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0247_This website had its 2nd birthday last month_ Type #1 and Type #2 ed._ Tour of this site_from Donna Jack

Donna Jack
Sept. 04, 2017

Two years, one month, and one week ago, on July 28, 2015, I posted my first blog on this website.

A listing of all the posts can be found in the Table of Contents — each entry in the Table of Contents has a link to the corresponding blog post.

The Home Page shows what is wrong with education —
the most critical thing to understand
in order to reverse the decline in education today – and to save our nation.

How do we fix the rapid decline in the education of too many people who do not graduate, and too many who do graduate from High Schools, Colleges and Universities?

It is not the condition of the buildings and other facilities — it is not the talent and good intentions and dedication of highly trained and competent teachers, administrators, counselors, teacher librarians, and all the support staff — it is not the freedom to choose the school a child attends (especially if all schools have Type #2 education) — it is not the amount of interest of the parents, or of the students — it is not computerizing all education and gathering more and more data on children, families, teachers, etc. — it is not simply emphasis on certain subjects like sports, music, art, science, technology, mathematics, language arts, reading, writing — it is not focus on becoming a global citizen — it is not in forcing all students to accept everything that students do and believe (unless they are politically incorrect).  Standardizing all attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors is not the answer, either — and training children to want to change their sexual identity will not improve education standards.

The thing that really matters is THE TYPE OF EDUCATION BEING TAUGHT IN THE CURRICULUM — THE CONTENT.  Type #2 education is taking over our country — to the detriment of everyone.  We need a shift back to Type #1.

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0121_One year ago this blog began – Instructions on how to search and use this website_links to many Blogs where you can watch and listen to people tell what is going on in the public schools — by Donna Jack

Donna Jack
July 28, 2016

Use this website for research, and resources.

This blog site has been in existence one year.  I never imagined the work it would take:  to begin learning how to use it, to design a workable format, to start posting, or to  gather good information and keep writing regularly.  Continuing to post regularly can encourage some people to return for more information.  New blog posts appear at least  every week or so (or more frequently).  I aim for weekly.

The Table of Contents helps you easily navigate all the blog posts

In the Table of Contents, you can see the title of each blog, when it was posted, and click the title to get to the blog post.

One of the frustrations I had almost immediately was this:  I would do a tremendous amount of research and work, post a blog, and then it was like all that work disappeared when I posted more blogs.  It was impossible (even for me) to navigate the website.  The  Table of Contents  easily presents, at least on a surface level, what is on the site, and where to find it.

I want to make it even more useful, but may not have the time to carry out that plan.

Why am I doing this website anyway?  — to seek and share truth.

Too many people today have been conditioned to believe that truth is whatever you think it is — or what you are told it is.  I know that truth does exist, and that truth is not relative.  If you look around at the collapse of our society, the main reason for the collapse is the conditioning people have gone through to believe lies.  People believe:   “Truth is relative” — “truth is whatever you want it to be” — “what I believe and what you believe are equally valid” — “if you don’t believe in relative truth, you are wrong and need to be shut up.”

My main purpose is to keep seeking real truth, share what I find, share resources I have found, and hopefully encourage others to wake up, seek truth on their own and escape lies they have been told.  Then they can help themselves and help others.  Truth is freedom — lies are slavery.

More reasons for this site:

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0108_June 17, 2016_Louisiana to Require Teaching Cursive All the Way Through 12th Grade

Donna Jack
June 22, 2016

You may be aware that public schools DO NOT teach any cursive (unless some teachers are able to sneak it in).  They teach Type #2 education.  Sadly, it is getting increasingly impossible to sneak in good content (Type #1 education), because of the monitoring, and reporting-on teachers.  This monitoring and informing on each other is becoming more and more universal in the public schools.  Public schools almost universally teach teach Common Core Type #2 education.

Teaching cursive had already almost been eliminated in the public schools.  But then Common Core was implemented across the country, and Common Core teaches NO cursive.  Common Core, innocently sold simply as national standards, is federal standards that have directed national curriculum, testing and assessing.  It directs how teachers are taught in universities and in their conferences and retreats.  Schools want to pass the tests based on Common Core content.

Within the below-linked article you will find that Louisiana, which made it state law to teach cursive in grades 3 – 12, also replaced Common Core.  Sounds good but – unfortunately you will read that their new standards are pretty much the same as Common Core (with the exception that their state has mandated teaching cursive).

Note:  Louisiana had to replace another set of standards, to get out from under Common Core.  Why would a state want to get out from under Common Core if it is just a set of suggestions and recommendations?

Elimination of cursive in schools is just one, of the many things, that plays into the hands of those who want to make all the people in the United States illiterate so they can control them.  See:  0014_Making Americans Illiterate: A Key Factor in the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America 

Below, the different approaches for teaching are compared – only in the area of English, Language Arts and Reading.

You can see a more extensive comparison of other areas of teaching here: 0005_Comparison of Type #1 and Type #2 Education | Gramma Griizzly’s Corner

English, Language Arts, Reading (ELAR) Phonics; classical literature; cursive handwriting; grammar; usage; correct spelling; expository, persuasive, research writing Whole language, balanced literacy, Guided Reading; no cursive writing instruction so cannot read primary documents of Founding Fathers

Note:  in the article below, it states that public schools in Louisiana (including charter schools, which are public schools) will teach cursive from 3rd – 12th grade.


Louisiana to Require Teaching Cursive
All the Way Through 12th Grade

“Starting in 2017, students in Louisiana schools will learn cursive writing in 3rd grade—and they’ll keep getting instruction on it through graduation.

“A bill signed by Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards this week applies to both traditional public schools and charter schools.”

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0028_Thanks, Jeffco school board majority, for my new school – Golden View Classical Academy


You can link to the video “My New Jeffco School” put out October 15, 2015, about the new charter school in Jefferson County (Colorado) school district.  It is Golden View Classical Academy.

One of the students, Jordan Smith, thanks the reform board majority on the Jeffco Board of Education for her new school, and its greater rigor.

See Jordan at Kids Are First