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0170_Jan. 11, 2017 Trump news conference YouTube and transcript _ Trump turned down billions of foreign dollars _ giving up all new real estate deals til after his presidency _ His overseas profits to go toward National Debt _ many more HUGE sacrifices

Donna Jack
January 17, 2017

YouTube of President-elect Donald Trump’s news conference Jan.  11, 2017
addressing the fake news that claimed it came from an intelligence agency,
and explaining how he is putting a firewall between himself
and all his investments/businesses —
he reveals the huge financial sacrifices of his family members.

January 11, 2017 President-elect Donald Trump gave a news conference in Manhattan.  You can watch and listen to the entire news conference here:

Transcript of President-Elect Donald Trump’s January 11, 2017 Press Conference
[transcript by The New York Times]

The New York Times posted a transcript of the entire news conference.  It is attached.

You can find the transcript at The New York Times website:

After President-elect Trump made some remarks, and answered some questions from the press, he then turned over the press conference to Ms. Sheri Dillon, “a prominent attorney in Washington, D.C., with the prestigious firm of Morgan Lewis.”  The firm of Morgan Lewis “structured the agreements pursuant to the president’s business arrangements.”  Ms. Dillon gave remarks.    She reported multiple things that Trump and his family and the Trump organization have been doing to demonstrate his efforts to remain above reproach.

The work that has been accomplished so quickly is very impressive.  And the financial and personal sacrifice of all the members of his family are beyond anything that can be expected. Continue reading