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0152_Doctor-assisted suicide (Prop. 106)_Life is precious–don’t popularize ending life_I’m voting no_from Donna Jack

Donna Jack
October 20, 2016

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An article “Vote No On More Suicide”
The Denver Post Editorial Board:  No on Proposition 106_aid in dying_lacks safeguards
John Andrews comments on Proposition 106 and the other state-wide issues on the ballot
John Andrews’ comments – No on Proposition 106: Legalize Doctor-Assisted Suicide

Ghoulish though compassionate-sounding measure would endanger elderly and disabled persons, the most vulnerable among us, while subverting the medical profession from its high calling of saving lives, not ending them.
Denver Post Editorial Board – against Proposition 106

By The Denver Post Editorial Board

After a lot of soul-searching, we are asking voters to reject Proposition 106, a measure that would give patients the legal right to end their life, because we fear the cultural, legal and medical shift that it would create in Colorado.

Those facing their final months are in a vulnerable place, a time when an individual is susceptible to pressures both subtle and overt, susceptible to self-imposed guilt over burdening family and worries about spending hard-earned savings on care. Such patients also are susceptible to depression and its dark influences on decision-making.

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