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0155_3A and 3B_Mil Levy and Bond Issue_1989 Blumenfeld education letter_John Andrews mentioning too much money, too much union red tape, too much mediocrity – by Donna Jack

Donna Jack
November 3, 2016

                              PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY PRETEND TO BE

To get a good eye-opening background for understanding what preschool through grade 12 education is like in the Unites States, look at Samel Blumenfeld’s education letter, December 1989 :

Education Issues of the 1990s and New World Synthesis

Note:  Public Education has progressed at an alarming rate since 1989, going far beyond what Mr. Blumenfeld outlined in the above-linked education letter.

The “Lifelong learning” touted by the education establishment, is actually lifelong conditioning (brain-washing).  Public education does not  instill in students a thirst for knowledge, or give them the skills necessary to learn and keep learning for  themselves all their lives.


John Andrews comments on Amendments and state-wide issues on the ballot.

What John Andrews said about the Douglas County 3A and 3B, applies to the proposed Jefferson County School District, of 3A and 3B in Jefferson county:

“No on Issues 3A & 3B: Mill Levy and Bond Issue, Cherry Creek Schools

“Yet another tax hike for well-heeled Cherry Creek. Sorry, but public education is already awash in too much money and too much union red tape, yielding woeful mediocrity. (editor’s bold and italicized font)

“True reform won’t come until taxpayers stop the gravy train. That’s the tough-love vote for better schools no matter where you live.”



0141_Links to The 2016 Colorado Blue Book and Blue Books from previous years__2016 Judicial Performance Evaluations on Judges–for Jefferson county and all counties in Colorado_Fiscal Impact statements for the Constitutional Amendments and Propositions

Donna Jack
2016-10-02/revised 2016-10-03-12:19 AM

Below is information that will help registered voters in every county in Colorado.

My plan is to refer to this blog in a future blog post when discussing each of the things that will appear both on the Colorado state-wide and Jefferson County Colorado ballots.

Resource documents to help you to prepare to vote on the Colorado ballots
— that will be arriving soon (mid October).

Handy resources:

  1.  The 2016 State Ballot information book (the Blue Book)

that has been mailed to most homes (internet version same as one mailed out):

2.  Information to help you decide whether to retain judges.

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0140_Why to vote no on 3A and 3B_2016-08-8 –“The Latest Big Education Fad, Social-Emotional Learning [SEL], Is As Bad As It Sounds” By Jane Robbins–

Donna Jack
September 30, 2016/October 4, 2016 version

At this moment, in Jefferson County Colorado, the school district administration, superintendent, all 5 current school board members (who are all union-supported), the education unions, and “education experts”, are pushing for us to cough up more money in November.  They are mistaken to think that this will help or fix declining education.  3A and 3B ask us to finance their failing policies — and to expand them.

On this November’s ballot, VOTE NO ON 3A AND 3B.
— More money to the schools will only make worse
the serious problems we have in education.

[See post 0139 of this blog for an introduction to SEL (Social-Emotional Learning)
and other information.]


For Jane Robbins’ Aug. 8, 2016 article on SEL– look later in this blog or go directly to it here:

“The Latest Big Education Fad, Social-Emotional Learning, Is As Bad As It Sounds”
By Jane Robbins —
U.S. Department of Education (USED), longs to plumb the psyches of our children


From Donna Jack:

Everyone who pays taxes is paying for SEL, which is a bad NEW WAY to “eliminate the emotional suffering” that students are mysteriously plagued with these days.  To find one of the biggest causes of the mysterious increase in emotional suffering among people in schools. click here.

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