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0254_Oct 17 ’17 Hear John Newkirk speak about his Sept. 10 opinion piece: New Jeffco Supt. Widening the Great Divide_John is former Jeffco BOE member 2013-2015_links to other Newkirk articles & blogs on this site about Jeffco School Dist corruption

Donna Jack
October 9, 2017/Oct. 10, 2017

John Newkirk will be speaking October 17, 2017
at the High Country Republican Club (HCRC)

Next week, October 17, 2017, the HCRC’s special guest speaker will be John Newkirk.  He was secretary of the Jefferson County, Colorado, School Board from 2013 – 2015.

He will be speaking about his September 20, 2017 article that was published in our local newspaper.

Time, cost and location of the HCRC meeting

The breakfast meeting will be at the Lewis Barn, in Evergreen.  Cost of breakfast is $10.  We begin our meeting at 7:00 a.m., and end around 8:00 a.m., or a little later.  John will plan to stay for a few minutes to visit with people.


The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park is located at: 26624 N. Turkey Creek Road, Evergreen CO 80439.  Call Ron Lewis for information:  303 810-1071

More of John’s articles, and other supporting blogs on this website are
at the end of this blog piece.


 Attached and below is John’s September 20, 2017 article:


“New Jeffco Superintendent Widening the Great Divide”
by John Newkirk

 Author’s note: A number of legislators have contacted me about a suggested curriculum put forth by our new school superintendent — and I was not the only one surprised by its one-sidedness.  My resulting Opinion column appeared in the Courier newspapers on 9/20/2017:

Newly-seated Jeffco Public Schools superintendent Jason Glass certainly wasted no time in thrusting our students into the political mosh pit. Continue reading

0156_Trevor Loudon – spoke in Colorado and showed his new movie The Enemies Within (October 25-30, 2016)

Donna Jack
October 24, 2016/25 Oct update/updated 30 Oct, 2016 – Update Nov. 21, 2016

Trevor Loudon had several appearances in Colorado in October.

2-sided poster with appearance times and locations of showings.

NOTE:  For several decades, the truth has been intentionally kept away from the general public of the United States:  by the mainstream media (and other portions of the media), and the public schools.  They are keeping us ignorant of the constant subversive threat in our country.

The world Communist party is solidly entrenched in every level of our government, and in the unions.  Trevor Loudon exposes this in his movie.

Trevor Loudon (from New Zealand) visited Colorado in October.   He spoke and showed his new movie, The Enemies Within, in several locations in Colorado.  Trevor has dedicated his life to learning and sharing the truth about the covert work being done by the Communists — infiltrating our govenment and many other part of the United States in order to change our way of life.

See Trevor’s biography:  Trevor Loudon’s biography-September 28, 2016


ORDER: ‘The Enemies Within’ DVD available NOW!

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0155_3A and 3B_Mil Levy and Bond Issue_1989 Blumenfeld education letter_John Andrews mentioning too much money, too much union red tape, too much mediocrity – by Donna Jack

Donna Jack
November 3, 2016

                              PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY PRETEND TO BE

To get a good eye-opening background for understanding what preschool through grade 12 education is like in the Unites States, look at Samel Blumenfeld’s education letter, December 1989 :

Education Issues of the 1990s and New World Synthesis

Note:  Public Education has progressed at an alarming rate since 1989, going far beyond what Mr. Blumenfeld outlined in the above-linked education letter.

The “Lifelong learning” touted by the education establishment, is actually lifelong conditioning (brain-washing).  Public education does not  instill in students a thirst for knowledge, or give them the skills necessary to learn and keep learning for  themselves all their lives.


John Andrews comments on Amendments and state-wide issues on the ballot.

What John Andrews said about the Douglas County 3A and 3B, applies to the proposed Jefferson County School District, of 3A and 3B in Jefferson county:

“No on Issues 3A & 3B: Mill Levy and Bond Issue, Cherry Creek Schools

“Yet another tax hike for well-heeled Cherry Creek. Sorry, but public education is already awash in too much money and too much union red tape, yielding woeful mediocrity. (editor’s bold and italicized font)

“True reform won’t come until taxpayers stop the gravy train. That’s the tough-love vote for better schools no matter where you live.”



0153_Proposition 107 and 108 _ Presidential Primary Elections _ Unaffiliated to vote in party primaries without declaring a party _ Don’t mess up the political parties_No on 107 & 108_by Donna Jack

Text of Proposition 107_presidential primary elections_pp. 57-63
Text of Proposition 108_unaffiliated voter participation in primary elections-pp. 67-70
Eight things to consider when deciding how to vote.]
The 2016 Blue Book]
[The US Constitution Bill of Rights & Later Amendments]

Donna Jack
October 20, 2016

John Andrews always has a way with words – click here to see how John Andrews comments on Amendments and state-wide issues on the ballot.  .

John Andrew’s comments on 107 and 108

“No on Proposition 107: All-Comers for Presidential Primary Election
“Recipe for endless political mischief. Going back to the presidential primaries we used to have is a good idea, but letting individuals from outside a political party help pick that party’s nominee is an awful idea.

“No on Proposition 108: All-Comers for All Other Primary Elections
“Same reasoning as No on 107.  Everyone at your house works hard getting ready for a family meal, then the government makes you give a seat at the table to the lazy neighbors from next door. Equally absurd for a political party as for a dinner party.”



The reason is boldly stated right in Proposition 107:


0152_Doctor-assisted suicide (Prop. 106)_Life is precious–don’t popularize ending life_I’m voting no_from Donna Jack

Donna Jack
October 20, 2016

2016-prop-106_physician-assisted-suicide_pp-43-45-47-56-from the Blue Book
[Eight things I try to consider when deciding how to vote.]
[The 2016 Blue Book]
[The US Constitution Bill of Rights & Later Amendments]
An article “Vote No On More Suicide”
The Denver Post Editorial Board:  No on Proposition 106_aid in dying_lacks safeguards
John Andrews comments on Proposition 106 and the other state-wide issues on the ballot
John Andrews’ comments – No on Proposition 106: Legalize Doctor-Assisted Suicide

Ghoulish though compassionate-sounding measure would endanger elderly and disabled persons, the most vulnerable among us, while subverting the medical profession from its high calling of saving lives, not ending them.
Denver Post Editorial Board – against Proposition 106

By The Denver Post Editorial Board

After a lot of soul-searching, we are asking voters to reject Proposition 106, a measure that would give patients the legal right to end their life, because we fear the cultural, legal and medical shift that it would create in Colorado.

Those facing their final months are in a vulnerable place, a time when an individual is susceptible to pressures both subtle and overt, susceptible to self-imposed guilt over burdening family and worries about spending hard-earned savings on care. Such patients also are susceptible to depression and its dark influences on decision-making.

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0151_Amendment 72_Increase Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes_Don’t be a Bully_Martin Niemoler_Laura Carno_Vote no on 72_by Donna Jack

Donna Jack
October 20, 2016

[Eight things I try to consider when deciding how to vote.]
[The 2016 Blue Book--Amendment 72 info on amendment-72_pp-35-41_cigarette-tax]
[2016 General Election TABOR notices]
[The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) in the
Colorado Constitution.]
[The US Constitution Bill of Rights & Later Amendments]

John Andrews always has a way with words – click here to see how John Andrews comments on Amendment 72 and the other state-wide issues on the ballot.  He has the same recommendation that I have:  Vote no on all of them.

John Andrews’ statement on Amendment 72:
“No on Amendment 72: Raise Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes  — Sin taxes to modify behavior are the wrong use of government power, not to mention this would create a black market and worsen an already over-large state government.”

Seriously, if you support punishing people with the strong arm of government for behaviors that you don’t approve of — what behaviors will be the next target.  Will YOU be the next target? This reminds me of a quote I learned of as a child:

Quote from Martin Niemoller

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out –
because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out –
because I was not a socialist; Continue reading

0150_Constitutional Amendment 71_Puts the Constitution out of reach except for the wealthy elites- A yes vote “votes away our vote” – I’m voting NO

Donna Jack
October 20, 2016

[Eight things I try to consider when deciding how to vote.]
[The 2016 Blue Book--Amendment 71 info on pp. 31-34]
[2016 General Election TABOR notices]
[The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) in the
Colorado Constitution.]
[The US Constitution Bill of Rights & Later Amendments]

From John Andrews’ 2016-10-02–John Andrews_how voting on Colorado Ballot Issues:
No on Amendment 71: Draconian Requirements to Amend Constitution
Hard-to-meet signature quotas in remote corners of the state, super-majority voter totals, and a double standard for repeals vs. new provisions, would fence ordinary citizens out of the petition process and leave big-money interests in sole control of constitutional changes.”

Below watch:  “Elena Nunez from Common Cause and former Colorado Senate President John Andrews join host Jon Caldara to discuss why folks on the right, left, and center are against Amendment 71, also known as ‘Raise the Bar.'”

Constitutional Amendment 71 makes it more difficult for citizens like us to change the Colorado constitution.  It will make it so that only the rich have a chance to make changes.

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0149_ Amendment 70 (2016 ballot) – increasing minimum wage up to $12 by 2020 and continue to increase every year_this is government control over businesses_Creeping socialism_VOTE NO

Donna Jack
October 20, 2016

[Eight things I try to consider when deciding how to vote.]
[The 2016 Blue Book--Amendment 70 info is on pp. 27-29]
[2016 General Election TABOR notices]
[The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) text from CO Constitution]
[The Bill of Rights in the Colorado Constitution.]
[The US Constitution Bill of Rights & Later Amendments]

The public made a disastrous mistake in the past
when they voted to put the first budget item into the state Constitution.

Several years ago, the voters in Colorado passed a Constitutional Amendment that they were told would let each school decide how to spend education dollars.  It was a lie.  The public had no idea that they were voting to place permanent, specific, growing, mandatory dollar amounts of money, into our state budget — for for public education.

That deceptive, bad idea has tied the hands of our legislators, forcing a growing percentage of our state budget to go toward public education.  Those receiving this windfall have been adamant that they get all of “their” growing percentage of the state budge.  Public school unions and others in education feel “entitled” and “owed” the huge growing percentage of the state budget, even when there is a shortage of tax revenue — and they insist on being “paid back” in the future to “make up for” years when there was less tax revenue collected.

Even if public schools were graduating responsible, capable, successful citizens (which increasingly they are NOT), the funding of public schools should never preempt all other budget items.  No budget item should ever be put into our state constitution.  It is a recipe for the destruction of our economy and our state.


0148_Amendment 69 is a fundamental transformation move_Colorado Care would make Colorado unrecognizable_eliminates our TABOR protections from government– Notes from County Assessor explaining ColoradoCare_links to many Amendment 69 posts_Donna Jack is voting NO

Donna Jack
October 20, 2016

Following are links to documents, for your convenience.
Each document is “word searchable” and can be printed.

Here is the actual wording of all 12 pages of Amendment 69.
On p. 9 of Amendment 69 it exempts ColoradoCare from The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.
[The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) text from CO Constitution]
0129_Analysis of Amendment 69_by Senator Kevin Lundberg_trifold
[Eight things I try to consider when deciding how to vote.]
[The 2016 Blue Book--Amendment 69 info on pp. 9-26]
[2016 General Election TABOR notices online or on my site]

[The Bill of Rights in the Colorado Constitution.]
[The US Constitution Bill of Rights & Later Amendments]

All previous blog posts that have been published on this website about Amendment 69, are linked at the end of this post – or “search” for “Amendment 69” in the Table of Contents to this website.

I encourage you to look at Dr. Jill Vecchio’s videos explaining dangers of Amendment 69.


Amendment 69 (Single-payer healthcare) is a disastrous centralized-government approach, stripping all citizens of any freedom of choice, and freedom of association.  It compels all of us to finance things against our will and against our conscience.  It it totally opposite of the freedoms we enjoy in the United States.  It will destroy the quality of our health care — destroy the livelihood of our great doctors and other medical care providers — steal from us our hard-earned money — and will cost lives.


Doctors are preparing to leave the state.  Many people on fixed incomes will be forced out of their homes because of the increase in taxes.  If people are are able to move out of Colorado, many will.  Non-citizens and those wanting “free healthcare” will be rushing into Colorado.  Many will not contribute financially to fund ColoradoCare.

We will lose more control over our own health care decisions.  We will find our personal finances shrinking.

Please go to links on this site about Amendment 69.  See links at end of this post.

Below are some recent notes on Amendment 69 given to me
by Ron Sandstrom (our county assessor).

NOTE:  ColoradoCare will not be subject to TABOR.
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0145_Index to 2016 Amendment, Proposition and Initiative blog posts (being updated) – by Donna Jack

Donna Jack
October 20, 2016 — Links to posts concerning the 2016 ballot are made live when blog posts are posted.

Following is an index to the things on the 2016 Ballot in the part of Jefferson County Colorado, where I live.  Note:  all Amendments to our Constitution and Propositions are state-wide.  The same philosophical approach of voting NO (against retention) applies across the state for judges (if you do not know whether their performance has demonstrated that they respect and follow the US and State Constitutions).

(see below or search the
Table of Contents page of this website.

With your cursor hovering over the Table of Contents, left click, and then you can do a “word search”   (Ctrl/f – and type in the text your are searching).  Type in anything you wish to find that would be in titles of blog posts:  “Amendment T” “Amendment 69” or anything else  you are looking for.  It will highlight those words or numbers throughout Table of Contents.  Each blog post title links you to the specific blog post.

This blog post (0145) is being published now.  More will be added to it as I launch posts about Amendments, Propositions, and Ballot Issues.  So please check back later today or tomorrow.  The plan is to have everything on the ballot where I live, represented in posts.

As new posts are published, links to each post connected with something on the ballot will be added below, for your convenience.
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