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0200_JeffCo Truth website_14 video links and articles_showing corruption connected with November 2015 Jefferson County school board recall

Donna Jack
April 28, 2017

See Blog 0031 — 0031_Bullying 101 YouTube of PTA president_audio and transcript of union supporters’ lack of respect at a Jeffco BOE meeting_One interview about union bullying in hallway outside the same meeting | Gramma Griizzly’s Corner  


A friend just sent me a link to a site with YouTube videos of corruption connected with the 2014 Jefferson County school board election.  There are also several articles on that site as well.  Below you can link to them all.


JeffCo Truth website ( )

Go to for several informative video clips about corruption in Jefferson County School District.

                                                                    List of videos:

— HOW DO COP’S AFFECT YOU? – What do COPs have to do with debt? —


video not available but this link to an article about funding of the recall is:

— WHO IS REALLY IN CHARGE? – Who is controlling Jeffco Education?

— PROTECT STUDENT DATA PRIVACY – A vote for the recall is a vote for In-Bloom

Bullying 101 A Lesson in Civics This New PTA Pres & Recall Supporter want to
control DAC appointments? —

Who Wants Control of Jeffco Education? – Trick or treat:  Don’t be fooled!  Say No to the
Status Quo.  Vote NO ON THE RECALL –  

— Because they can get away with it – Amy Weber, Executive Director, Jeffco Human
Services –

The truth about Jeffco teacher turnover –

Does Jill Fellman support charter students? –

Jeffco School Board Vote on the Wheat Ridge plan –

Who is breaking promises?

Did Ms. Dahlkemper really just ask that?

— Union Organized recall last summer –

What students are saying

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0053_How the National Teachers Union Usurped a Local Election – And how you paid for it. by John Newkirk – Jan. 28, 2016

Special Report_The American Spectator (entire article below)

[John Newkirk’s same article on his server, updated including omitted Jeffco at a Glance Chart and more pictures]

[Document with all 65 links in John Newkirk’s – Unions usurped election_you paid — listed, described and live-linked]

How the National Teachers Union Usurped a Local Election – And how you paid for it.

By John J. Newkirk – 1.28.16

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[editor’s 1-30-16 note:  See Jeffco-at-a-Glance Chart, that was left out of The American Spectator publication.  The chart includes student enrollment; number of employees; 2015 budget; average teacher compensation; teacher effectiveness rating; and student College/Career Readiness in math, science and reading.]

In November of 2013, the people of Jefferson County, Colorado elected me to represent their interests on the Board of Education. My goal was ambitious, but straightforward: help turn our 83,000 student school district, where I attended elementary through high school, into the nation’s leader in public education. But with one out of two Jeffco graduates rated “not ready” for college or career in basic math, science, and reading skills, I knew this goal would require equally ambitious reforms from our five-member board, including accountability in teacher performance, fairness in student funding, broader choices for parents, and transparency in policy governance.

As it so happened, two other reform-minded candidates also won their elections, thereby creating — for the first time in recent memory — a Jeffco board majority that was not supported by the teachers union. The union’s reaction was swift, and as they freely admit, efforts to unseat the newly elected board majority began “the moment the polls closed in 2013.” Jefferson County thus became the focus of the largest labor union in the United States: the National Education Association and its local affiliates. Continue reading

0033_Jeffco Board of Education majority member John Newkirk’s new website – impressive accomplishments

[Vote against the recall and keep Jeffco Board of Education members:  John Newkirk, Ken Witt and Julie Williams.]

Colorado Jefferson County Board of Education (Jeffco BOE) member John Newkirk has launched his new website

On John’s List of Accomplishments page he begins by saying:

“Ms. Williams, Mr. Witt, and I were elected with promises of Accountability, Choice, Transparency, and Security.  In the past two years: . . .”

John presents an impressive list of accomplishments for this school board, and links to detailed information.  You can see that the board majority put action behind their promises. Continue reading

0032_Two Jeffco School District moms tell why they support the new reform majority school board members. — YouTubes

[first published Sep. 24, 2015 – published again Oct 18, 2015]

A video of Linda Pelon, a graduate of a Jeffco school, and mother thanking the new Jefferson County Colorado school board that was elected in November 2013.

She says that “Jeffco public schools may have failed me, but they’re not going to fail my kids.”  One size fits all didn’t serve me, and it wasn’t serving my kids.

She appreciates the options the new board members are giving her family – and that they listen and make good changes.

She didn’t tolerate temper tantrums with her children, and sure doesn’t like the disrespect and bullying that she has observed from people who oppose the board majority members.

Linda said we voted for the new board members because of the decline in education in the school district. Continue reading

0031_Bullying 101 YouTube of PTA president_audio and transcript of union supporters’ lack of respect at a Jeffco BOE meeting_One interview about union bullying in hallway outside the same meeting

[published Oct. 16, 2015 – updated Oct. 18, 2015/April 28, 2017, added links to 14 more videos about corruption in Jefferson County School District – Colorado]

This is the first of at least two posts about the May 1, 2014 Jefferson County Colorado General Board of Education meeting at Bear Creek High School.  It shows the lack of respect on the side of the unions.  The two democrats on the school board never once tried to get the crowd to calm down and be considerate.

See at the end of the blog links to other informative YouTube videos.

Below is a video titled “Bullying 101 – A Lesson in Civics” by Pundit Pete.

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0027_The Denver Post Editorial Board: Jeffco schools recall effort should be rejected_ October 13, 2015

Link the editorial piece:


Jeffco schools recall effort should be rejected

By The Denver Post Editorial Board

Posted:   10/13/2015 05:00:00 PM MDT
[Notes below are by Donna Jack:
The Denver Post Editorial Board said the recall effort should be rejected because of all the false statements in the ballot language for the recall of the Jefferson County (Jeffco) School Board Majority candidates.  The only thing that the Post Editorial Board said was true on the ballot, was the accusation of attempted US History censorship.  But they were mistaken.
They got it almost right.  Actually every claim on the recall ballot about censorship was false.
Jeffco School Board member Julie Williams had simply recommended an independent citizen curriculum review committee should look at curriculum and report directly to the school board their findings.
She was not alone in her concerns about the leftist 2014 AP US History Framework that painted the United States in a horrible light.  People across the country, including Historians, opposed the 2014 AP US History Framework.
The College Board finally admitted their gross left bias and censorship.  They published a new 2015 AP US History Framework and claimed that they had corrected their interpretation of our history.  The truth is, they didn’t.
Julie Williams was right.  The Denver Post Editorial Board just is unaware of these facts.]

0025_Accomplishments by the Current Colorado Jeffco BOE – refuting recall lies_Letter from Julie Williams

[First published October 6, 2015 – latest edition Oct 18.]

Julie Williams, one of the three majority members of the Colorado Jefferson County Board of Education (Jeffco BOE) sent out a September 9, 2015 First Newslettter to the public. 

She gave examples of what really has been happening on the Jeffco BOE, in contrast to every single accusation on the recall ballot (every accusation is false – a lie). 

We should stop this “Chicago-type corruption” from ever happening again.  It is really dangerous to allow recalls in the middle of terms based on such obvious pure fabrication.  It destroys all credibility and trust in the system that allows such slander (including accusations of criminal behavior) to be printed on ballots.  Somebody is liable for this intentional dishonest defamation of character.  It misleads the voters when such lies are stated as facts on their ballots.

Below is the 2-page, printer friendly version of the Julie-approved  rewrite of her Sept 24, 2015 Newsletter Newsletter.  It is divided into talking point sections with explanations.   It is perfect for a handout.     — Donna Jack

 ______Julie’s 2015-09-24 letter to the public:__________

The Current Colorado Jefferson County Board of Education (Jeffco BOE) Majority
Has strongly emphasized academic achievement and fiscal responsibility.

They have been moving forward achieving great things, even with harassment from the unions and their supporters; disruption at school board meetings; school walk-outs/strikes; and the recall which steals time/money away from school board business.

For 4 years under previous boards, there were no raises for teachers. Teachers even took a pay cut.



0023_Julie, John and Ken – Targets of Jeffco Public Schools recall effort speak out – Canyon Courier YouTube

Published on Sep 10, 2015

Jeffco school board members John Newkirk, Ken Witt and Julie Williams, who are the target of a recall, were interviewed on camera recently at Evergreen Newspapers about the major decisions they’ve made since being elected to the board in 2013, and about their thoughts on the recall.


0022_How Politics Has Corrupted Higher Education: College/University Humanities Programs (1990) Roger Kimball

This is a 55-minute video interview with Roger Kimball, an art critic and political commentator.  In the interview Kimball shares some of his background; talks about his book Tenured Radicals; speaks about the condition of our higher education which affects all of society; defines terms connected with “the academy” (higher education; and defines terms like: deconstruction, humanist and nihilism.

He says we should care about philosophies of Rome and Greece to understand where we come from.

He considers himself to be a neoconservative as defined by Irving Crystal as “a liberal who has been bugged by reality.”

An excerpt from the YouTube summary: 

“The book critiques the ways in which humanities are currently taught and studied in American universities. The book takes the stance that modern humanities have become politicized while seeking to subvert ‘the tradition of high culture embodied in the classics of Western art and thought’. Kimball claims that yesterday’s radical thinker has become today’s tenured professor carrying out ‘ideologically motivated assaults on the intellectual and moral substance of our culture.'”

February 22, 2014

Comments that appear on YouTube about this video: Continue reading