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0295_45th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade (Jan. 22, 1973 – 2018) — “THE ROAD TAKEN: ROE V. WADE” — BY DONNA GARNER — 1.20.13 – comparison chart of Sarah Weddington (who argued Roe v. Wade before the U.S. Supreme Court) and Donna Garner

Donna Jack
January 22, 2018

[Sometimes I had tears putting together this blog piece.]

In response to my mother’s concern that she and Dad
could not afford to raise a child —
and the possible choice of abortion to solve that problem —
my grandmother told her:
“The Lord will provide, Ruby.”
And mother decided to trust God, and keep me (over 70 years ago).

pdf of The Killing Fields of America – by Donna Garner –
December 12, 2006 (Republished on 1.20.13)
February 19, 2017 – Obituary of Norma McCorvey – ‘Roe’ in Roe v. Wade


[I wrote and published this article back on 1.20.13, but its contents are still valid today since the 45th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade is tomorrow on 1.22.18.  – Donna Garner]

 “The Road Taken: Roe v. Wade”
by Donna Garner – 1.20.13

 This coming Tuesday, January 22, 2013, is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  Today to commemorate the occasion, The Dallas Morning News has an article on the front page about Sarah Weddington, the attorney who “won” the Supreme Court case —–or-notoriety–came-early.ece

 I went to college with Sarah Ragle Weddington, and I remember her very well. It is strange how two people going to the same college could have ended up on two completely different paths:    Continue reading