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0121_One year ago this blog began – Instructions on how to search and use this website_links to many Blogs where you can watch and listen to people tell what is going on in the public schools — by Donna Jack

Donna Jack
July 28, 2016

Use this website for research, and resources.

This blog site has been in existence one year.  I never imagined the work it would take:  to begin learning how to use it, to design a workable format, to start posting, or to  gather good information and keep writing regularly.  Continuing to post regularly can encourage some people to return for more information.  New blog posts appear at least  every week or so (or more frequently).  I aim for weekly.

The Table of Contents helps you easily navigate all the blog posts

In the Table of Contents, you can see the title of each blog, when it was posted, and click the title to get to the blog post.

One of the frustrations I had almost immediately was this:  I would do a tremendous amount of research and work, post a blog, and then it was like all that work disappeared when I posted more blogs.  It was impossible (even for me) to navigate the website.  The  Table of Contents  easily presents, at least on a surface level, what is on the site, and where to find it.

I want to make it even more useful, but may not have the time to carry out that plan.

Why am I doing this website anyway?  — to seek and share truth.

Too many people today have been conditioned to believe that truth is whatever you think it is — or what you are told it is.  I know that truth does exist, and that truth is not relative.  If you look around at the collapse of our society, the main reason for the collapse is the conditioning people have gone through to believe lies.  People believe:   “Truth is relative” — “truth is whatever you want it to be” — “what I believe and what you believe are equally valid” — “if you don’t believe in relative truth, you are wrong and need to be shut up.”

My main purpose is to keep seeking real truth, share what I find, share resources I have found, and hopefully encourage others to wake up, seek truth on their own and escape lies they have been told.  Then they can help themselves and help others.  Truth is freedom — lies are slavery.

More reasons for this site:

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0093_Memorial to Treon Goossen — from Donna Jack_The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost (YouTube)

May 14, 2016
Donna Jack

Four days ago, on Tuesday, May 10th, I woke up with phrases in my mind from the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.  Quickly I hurried to my computer to begin writing.  You can read Frost’s poem printed at the end of this blog, or listen to a reading of The Road Not Taken here.  


Treon Goossen is one of the finest women I have had the privilege of knowing.  She left this world May 9th.

The Road Not Taken was one of Treon’s favorite poems.  It was printed in the program that was given out at a beautiful service held yesterday in her memory.

Treon  lived a life of love, “tirelessly advocating for freedom and rights of families in Colorado” (a quote from her memorial service program).

She was always an inspiration and joy to her husband and seven children, and to all of her family.  Yesterday, even in the midst of their great sorrow, it was easy to see the admiration and love all her family members have for Treon; and to see the comfort they have, knowing she is in heaven with Jesus, her Savior.

Not only has Treon inspired her family, but she has inspired so many other people who were in her life — as well as those who simply knew about her.  Near the end of the service yesterday, some of her family members walked up front to speak about Treon first.  Then others who knew her or knew about her, went up front to share about Treon and how she has touched their lives.

People in Colorado and across the country have benefited, and will continue to benefit, from Treon’s life.

Her family will continue to carry on her legacy with gratitude, love and joy.