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0242_July 25, 2017_You Think Russia Tries to Influence American Politics? Think Mexico First_Tom Tancredo

Donna Jack
August 17, 2017

Breitbart published Congressman Tom Tancredo’s July 2017 article about the serious problem of illegal immigration from Mexico…and the cooperation of our country.

Allowing, and even incentivizing, illegal immigration is just one more way that the sovereignty of our nation is being eroded.

August 15, 2017, Congressman Tom Tancredo spoke at a meeting in my neighborhood.  As always he was entertaining, as he shared the inside scoop of how things are done in D.C. and where we’re headed.  As one of the top experts in the country on illegal immigration and our borders — he shared about illegal immigration, from his perspective.

Preview from his Breitbart article below:

“the movement of millions of young, unemployed Mexicans across the southern border reduced the pressure they would otherwise be placing on the Mexican economy. Secondly, these folks would send home remittances and those dollars accounted for the second largest source of foreign income for the country. In 2016 Mexico received a record $26.8 billion in cash remittances.”

Tancredo: You Think Russia Tries to Influence American Politics?
Think Mexico First

by Tom Tancredo25 Jul 2017
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0171_Sweden, Denmark, and the rest of Europe may have very few years left because of open borders_ Mar. 3, 2016 YouTube with Paul Weston warning us

Donna Jack
February 19, 2017

Students in our public schools and universities generally never hear of the consequences for having no borders.

This is important information for school students to be aware of — and for all people in our country to be aware of.  There is a war taking place against Europe and our country, using immigration and other means.

The following text is from an email my friend sent me last spring.  Attached to it was a link to a presentation verbalizing the threat to Europe and the United States of open borders (the YouTube is linked below).  It is desperately important we stop pretending things are OK — and seriously protect our borders!

AND WE MUST STOP GIVING WALFARE TO PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT CITIZENS — WHO HAVE ENTERED OUR COUNTRY ILLEGALLY!  They are draining the Social Security system that legal citizens worked for.

Email text below:

“Thu 5/26/2016, 2:18 PM

 “A Swedish young man who is going to school here, has been attending the Evergreen Tea Party meetings and he asked if he could speak at the Tea Party.  He’d just been home for the Christmas break–he spoke to us in about February.  He had all sorts of charts and graphs (they were all in Swedish!) to show us.  He said the same thing as this video–only he said Sweden has only 3 years left.

“I guess at the rate the immigrants are coming in and their welfare system gives them something like $40,000 a year per person–that Sweden will be bankrupt in 3 years.  He asked people if they didn’t see that that was killing the country and they said no–that they must do it.

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