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0140_Why to vote no on 3A and 3B_2016-08-8 –“The Latest Big Education Fad, Social-Emotional Learning [SEL], Is As Bad As It Sounds” By Jane Robbins–

Donna Jack
September 30, 2016/October 4, 2016 version

At this moment, in Jefferson County Colorado, the school district administration, superintendent, all 5 current school board members (who are all union-supported), the education unions, and “education experts”, are pushing for us to cough up more money in November.  They are mistaken to think that this will help or fix declining education.  3A and 3B ask us to finance their failing policies — and to expand them.

On this November’s ballot, VOTE NO ON 3A AND 3B.
— More money to the schools will only make worse
the serious problems we have in education.

[See post 0139 of this blog for an introduction to SEL (Social-Emotional Learning)
and other information.]


For Jane Robbins’ Aug. 8, 2016 article on SEL– look later in this blog or go directly to it here:

“The Latest Big Education Fad, Social-Emotional Learning, Is As Bad As It Sounds”
By Jane Robbins —
U.S. Department of Education (USED), longs to plumb the psyches of our children


From Donna Jack:

Everyone who pays taxes is paying for SEL, which is a bad NEW WAY to “eliminate the emotional suffering” that students are mysteriously plagued with these days.  To find one of the biggest causes of the mysterious increase in emotional suffering among people in schools. click here.

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0078_Arne Duncan with Charlie Rose_YouTube_March 13, 2009_school should be 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round_Article telling how Arne reshaped American Education

Donna Jack
First posted Feb. 27, 2016/revised Feb. 28, 2016

[quote from __]

Sec. of Education Arne Duncan recently [before March 13, 2009] appeared on the Charlie Rose show. He discusses the impact of community schools on children, families and neighborhoods.”
[Quoted from the 45-second YouTube clip linked below:]

“Published on May 17, 2013

“Secretary Arne Duncan proposes schools become the center of the community and stay open 12-14 hours a day 7 days a week.

“Wait, I thought the family was the center of the community?”

The extended version of the Charlie Rose/Arne Duncan interview is 3 hours and 33 minutes long.


President Obama chose Arne Duncan to be U.S. Secretary of Education.  Arne was confirmed January 20, 2009, and stepped down October 2, 2015.

Here is an article: “How Arne Duncan Reshaped American Education.”  He accomplished most of his goals while U.S. Secretary of Education.

Lamar Alexander, U.S. Secretary of Education under a republican president, and Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education under a democrat president, both saw public school as the place children should be at, during their waking hours – not at home and not with their families.  Arne Duncan just expanded on Lamar’s bizarre picture of the role public school should play in the lives of children.

0042_November 25, 2015 letter to new Jeffco 5-Democrat BOE: Are transparency and accountability beginning to vanish?

[pdf of this letter]   

This letter online through school district website:$file/c151021O.pdf


TO Jeffco BOE Members:

Ron Mitchell,
Ali Lassel,
Susan Harmon,
Amanda Stevens,
Brad Rupert,

Copies: The Jeffco BOE as a whole:;Superintendent, Dan McMinimee,; the public.

Dear Jefferson County Board of Education members Ron, Ali, Susan, Amanda and Brad,

Please continue the accountability and transparency demonstrated by the previous Jeffco BOE majority.

Some people that witnessed the great accountability, transparency, and respect demonstrated by the previous Jeffco BOE republican majority, now have some legitimate concerns.

You were elected for several reasons, and two of the reasons you were elected were: 1) the blatant lies printed on the petitions, and 2) the identical dishonest wording on the ballots for the recall.

You can compare and see the exact same false claims on both the recall petition and the ballot for recall.

See a video about The Denver Post recommendation to vote no on the recall.

And read The Denver Post Editorial Board, recommendation for a no-vote on the recall, dated October 13, 2015.  They said their recommendation not to recall, was based on the false statements on the ballot.

Then on November 19, 2015, even before you were sworn in, you had  eliminated all (1 hour) of the public testimony to speak about the agenda for the meeting, which under the previous board majority, had been given before the agenda was talked about.  Continue reading

0029_Would voting for the Democrat/union-supported school board slate bring back Inbloom?_YouTube

A Vote for the Recall is a Vote for inBloom

Note by Donna Jack:

One of the democrat candidates for the Jefferson County school board rightly explained in the video above that InBloom is data gathering for corporations.

Susan Harmon, one of the 5 people on the democrat/union-supported slate for the Jeffco School board, demonstrated her disconnect with parental concern about this excessive data gathering.  She also wrongly thought InBloom was stopped in the school district by the present school board.  It was done by the previous board.

Is she representative of a desire by the entire democrat/union-supported slate to bring InBloom back into our school district?  The five seem to be pretty much aligned across the board to overturn what this board majority has accomplished.   I would not trust them to protect our students and families from extensive data-gathering.