of her neighbors in an epic battle that goes all the way to the Supreme Court and helps millions of Americans protect their homes.”

“US Release Date: April 20, 2018 Starring: Catherine Keener, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Aaron Douglas Directed By: Courtney Balaker Synopsis: A small-town nurse named Susette Kelo emerges as the reluctant leader of her working-class neighbors in their struggle to save their homes from political and corporate interests bent on seizing the land and handing it over to Pfizer Corporation.”



Little Pink House In Theaters April 20th

“The theatrical release of the new film Little Pink House begins on April 20th. Currently scheduled showings include:
April 20-26 New York, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Atlanta, Berkeley;
April 27-May 3 Philadelphia;
May 4-10 Denver, San Diego, Boston;
May 11-17 Dallas, Minneapolis.

“Little Pink House — the story of Susan Kelo, a small-town nurse who fought against the eminent domain seizure of her home — has been touring film festivals throughout 2017 and has won several awards. More on the film here.

“Additional showings can be arranged via Tugg.com, a service that enables ordinary people to show films in theaters if they can generate sufficient local demand. This could work well for libertarian groups with established email lists.”



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