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0305_Letter to Bill (Armstrong): It’s War _ by John Andrews February 2018 _Left declares war on Christian higher Ed _ Bill Armstrong bio, funeral, memorial, etc.

Donna Jack
February 27, 2018

2018-02-06_John Andrews sent out in an email:  Left declares War on Christian Higher Ed_Letter to Bill (by John Andrews).

Read about Bill Armstrong (Bill Armstrong memorial, obituary, his presidency at CCU, and  his memorial service):

From: John Andrews [] On Behalf Of John Andrews
Sent: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 5:15 AM
To:        Subject: Left declares war on Christian higher ed

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2018-02-06_Left declares War on Christian Higher Ed_picture Andrews_Hunt_Armstrong_croppedSenator Armstrong on far right; Jeff Hunt center; and me — a lot to live up to

Letter to Bill: It’s War

 By John Andrews
Editor, Backbone America. net
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The late president of Colorado Christian University, Bill Armstrong, was my friend and political comrade for 40 years. We lost him on Independence Day two summers ago, ending an illustrious career as a senator, businessman, evangelist, educator, and Christian statesman.

Armstrong’s last big play was helping CCU’s public policy guy, Jeff Hunt, land candidate Donald Trump to keynote the 2016 Western Conservative Summit — the annual rally on the right that I launched after Bill dreamed it up.

Ever the dreamer, he was, and what a force. I sure miss the guy.  Sometimes, to clear my head when things get intense, I imagine writing him a letter. Here’s the latest one.

Dear Bill: Heaven being the idyllic place it is, you’re likely spared cable news, social media, and all the earth noise we put up with down here. But I bet you still keep current on the war of America’s angry utopian left against our free institutions and the God who gave them to us. Continue reading