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April 7, 2018

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1.4.18 – YouTube

 “Dr. Duke Pesta and Dr. Sandra Stotsky Dissect Why Common Core Has Failed Every Child” 

Published on Jan 4, 2018

 FreedomProject’s Academic Director, Dr. Duke Pesta, interviews Dr. Sandra Stotsky on the demonstrable failures of Common Core. According to a new study from the Pioneer Institute, the move to Common Core has decimated academic achievement in Massachusetts. Prior to adopting the Core, Massachusetts schools and educational standards were the finest in the nation, in large part because of the work of Dr. Stotsky. Now, Common Core has relegated Massachusetts to the same underachieving, politicized, centralized mediocrity plaguing the rest of the country’s public schools. Learn more @ http://www.fpeusa.org/commoncore

Some really rough notes (with errors) of the video
taken by Donna Ja

[Common Core] It is everywhere in our schools, and has evolved beyond English and Math – to become a national way to look at every subject.

It is in the textbooks, and other materials, and in our college readiness tests.  Anything aligned to Common Core is basically Common Core.

Is there any part of Common Core that has improved education?

All indicators show education going down hill – gap widening – general scores going down.

Because of the ESSA, it is more difficult to make any changes in the classrooms.
[Note:  The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is a US law passed in December 2015 that governs the United States K–12 public education policy.]

I believe state legislators can do more than they have done to lessen the damage of Common Core.

Even teachers who liked Common Core 5 years ago – are upset they can’t make their own lesson plans, proceed at the speed of their class, etc.

Teachers are to be aligned to Common Core as much as possible – all comes from a centralized source (USED – U.S. Department of Education) – to make all conditions across all classrooms in the country equalized as much as possible.

Progressive educrats are destroying diversity – not treating students as individuals.  For the fist time in American history, it is centralized at the central federal government.

Betsy DeVos said there is no Common Core in the schools any more. 
Is that ignorance, or is she lying?

Is Trump changing education? – not sure he or DeVos understand the details of policy making.  USED people were either retained, hired, or recommended for hiring because they would support Common Core agenda.  If they didn’t support Common Core, they were replaced by people who support Common Core.

Nobody in USED is doing anything to academically strengthen Public education, but rather they focus on how to strengthen Common Core.  20-30 year professionals are in government education – they are for strengthening centralized government — maintaining the status quo.

Unless purge USED, how can you change this?  How can enough be done in State Legislatures to change anything?

Get rid of the U.S. Department of Education

Stotsly:  Get rid of the USED – it was created several decades ago.  It can be eliminated.  US Constitution says education should be on the state level.

Legislatures – There is power for policy making on the state level.  State boards are told they don’t have any power.  They actually do.  There are policy-making powers at the local level.  No-one at the national level has been elected to be an education leader.

(commentator) Why are we not moving on this?  Was it because of
the huge bribes [given to school boards across the country] –

because of Common Core?

Stotsky – The bribe is only part of the problem.  Betsy DeVos was working with Jeb Bush’s FEE [Foundation for Excellence in Education]  – he had wanted to be the education governor in Florida.   That didn’t work.  There are links from Jeb Bush and Betsy DeVos to the Gates Foundation – and Betsy is connected to Common Core groups.  [She contributed financially to FEE for years, and has been on its board of directors.]

Those supporting Common Core actually believe it is only way to close achievement gaps.  Common Core has [brought everyone down and has] widened the gap.

Education is back-stepping – going behind in almost every area.

The goal of those for standardized U.S. education want all kids are to perform at the same level – not at a high level – but at the same very low level.   All equal.  All completely dumb.

Math has to be taught – but they withhold the teaching at higher levels – they do this to get everyone together at a lower level.

Our country has a huge propaganda machine that tells everyone that Common Core has  raised standards.  The machine has convinced people to change from content standards to skills standards — then they say you have raised standards.

We have a serious problem in our country with people who will believe anything in education so long as they can keep their jobs.

Leveling of distinction ahead of academic achievement.

We know why teachers are frustrated – they are not allowed to do their job — to be free to  teach what is necessary for their students o  get ahead as far and fast as they can.  Instead, low performing kids now allowed to gravitate, and high performing kids pulled down.

It is going to hurt more vulnerable ones – but at the same time it is dragging all the others (75%) down.  The average and above average students are being brought down.  Lower academic students will go down more, because before they were working to do better.  Now they have no incentive.

No One Cares.

This is de-education – willful under-educating our kids.

Massachusetts – was one of the success stories.  It was competing as a country against other countries, and ranking at the top internationally.  Now that Common Core has been established in Massachusetts, it is falling lower and lower because of Common Core.

Pioneer asked James Milgrim and another professor (experts in English and Math) – to look at so-called revised standards – their 4-year education plan – 4-year plan for ESSA [Every Student Succeeds Act – Dec. 2015].

These revised standards were at most a slight improvement – but were still Common Core.

Pioneer Institute is different from the Thomas, and the Fordham Institute – both of which have been subsidized to support Common Core.  The Pioneer Institute hired experts who looked at what states proposed as revised standards – compared them to what they had before.

They (Massachusetts) were trying to pull apart what people like Stotsky had put in place to help all levels of students – which aimed to and achieved Improving the top AND the bottom, and those inbetween.  All students improve with overall expectations of academic achievement.  All needed to improve – Stotsky implemented that.

Teacher Education

Now there is a huge problem with teacher education – most older teachers are not used to promoting the egalitarian downward spiral that Common Core has turned out to be.  Many have quit or retired.

In the Education departments, they have thrown out standards/competencies/achievement

Teachers are being taught how to be baby sitters – don’t lead classes – their only real purpose is to implement, oversee and improve the federal curriculum.

Tumbling scores

Pioneer Institute has seen — Common Core has led to tumbling scores in English and Math for Massachusetts.  The English standards rely on process and skills – they brush aside English literature and history, and other traditions.  Students are incapable of reading a poetic text from 100 years ago.

What’s being taught?

Just putting squishy multicultural texts for their students.  All western classics removed.  They have nothing to enhance the kids skills.

How do Common Core students perform?

Stotsky – reading levels – renaissance learning – publishing an annual report on hundreds of thousands of students K-12 – what they read in HS level years – going down steadily from the beginning of the century.  Common Core is accelerating the plummeting scores at an increasing speed.

Average High School graduate is reading on a 7th grade level.  That means they are not college ready.

Why no move to correct this illiteracy?

Why aren’t people saying something about such high percentages of graduates not reading at a college and career level – reading scores are at lower levels than previous years.

Narrator — I am a professor, and my freshmen in the university are reading at a 7th grade level or lower) – I have to teach them how to read a paragraph.  Then teach them how to read and comprehend two paragraphs.  It is absolutely shocking.

The position that the universities are taking, is to lower our overall entrance requirements.  Common Core increased the number of people graduating, and applying to universities.  But these graduates don’t have the skills to succeed.   We had to give them diplomas, and then pushed them to campus.

This is not a new problem, but it has been increased since the implementation of Common Core.

Type of teaching no longer content based

Narrator _ The standards direct teachers to have content that focuses on different cultures – they are to have sensitivity and diversity — rather than literary and historical knowledge.

They have no sequential reading curriculum in 7-12 or 10-12.

They let the kids read whatever they want in 7-12.  They have skills-oriented curriculum that makes the claim to parents and others that they are teaching a more demanding curriculum.  They say it is what employers want.  But they haven’t asked the employers.  Will they be able to convince the employers that they want a lower level work-force?

The rest of the world is not following this dumbed-down education.


Math Standards

Math Standards _ James Milgrim (a mathematician) and Sandra Stotsky (English) both had standards experience.  They were the only two on the Common Core evaluation committee who had such experience.  They did not approve the Common Core standards.

The average score for Math int he U.S. – dropped to 549  — from 566 in 2011.

In that time, the U.S.has declined from 5th to 18th compared with other countries.  The results are shocking.

Why isn’t Congress concerned? 

Stotsky – Why has Congress not demanded an investigation?

TIMAA – independence  – test of 4th and 8th and advanced math and science

PEARLS – 4th grade reading tests

The decline has been for everyone.  Congress seems not interested in this situation.  Why not?  Shouldn’t they be interested in the dropping educational level.  That is where our future citizens are going to come from.

In 10 years we will not have any graduates that will be able to read our founding documents.  Not just because they can’t write or read cursive, but simply because they simply can’t read.

Reading and Math Scores

Apr 2016 – NAEP – only 37% of 12th graders are ready to do college level reading, writing and math – where are universities – where is Congress?

The more we standardize Education –
the farther behind the students get.

There’s a shortage of teachers – fewer and fewer.

Who wants to baby sit 12 hours a day?

They will have the pay — they will be supported by their administrators if they are aiming at the bottom group

Is no one enraged about the ones who can’t do proficient or advanced grade level?

The focus is on the low achievers – insisting they should be high achievers, and assuming they all can be high achievers.

It is false to think that all students can be high achievers.  Some just can’t.

We have accepted guilt trip – believing the answer to our education problems will be fixed, if we concentrate on the lowest achievers – ignoring the middle and top achievers.  We watch all groups of learners slide, but continue to believe more money to the low achievers will fix everything.  Raising the bottom will bring everyone up.

History shows us that if we raise the top, others are also raised up.

Classics demonized

— A teachers is made to feel guilty about classics – told that they should not be taught, because they assume people have knowledge they don’t already have.  The fact is, everybody can learn beyond their background.  That is learning.-

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