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0232_ An autobiography by Robert (Bob) Ruesch_ looking back at summers growing up in the shadow of his wonderful father who for thirty years managed and expanded the YMCA of the Rockies_ Estes Park, CO

Donna Jack
July 7, 2017/update July 17, 2017

Recently I read Robert (Bob) Ruesch’s autobiography (In the Warmth of the Shadow:  A boy, the Rocky Mountains and God … See what happens).  This refreshing book recounts his years growing up in a world-class resort retreat center in Estes Park — the YMCA Camp of the Rockies.

Watch a promotional YouTube about the book:

Bob begins each chapter with an inspirational and thoughtful selection from Scripture, and then proceeds to recount events which take you back in time.

You will experience a very long ride to camp, in a car that isn’t air conditioned.

You will anticipate doing the “seeming” simple job of chopping watermelon for 2,000 to 2,500 hungry vacationers, and then realize it is not that easy.  Continue reading

0223_An Autobiography: The Atheism That Saved Me—by Robert Morlan

Donna Jack
July 1, 2017, edited July 3, 2017

The Atheism That Saved Me  by Robert Morlan

Last Tuesday I bought The Atheism That Saved Me, by Robert (Bob) Morlan, and finished reading it by the next morning.  It is a very valuable book, which shares insight into why some people choose to believe God does not exist.  When Bob met his future wife Jann, Bob was an atheist and Jann was an agnostic.  They continued in those beliefs for many years.

In his book, Bob reveals how God rescued him and his wife — even though they were two people who had no interest in Him whatsoever.

You can email Bob and order his book at:

(He has self-published his book, so ordering directly from him will help him the most to pay for publishing.)

The cost of each copy of his book ordered directly from him, is $15 plus $4 shipping and handling.

book pic and pic of Bob Morlan_cropped

Bob Morlan – author of The Atheism That Saved Me.
[The following four paragraphs are from the back cover of the book published two years ago, in 2015 — paragraphs after that bring you up to date with Bob and Jann’s life.]:

Continue reading