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0251_Left’s False Narrative: Trump Administration ‘Pro-Rape’ for Scrapping Obama Campus Sex Policies_by Dr. Susan Berry

Donna Jack
September 28, 2017

9.27.17 – Breitbart
“Left’s False Narrative: Trump Administration ‘Pro-Rape’ for Scrapping Obama Campus Sex Policies”
By Dr. Susan Berry
The left’s latest false narrative is that the Trump administration is “pro-rape” because the education department is scrapping former President Barack Obama’s campus sexual misconduct policies.
Democrat politicians, Hollywood elites, and feminist and LGBT advocacy groups are blasting U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s announcement last week that her department is rescinding the Obama administration’s “guidance” on sexual misconduct that turned over serious sex assault allegations to untrained “kangaroo” courts on college campuses… Continue reading

0233_Recent headlines on the Immigration Issue sent out by a friend–Trump’s administration is getting things going

Donna Jack
July 17, 2017

Today a friend sent out links to these article, telling of what President Trump is doing about illegal immigration.

Recent headlines in the immigration issue:

 Illegal immigrants face charges for first offenses – The Wall Street Journal — July 14, 2017
…Until recently, first-time offenders were deported instead of being criminally prosecuted. That changed as of June… The illegal immigrants are charged with misdemeanors and tried in federal court under Operation Streamline, a 12-year-old initiative in which the migrants are charged, enter pleas and are sentenced within a few minutes in large groups… A decline in the number of people crossing the border has freed up resources for the Border Patrol to go after first-time offenders, the agency said…
New photos show President Trump is making good on his number one campaign promise – building a ‘big, beautiful’ border wall between the United States and Mexico. Left leaning Texas Observer published photos of contractors preparing the construction of the wall. You’ll read the site was more concerned about the wildlife of Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge in South Texas than the President keeping his word on curbing illegal immigration…