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0145_Index to 2016 Amendment, Proposition and Initiative blog posts (being updated) – by Donna Jack

Donna Jack
October 20, 2016 — Links to posts concerning the 2016 ballot are made live when blog posts are posted.

Following is an index to the things on the 2016 Ballot in the part of Jefferson County Colorado, where I live.  Note:  all Amendments to our Constitution and Propositions are state-wide.  The same philosophical approach of voting NO (against retention) applies across the state for judges (if you do not know whether their performance has demonstrated that they respect and follow the US and State Constitutions).

(see below or search the
Table of Contents page of this website.

With your cursor hovering over the Table of Contents, left click, and then you can do a “word search”   (Ctrl/f – and type in the text your are searching).  Type in anything you wish to find that would be in titles of blog posts:  “Amendment T” “Amendment 69” or anything else  you are looking for.  It will highlight those words or numbers throughout Table of Contents.  Each blog post title links you to the specific blog post.

This blog post (0145) is being published now.  More will be added to it as I launch posts about Amendments, Propositions, and Ballot Issues.  So please check back later today or tomorrow.  The plan is to have everything on the ballot where I live, represented in posts.

As new posts are published, links to each post connected with something on the ballot will be added below, for your convenience.
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