0337_Contact our County Commissioners & ask them to vote against creation of ELID (Evergreen Local Improvement District) on May 22, 2018. ELID’s FIRST sales tax would be a 22% increase. Don’t make Evergreen another Denver

Donna Jack
May 7, 2018

Most people in Evergreen are Happy Living Here

Most people in Evergreen are happy with Evergreen — they don’t want the proposed  ELID changes.

A local Evergreen group (No2ELID) is trying to help us stop the creation of a new Improvement District in the Evergreen area.  The latest No2ELID flier: is attached.

We can get services without the expense and tax burden
of ELID — and without their deciding for us what we need.

As is pointed out by No2ELID, many of the changes that ELID proposed to make, are things that Jefferson County or Denver can cover using our current tax level.  Many of the “needs” that ELID supporters’ originally said they had to provide for us, were already completed last year, or have since been completed under our current level of taxation.

Linked is a flier with information showing we do not need a local improvement district (LID) in Evergreen:  No2ELID flier_2018-05-06  [printer friendly]  Also linked is a chart with proposed expenses.

The people pushing ELID have not been seeking what
the community wants — they are pushing their agenda.

The proponents of ELID (Evergreen Local Improvement District) want it placed on the ballot this November.  Their presentations are slick, and they keep adjusting them as they go along.  Public input has NOT been sought by them.  They use the Delphi method.   They showed their true colors by eliminating any “public” questions or input.  See Blog 0234 on this website to learn about one of their “community input” meetings last year.

Blog 0234  reports on how unwilling Dean Dalvit was to engage the community to find out what people really wanted and didn’t want.   He silenced everyone, saying they could ask questions after his presentation.  Then when he ended the presentation, he immediately went off stage.  People could only talk with him outside the view of the audience.

He and his group are railroading this Evergreen Local Improvement District through our community.

ELID people intend to pile us with debt
as soon as voters approve ELID’s creation

Immediately upon passage of ELID, those who are backing ELID plan to begin borrowing money on future collection of sales taxes — borrowing which will put us into debt for 15 years.  Borrowing that will cost us interest and administrative expenses – possibly 40% or more of the taxes collected for the ELID projects will go to interest and administrative expenses.

They will raise our sales tax 22%, and begin giving us parts of a wish list they claim reflects the community wishes.  (See Blog 0234 written in July 2017 —

The latest No2ELID flier link is below and is attached.

 Note:  click on the square in the upper right corner of the flier to get a clear picture
that can be downloaded.
Click + or – to zoom out or in.


See a chart of some of the recommendations for ELID,
and the cost of different projects
(estimates of ELID people are much lower than county estimates).
Notice that ELID greatly under-estimated expenses – consistently .
Printer friendly chart:  ELID Project list 042418 printer friendly
Also attached: 

 County Commissioners should not vote to do studies

If on May 22nd, our commissioners decide to vote to pay to have traffic studies and design studies — and decide to hire consultants, and hire more staff to carry out the studies — they in effect will be committing to ELID, and spending tax money (taking away from other responsibilities).  They should not invest any of our money in ELID.


No2ELID Website: http://No2ELID.co.nf
Email NO2ELID with your comments: No2ELID@aol.com

Please contact our County Commissioners and encourage them to vote against the entire concept of a Local Improvement District for Evergreen.  We need them to vote NO on May 22, 2018.

The Jefferson County Commissioners are asking for input from the Community about ELID.

Please help us to stop this new tax by contacting Jefferson County to give them your opinion.

Libby Szabo portrait

Libby Szabo
Commissioner District One
Email commish1@jeffco.us

Casey Tighe Portrait

Casey Tighe
Commissioner District Two
Email commish2@jeffco.us


Tina Francone
Commissioner District Three
Email commish3@jeffco.us

Community input is needed now. Please Contact the Commissioners Today!

Phone the Commissioners:
7:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.

Write the Commissioners a letter:
Jefferson County Commissioners
100 Jefferson County Parkway.
Suite 5550, Golden, CO 80419


Jeffco and CDOT can respond to our needs.

Some projects proposed by DEED are Urban features that would be out of character for the Evergreen area.

These features are not necessary to maintain the quality of life we have in Evergreen. If Evergreen wants urban features in the future, Jefferson County and CDOT are fully capable of providing this through the Taxes we already pay.

And according to Jefferson County staff…
ELID and the new 22% increase in Evergreen sales tax are not necessary to accomplish this.

To learn more about the proposed Evergreen Sales Tax,
Visit the Website at:


Email us with your comments: No2ELID@aol.com


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