0315_Governed v Governing _ Center for Self Governance (CSG) movie/YouTube released 2018 _ The Bundy Standoff _ Link to post 0301 on this site announcing Cliven Bundy cleared of all Federal Charges and set free

Donna Jack
March 20, 2018

Link to a previous post (0301) on this website,
that gives the history of the Bundy situation, and
that announced
Cliven Bundy was cleared of all Federal Charges (Dec. 20, 2017)

0301_Cliven Bundy cleared of federal charges and set free after 700 days of false imprisonment_ The whole story is now told by one of Bundy’s attorneys, Joel Hansen – sent out by Eagle Forum – 02/06/2008

Mark Herr here shares a video history of the Bundy Standoff

Mark Herr, President and co-founder of Center for Self Governance (CSG), made a video history of a standoff between people and the government.  People gathered to support Cliven Bundy’s right to graze on the land that he and his ancestors have been grazing on for generations.

I had the privilege of being in some of Mark Herr’s CSG classes, during the time of the Bundy standoff.  Mark is one of the brave people in our country, who sacrifices most of his life in order to stand up for our liberty, and educate others how to stand up.


CSG YouTube movie
Governed v. Governing

This video (above) with footage from  April 11, 2014 — April 12, 2014 –
and presentation by Mark Herr.

The video above begins with a phone call (transcript of the call):

Representative of government:  “Hello, what we wanted to talk to you about today, was, you know, we really want to know if we’re going to have any type of physical problems with you guys, because we want to avoid that at all costs.”

A Bundy:  “I’ll tell you, the best way to avoid that is to start adhering to the Constitution, recognize that there are rights here that you are violating, and simply do not show up.  And all that will be put to a stop that soon.”

Representative of government:  “OK.”

A Bundy:  “That’s the easy way to handle that.”

Representative of government:  “Well I have to be honest, that I have to inform you that that’s not an option.”


This situation reveals a government out-of-control.

The governed chose to challenge the physical boundary (fence).  These people were willing to die for someone else’s cows.  As Mark Herr points out — it must have been that the people who were there, were there for more than the issue of cows.  In fact, most of the people were there to stand up for the Constitution – the 1st Amendment, and other Amendments being violated.

The Federal Government had overreached.

[Note:  The Federal Government had decided the people who assembled, could only protest in a “Free Speech Area” — which the government had fenced off, and placed far from anything that was going on — a place where nobody could hear or see them.  This is just like the “free speech areas” on college campuses.  Just as anti-free speech — restrictive of any free speech.


Those attending were from across the country

In the crowd of people protesting and standing against the BLM, were people from different states across the country.  They were willing to challenge the boundary — to die for someone else’s loss of liberty.

At the point when local law enforcement stepped in to negotiate — the standoff changed.  The people had not backed down, even under threats to their lives by armed government men, with guns pointed at them.

Mark Herr was there, and he said he was surprised nobody lost their life, nobody lost their property, and the cows were returned.  That is usually not the way it happens.  Usually the governed lose – and big government wins.

The rights given us in the Bill of Rights, are being stolen from us.  Like those people who stood up for the Bundys, we must stand up in our local area, our town and our state.

We must elect people who will stand in the gap to protect us from the over-reaching, over-powering government.


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