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Donna Jack
October 20, 2016

[Eight things I try to consider when deciding how to vote.]
[The 2016 Blue Book--Amendment 72 info on amendment-72_pp-35-41_cigarette-tax]
[2016 General Election TABOR notices]
[The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) in the
Colorado Constitution.]
[The US Constitution Bill of Rights & Later Amendments]

John Andrews always has a way with words – click here to see how John Andrews comments on Amendment 72 and the other state-wide issues on the ballot.  He has the same recommendation that I have:  Vote no on all of them.

John Andrews’ statement on Amendment 72:
“No on Amendment 72: Raise Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes  — Sin taxes to modify behavior are the wrong use of government power, not to mention this would create a black market and worsen an already over-large state government.”

Seriously, if you support punishing people with the strong arm of government for behaviors that you don’t approve of — what behaviors will be the next target.  Will YOU be the next target? This reminds me of a quote I learned of as a child:

Quote from Martin Niemoller

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out –
because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out –
because I was not a socialist; Continue reading