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0321_Dr. Duke Pesta and Dr. Sandra Stotsky Dissect Why Common Core has Failed Every Child — Video/ YouTube_ Jan. 4, 2018_rough notes

Donna Jack
April 7, 2018

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1.4.18 – YouTube

 “Dr. Duke Pesta and Dr. Sandra Stotsky Dissect Why Common Core Has Failed Every Child” 

Published on Jan 4, 2018

 FreedomProject’s Academic Director, Dr. Duke Pesta, interviews Dr. Sandra Stotsky on the demonstrable failures of Common Core. According to a new study from the Pioneer Institute, the move to Common Core has decimated academic achievement in Massachusetts. Prior to adopting the Core, Massachusetts schools and educational standards were the finest in the nation, in large part because of the work of Dr. Stotsky. Now, Common Core has relegated Massachusetts to the same underachieving, politicized, centralized mediocrity plaguing the rest of the country’s public schools. Learn more @

Some really rough notes (with errors) of the video
taken by Donna Ja

[Common Core] It is everywhere in our schools, and has evolved beyond English and Math – to become a national way to look at every subject.

It is in the textbooks, and other materials, and in our college readiness tests.  Anything aligned to Common Core is basically Common Core. Continue reading

0213_Online learning is being increased to boost graduation rates–in order to receive school ranking and funding– By Zoe Kirsch_ Dallas Morning News – 6.6.17

Donna Jack
June 12, 2017

Online learning is increasingly being used to boost graduation rates.  Online learning replaces teacher classroom instruction time.

There is no measure of the quality of online learning — no quality contro!  Graduation rates are tied to the performance grade of schools.  Graduation rate increases are necessary for a school to receive funding – increases that must occur in order in order for principals to keep their jobs –and ultimately for schools to continue existing.

Do increased rates of student graduation from high school, automatically reflect what students have accomplished academically?  Or are graduation rate increases just empty goals to reach, in order for schools to get funding – and for principals to keep their jobs?  What does graduation from high school actually measure?  Does graduation necessarily measure anything – or does “graduation”insure any academic meaning at all?


From: Donna Garner <> Sent: Wednesday, June 7, 2017 9:19 AM To: Donna Garner Subject: HOW SCHOOLS GOT HOOKED ON ONLINE LEARNING TO BOOST GRADUATION RATES – BY ZOE KIRSCH – DALLAS MORNING NEWS – 6.6.17

6.6.17 – Dallas Morning News

“How Schools Got Hooked on Online Learning To Boost Graduation Rates”
By Zoe Kirsch, Contributor Continue reading