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0323_March 28, 2018_Facebook is deeply enmeshed in education data mining and it’s probably affecting your children_ McGroarty_ J Robbins

Donna Jack
April 10, 2018

Facebook is not the friend of its users.  Emmett McGroarty and Jane Robbins have another well-researched, documented, eye-opening article.

Quotes from article below:

many schools and districts routinely use Facebook to communicate with students and parents, but the social-media site may be embedded as a key component of personalized learning (actually depersonalized learning, as it marginalizes teachers in favor of training students by machine).

“Perhaps parents will now stop trusting and start demanding answers about the online platforms – not just Facebook — their children are forced to use at school. What data is being collected, who has access to it, and what are they doing with it?

“If the answers aren’t satisfactory, parents should demand that their children be taught without the technology that creates such massive threats to privacy. Perhaps a teacher and a book?


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3.28.18 – Daily Caller

 “Facebook Is Deeply Enmeshed In Education Data Mining
And It’s Probably Affecting YOUR Children”

Director, Senior Fellow, American Principles Project

Revelations about the machinations of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica have illuminated the gaping holes in so-called “data security” at Facebook. The personal information of approximately 50 million people was given to (apparently not stolen by) Cambridge, a political profiling firm that used the data to create highly detailed voter profiles for the 2016 Trump campaign. The fact that the Obama campaign did essentially the same thing in 2012 hasn’t muted the outrage. Continue reading

0299_Jane Robbins testified before the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce_ YouTube of the session_ transcript of her opening statement_ Jan. 30, 2018

Donna Jack
February 1, 2018

Jane Robbins testified before the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce.  She shared her concern about the out-of-control sharing of the personal information of individual students.

You can watch her give her opening statement at:  [39:04 / 2:21:55] in the video: 

And you can read the transcript of her opening testimony later in this blog piece.   

Hearing on Protecting Privacy, Promoting Policy: 

Some of the locations on the video, where Jane Robbins speaks:

 Answer57:07 / 2:21:55;
Question: 1:06:39 / 2:21:55 – Answer by Jane:  1:07:42 / 2:21:55 (use aggregate data, and consent for personal data —  stop funding things that don’t work);
Question to Jane: 1:17:29 / 2:21:55; Answer: put parents back in charge of their children’s education — government not choose their education track;
Question to Jane: 1:19:45 / 2:21:55; Answer:1:21:11 / 2:21:55 education research over past years has been designed to reach a predetermined conclusion — needs to be unbiased — need more open broad-based research (even some that is out of favor)
Question: 1:28:07 / 2:21:55


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1.30.18 – Truth in American Education

 [Please go to the following website to see the videos, transcripts, and embedded links in this TAE article. – Donna Garner] Continue reading

0244_Mental Health Assessments or Standardized Testing? Lines Are Blurring — by Emmett Mc Groarty & Jane Robbins_5.25.17_SEL, ESSA

Donna Jack
August 18, 2017

conversion of public schools from places of learning into therapeutic institutions for diagnosing and treating perceived social-emotional problems.

DESSA is there to rate students on their behaviors but then to offer intervention to improve their scores. Social awareness is one of the key competencies to ensure the students are aware and accepting of race and diversity.”

“too many public schools no longer focus on imparting academic knowledge. Rather, egged on by the federal government and private players, they consider children to be patients in need of treatment to dislodge personality characteristics that don’t match the government’s preferred profile.”

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5.25.17 – The National Pulse

“Mental Health Assessments or Standardized Testing? Lines Are Blurring.” – by Emmett McGroarty

This piece was co-authored by Jane Robbins, an attorney and senior fellow at the American Principles Project.

In The Wall Street Journal recently, New Hampshire physician Dr. Aida Cerundolo blew the whistle on faux mental-health assessment of public-school students in the Granite State. Some K-8 students are being subjected to blanket screening by untrained, unlicensed personnel, with serious questions about use or protection of the resulting records. And parents not only haven’t consented to this process, they haven’t even been told it’s happening. Continue reading

0225_Parents, Here’s a Resource to Help You Protect Your Student’s Privacy_by Jane Robbins May 17, 2017

Donna Jack
July 4, 2017

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5.17.17 – Truth in American Education

 Parents, Here’s a Resource to Help You Protect Your Student’s Privacy

Even parents who understand some of the threats to their school-age children’s privacy may not know how serious the situation really is, especially in the increasingly technology-driven classroom. All parents should download the Parent Toolkit just released by the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy to educate themselves about the problems and learn how to protect their children.

The Toolkit is a well-sourced guide to statutes that affect student privacy and to parental rights under those statutes. It includes guidance on how to protect privacy, both at home and at school; how to evaluate a school vendor’s privacy policy; how to talk to schools, teachers, and districts; and how to advocate for better protections. Parents will especially appreciate the clear FAQs and model forms for opting out of certain types of data-collection and -disclosure.

Policymakers won’t pay serious attention to student-privacy issues until parents begin to demand it. Armed with the Coalition’s information, parents can better protect their own children and advocate for greater protections for all children.


 Donna Garner