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0358_President Donald Trump’s 2018 Columbus Day Proclamation_ Trump’s twitter feed link_White House links to News from the White House, Articles, Presidential Actions, and Briefings & Statements 10-10-18
0357_Prager Video: The elimination of Columbus Day Celebration is not “about paying homage to America’s original inhabitants.”  Guest Steven Crowder_Oct. 8, 2018 10/08/18
0356_Knowles_ Democratic Socialists Pushing to Infiltrate Schools Because ‘They Can’t Win in the Battle of Ideas’_ Fox News Article excerpts and link_  Aug. 25, 2018 8/26/18
0355_Karen Kataline — Aug. 20, 2018 — Masterpiece Cakeshop II:  If you can’t say no, your yes means nothing.  Jack Phillips’ Masterpiece Cakeshop 8/24/18
0354_ Use Game Videos & Ditch Traditional instruction – not the best decision.  Article from Dr. Carole Haynes_ August 13, 2018 8/13/18
0353_ Edviews.org_ Are Dual-Credit Courses Helping Poor, Minority Students in Texas? – Aug. 10, 2018 8/10/18
0352_Aug. 10, 2018_Truth in American Education (TAE)_School Leaders Weigh in on Civics Education — by Stan Vander Hart 8/10/18
0351_Civic Engagement is Not Civics Education – by Shane Vander Hart_Truth in American Education (Aug. 10, 2018) 8/10/18
0350_How Common Core Testing Damaged High School English Classes – by Peter Greene_July 20, 2018 8/10/18
0349_Alternative Math – Short Film – What Teachers Might Experience in the Age of “All Participants Receive a Trophy.” YouTube 7/27/18
0348_Why the 3/5th Compromise Was Anti-Slavery_PragerU Video – Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager Ep.44 7/27/18
0347_Will Congress Heed Evidence That Government Preschool is Worthless? – by Karen Effrem, Jane Robbins – The Amerrican Spectator 7-24-18 7/27/18
0346_No [Union] Dues Without Political Representation by Larry Sand_July 10, 2018_US Supreme Court has made the US a Right-To-Work country. 7/18/18
345b_March 25, 2018_Feds/Big Tech Join to Push Addiction in Schools _ by Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. _World Net Daily 7/10/18
0345a_February 9, 2018_Truth About Tech:  Addiction by Design_ By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. _ World Net Daily 7/10/18
0344_The text of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776_Paul Harvey The Signers of the Declaration of Independence mp4_reading of the Declaration mp4_outline of the Declaration mp4 7/10/18
0343_Jack Phillips Story Video_A November  7, 2017 rally at CCU was held to support Jack Phillips – by showing up, contributing money for his case and his business, and praying for him_ (The U.. Supreme Court was expected to rule in December 2017 – didn’t rule until June 2018 6/21/18
0342_June 27, 2017 information and a letter from Jack Phillips (Masterpiece Cakeshop website)_Information from SCOTUSblog (Supreme Court of the United States blog)_learn about the case and about Jack, who is standing up for everyone’s freedom of religion and freedom of conscience 6/21/18
0341_Report on June 8, 2018 threatened Flash Mob at Jack Phillips’ Masterpiece Cakeshop (that never happened) – by Donna Jack 6/20/18
0340_Flash mob at Masterpiece Cakeshop Tomorrow (June 8)  Come early (2:30) to prepare, stay during flash mob, and remain to help clean up and encourage Jackcontribute money to help him recoup expenses during the legal battles 6/7/18
0339_US Supreme Court Ruling on Colorado Masterpiece Cakeshop case_Cake Baker Victory at Supreme Court Today (forwarded by Donna Garner) 6/7/18
0338_Honoring those that served bravely and sacrificed much – A Timeless Memorial Day Message from Billy Graham (1955) 5/30/18
0337_Contact our County Commissioners & ask them to vote against creation of ELID (Evergreen Local Improvement District) on May 22, 2018.  ELID’s FIRST sales tax would be a 22% increase.  Don’t make Evergreen another Denver. 5/7/18
0336_Another failed Education establishment bright idea:  Proficiency-based learning (PBL) is a cruel experiment that has failed_by Mike Bernier, Public School Teacher 4/29/18
0335_New Update Apr. 24, 2018_ Teacher Walkouts (in 27 CO school districts) Potentially Cost Taxpayers $13.3 Million_ plus cost for classified employees_ and cost to parents, etc. – by Ed is Watching 4/29/18
0334_It’s the First Day of School Shutdowns_ Blog Mandy Connell | KOA NewsRadio_ So what we have here is another example of the NEA pushing pure propaganda to ramp up the sympathy train so the teachers unions make more money. (Apr. 26, 2018) 4/26/18
0333_Cartoon predicts the future more than 60 years ago.  YouTube Cartoon video 4/26/18
0332_Like Common Core, Obama’s School Leniency Policy for Minorities Has Backfired_ National decline in student scores correlates with beginning of Common Core_ Dr. Susan Berry_ Breitbart_ April 25, 2018 4/25/18
0331_I was there at Columbine_ Let schools spend more time on morality and character development — not politicizing the tragedy_ Let’s protest a system that exploits our students – Examples of student politicization_ March 2018 article by John Newkirk _ documentation supporting claims at end of article 4/25/18
0330_April 19, 2018_More than 100 national and state leaders call on Congress to end children’s private data collection_by Dr. Susan Berry–Breitbart 4/22/18
0329_Coalition Calls on Congress to Rewrite FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) of 1974 – Truth in American Education _ April 17, 2018 4/22/18
0328_AP U.S. History Text_ Biased Indoctrination_ by Dr. Susan Berry_Breitbart_ April 14, 2018 4/22/18
0327_a basic cartoon-like presentation of the history of our U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights (a shield protecting us from the federal government)_YouTube 4/22/18
0326_ZUCKERBERG SAYS HE’S UNAWARE OF ANY LIBERAL GROUPS THAT FACEBOOK HAS EVER BLOCKED — FOX NEWS — 4.10.18 – but he has blocked countless conservative individuals and groups 4/11/18
0325_Who Watches the Watchmen _by Sandra Stotsky _National Report Card _National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) _No Child Left Behind (NCLB) _National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) _National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB) _National Validity Study (NVS) 4/11/18
0324_April 2, 2018_What I Saw at a College Administrators’ Meeting is Alarming_ politics-far-left, social-justice politics _ equity and inclusion — Dr. Patricia Daugherty is president of Eagle Forum of Georgia 4/10/18
0323_March 28, 2018_Facebook is deeply enmeshed in education data mining and it’s probably affecting your children_ McGroarty_ J Robbins 04/10/18
0322_“The Gates Effect: Common Core Has Powerful Ally Keeping Unpopular Program Alive”_Sept. 6, 2017_by Richard Phelps in Education 04/07/18
0321_Dr. Duke Pesta and Dr. Sandra Stotsky Dissect Why Common Core has Failed Every Child — Video/ YouTube_ Jan. 4, 2018_rough notes 04/07/18
0320_Massachusetts Becomes Dumber so the Rest of us Can be Smarter_By Robert Holland_Heartland Institute_Feb. 14, 2018 04/07/18
0319_Bill Gates’ Admission that he Spent $4 Billion on Common Core Over 7 yrs. that Harmed Tens of Millions of Students — By Dr. Susan Berry — Breitbart_October 21, 2017 04/05/18
0317_Robert LaVoy Finicum & Jeanette Finicum — Greetings from Jeanette & family — she and her family are suing for the wrongful death of her husband LaVoy — Eastern Oregon _ sign up to help them 3/28/18
0316_Part II – LaVoy – Dead Man Talking Trailer – Center for Self-Governance Movie to be released spring 2018 3/21/18
0315_Governed v Governing _ Center for Self Governance (CSG) movie/YouTube released 2018 _ The Bundy Standoff _ Link to post 0301 on this site announcing Cliven Bundy cleared of all Federal Charges and set free 03/20/18
0314_School Shootings:  Isn’t It Time to Arm Teachers? – February 2018 – letter from a friend 03/17/18
0313_Women’s March Praises Students Who Broke Through School Gate to Join Walkout… [List of Far Leftist Organizations Behind ‘Student Protests’] – by Dr. Susan Berry – March 1, 2018 03/16/18
0312_Chicago GOP Files Lawsuit Against Chicago Public Schools_ Student Walkout Political Indoctrination, Pure and Simple — by Dr. Susan Berry 3/15/18
0311_”Teachers’ Unions Support Student Walkouts As Protest To Change Gun Laws”  By Dr. Susan berry — another effort from the Left (who have great control over most of our schools) to destabilize our country. 3/14/18
0310__Brexit _ Why Britain left the European Union (PragerU Video/ YouTube — March 12, 2018 — Transcript of video — instant access to 200+ PragerU Videos, and more 3/12/18
0309_Little Pink House – Film exposing corrupt eminent domain actions_ In some Theatres April 20th, 2018 (Denver May 4-10) _ What one family can do against the corrupt government/ corporate machine — more showings can be arranged 03/11/18
0308_Broward County Likely ‘Inspiration’ for Obama School Discipline Policy to Report Fewer Arrests, Suspensions (A policy that brings down the statistics of crimes) _Dr. Susan Berry_ Breitbart Feb 26, 2018 03/03/18
0307_How Real is Fake News? – Sharyl Attkisson _ TEDxUniversityofNevada_ February 13, 2018 _ YouTube 03/03/18
0306_ May 4, 2018 Tribute to Billy Graham 7-9 p.m. (ET) — 1918-2018 Billy Graham — An Extraordinary Journey_ Link to biography, Funeral for Billy Graham, and other info 03/03/18
0305_Letter to Bill (Armstrong): It’s War _ by John Andrews February 2018 _ Left declares war on Christian higher Ed _ bill Armstrong bio, funeral, memorial, etc. 02/27/18
0304_Churchill:  The Man Who Saved the Free World_ PragerU Video_ February 26, 2018 02/26/18
0303_What is so great about Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)? – by J.R. Wilson (2/7/18) – possible federal ESSA funds for SEL 02/26/18
0302_Colorado Representative Tim Leonard introduced HB 18-1213_that allows school board candidates to declare party affiliation_YouTube 02/13/18
0301_Cliven Bundy cleared of federal charges and set free after 700 days of false imprisonment_ The whole story is now told by one of Bundy’s attorneys, Joel Hansen – sent out by Eagle Forum 02/06/18
0300_ Breaking:  #MEMO RELEASED – by Donna Garner_ Feb. 2, 2018_ link to 4-page memo_ Facebook finally unblocked account of Donna Garner and other grassroots citizens_ related information_ Link to 175 Trump accomplishments in 355 Days 02/03/18
0299_Jane Robbins testified before the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce_ YouTube of the testimony_ transcript of her opening statement_ Jan. 30, 2018 02/03/18
0298_President Trump’s 2018 State of the Union Address_ January 30, 2018_ White House YouTube and White House transcript. 02/03/18
0297_Fix Yourself_Jordan Peterson_ PragerU video January 29, 2018 01/29/18
0296_”It’s Past Time to Reject Roe V. Wade as Invincible Precedent” – by Jan LaRue, Esq. _ Jan 20, 2018 01/22/18
0295_45th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade (Jan. 22, 1973 – 2018) – “The Road Taken:  Roe V. Wade” – by Donna Garner – 1.20.13—comparison chart of Sarah Weddington (who argued Roe v. Wade before the U.S. Supreme Court) and Donna Garner 01/22/18
0294_Is Fascism Right or Left_ PragerU video_ also Google and youTube restricting PragrU videos_email about lawsuit by Prager University for restricting almost 40 videos 01/20/18
0293_”My Thoughts on Being Banned by Facebook” _by Donna Garner (Note: Dennis Prager with Prager U is fighting Google/YouTube for banning almost 40 of his videos) 01/20/18
0292_Corruption at the Highest Levels of the FBI and DOJ _ by Donna Garner _ The mainstream media is censoring out what doesn’t fit  their narrative _ as do the public schools _ Tweet all members of Congress #ReleasetheMemo 01/19/18
0291_Jan. 1, 2018_DeVos’ Speech on Education Reform_ The Good, The Bad, and the Incomplete_ Jane Robbins, Emmett McGroarty excerpts_ Common Core _ ESSA 01/18/18
0290_January 12, 2018_Blockchain Technology and Education_by Jane Robbins_Truth in American Education – Parents who care should take note 01/12/18
0289_Jan 9, 2018_Should Americans Accept the College Board’s Deformed History of Europe?–by Peter W. Wood–The Federalist_Links to related blog pieces on this site 01/11/18
0288_January 18, 2018_Common Core Standards Limit Massachusetts Students (and other states’ students) – by Robert Holland – Boston Herald 01/06/18
0287_Team Jeb!  Bigger and Stronger at U.S. Dept. of Ed_By Jane Robbins_ January 2, 2017_distributed by Donna Garner – also links to Bracken’s 2013 background of Common Core and more resources 01/04/18
0286_”You’re nothing but a House Negro”_[what was a “House Negro”?] Dec. 30, 2017 email from Derrick Wilburn, Advocate for a Free America_links to Frederick Douglass (former slave) literacy = freedom blog posts 01/02/18
0285_ “A Christmas to Remember” an archived recording by Phyllis Schlafly_sent out by Phyliss Schlafly Eagles Dec. 24, 2017.  They included a transcript of the recording._Text of Luke 2:1-20 12/25/17
0284_Merry Christmas to all – and I hope people who are Jewish had a blessed Chanukkah – from Donna Jack 12/23/17
0283_ The College Board’s AP (Advanced Placement) European History – Another Politicized Curriculum Revision Means College Board Needs Competitors_Jane Robbins/Emmett McGroarty 12/23/17
0282_Why keep supporting public education? – COMMON CORE INFLUENCE REMAINS STRONG – BY JENNI WHITE – HEARTLAND INSTITUTE – 12.16.17 12/23/17
0281_School Reformers fail again_ 12-15-17 National Review article:  When school-discipline “reform”  makes schools less safe – Common Core causes decline 12/18/17
0280_Lily Tang Williams talks about Communism_she grew up in China_YouTube by Stossel_powerful anti-communist, anti-socialist, anti-tyranny message 12/11/17
0279_ “The Christmas Gift” written by Dale Allen Schockley_read by Dr. Joe Wheeler Dec 6, 2017 on AM91 radio (9 minutes 4 seconds) 12/08/17
0278_Dec. 8, 14, 15, 21 22 shop for Joe Wheeler’s books at Conifer King Soopers_proeeds go to local elementary schools’ reading programs_listen to podcast of Joe Wheeler, December 6, 2017 on AM91 radio 12/08/17
0277_Dr. Joe Wheeler (America’s Keeper of the Story) wil sign his books sold at King Soopers in Conifer_:0 1.m. – 5:00 p.m._Dec. 7,8,14,15,21,22_Link to podcast of Wheeler interview Dec. 6th 12/07/17
0276_The Key to Unhappiness_Dennis Prager_PragerU Video_Nov. 20, 2017 11/26/17
0275_Michael Medved – The First Thanksgiving – Pilgrims, Puritans and the Founding of America – (MP3 Download or CDs)  Total Run Time:  2hr, 56min 11/24/17
0274_(Blogs 0270-0275 are all about Thanksgiving) – this one is a YouTube “The Lost Secrets of Thanksgiving” 11/24/17
0273_Excerpt from “Of Plimoth Plantation” by William Bradford_first Pilgrim Thanksgiving_How to purchase “The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America” (495 pages of original source documents)_Other resources/YouTube 11/23/17


0272_What’s the Truth About the First Thanksgiving?  YouTube by Michael Medved — Transcript 11/22/17
0271_An abbreviated abstract of history of Thanksgiving in America and the 1789 Proclamation signed by Pres. George Washington, setting aside Thurs. Nov. 26 as “A Day of Publick Thanksgiving and Prayer” 11/22/17
0270_Phyllis Schlafly archive: In 1789, President George Washington gave us Thanksgiving, the 4th Thurs. in Nov._to thank God for giving Americans “an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.” — The Premier American Hero – George Washington 11/21/17
0269_Dept of Ed Sec Betsy DeVos to speak at Jeb Bush’s FEE summit_ link to Karen Barcken’s 2013 video and transcript:  Education Trojan Horse 11/14/17
0268_Paul Ryan-Patty Murray bill allows and requires creation of national database_Part 1: Eagle Forum_vote to be in Congress Nov. 15_how to contact Congress 11/13/17
0267_What’s the Truth About the First Thanksgiving_Medved_PragerU YouTube Video 11/13/17
0266_The End of Prayer Shaming – YouTube 11/11/17
0265_Standing up against the entrenched, politically correct opposition EQUALS DANGER_but not to stand guarantees loss of everything_ “All that’s needed for evil to triumph…” 11/10/17
0264_Comer hear Erica Shields & Matt VanGiesen Nov. 21_ “Good Guys” lost_ History of Jeffco School District corruption with links_ Newkirk articles_  Why he didn’t sue 11/10/17
0263_November 7, 2017 School Board Elections in Jefferson County (Erica Shields and Matt Van Gieson); and Douglas County (Scheffel, Mills, Nelson, Abresch) 10/25/17
0262_Jeffco Supt Glass pushing bad teacher resources and curriculum_”Trump Era Chaos stirred up the hatred that already existed” (editorial by Roberta Sutton) _blogs on corrupted AP U.S. History_Link to Prager U video about SPLC 10/22/17
0261_The Anti-hate Group that is a Hate Group – the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) – Prager University YouTube and transcript – October 12, 2017 10/21/17    rev 10/22/17
0260_Is Jeffco committed to teaching “white guilt” in our K-12 classrooms?  (by Kim Lawrence Gilmartin) 10/17/17
0259_Rabid response to Newkirk’s op-ed_Reminiscent of 2014 shenanigans by unions_Jeffco Superintendent Glass’ arrogant disregard for rules and attempts to push additional radical left-wing curriculum_JUST SAY NO! 10/17/17
0258_Online training to equip people to learn how to combat the censorship, lies and distortions that are in our schools 10/16/17
0257_Colorado Rep. Tim Leonard reports Jeffco School Superintendent Glass to impose new across-the-board left-wing curriculum—letters—links to new resource list sent to all K-12 teachers, to accompany new curriculum. 10/16/17 – 10/22/17
0256_Revealing interview Sept 13, 2017: Two Security Contractors say they were pressured early 2013, to keep quiet on Benghazi—video and transcript of interview_Links to book and movie 13 Hours, about the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack 10/14/17
0255_“Bill Bennett Touts Trump Has More Conservative Cabinet Than Reagan” By Dr. Susan Berry–THAT IS NOT SO 10/14/17
0254_Oct 17 ’17 Hear John Newkirk speak about his Sept. 10 opinion piece: New Jeffco Supt. Widening the Great Divide_John is former Jeffco BOE member 2013-2015_links to other Newkirk articles & blogs on this site about Jeffco 10/09/17
0253_Kate Smith introduced the song “God Bless America” to the United States Nov. 11, 1939_YouTube of her introducing the song; Kate Smith 1953 TV program; biography; musical and entertainment career spanning 5 decades 10/01/17
0252_Sept. 27, 2017_Action Step:  Child Abuse in the Classroom – a Legal Challenge to ESSA_Send Email to President Trump—See other ESSA Posts on this site 09/28/17
0251_Left’s False Narrative:  Trump Administration ‘Pro-Rape’ for Scrapping Obama Campus Sex Polities_by Susan Berry 09/28/17
0250_Dr. Kim Holmes, author of The Closing of the Liberal Mind:  How Groupthink and Intolerance Define the Left – will speak at 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. at CCU Sept 25, 2017_YouTube of Dr. Holmes talking about his book 09/21/17
0249_Betsy DeVos was right to chose to Scrap Obama Campus Sex Policy That Weaponized Gove. To Work Against Students_By Dr. Susan Berry_Sept. 9, 2017 09/13/17
0248_ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) effect on children_ SEL (Social Emotional Learning) assessments_ CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning_ PERC (Persistence, Effort, Resilience and Challenge-seeking behavior) from Donna Garner 09/04/17
0247_This website had its 2nd birthday last month_Type #1 and Type #2 Ed._Tour of this site_from Donna Jack 09/04/17
0246_A 35-page list Donna Garner put together in 2015 with articles, etc. about Common Core from Dec. 2009 through Dec 2013_Alice Linahan’s Facebook address 08/18/17
0245_Aug. 14, 2017 Who is to Blame for Charlottesville?–by Donna Garner_Articles Donna Garner attached that illustrate the dangers of the Common Core agenda 08/18/17
0244_Mental Health Assessments or Standardized Testing?  Lines Are Blurring – by Emmett Mc Groarty & Jane Robbins_5.25.17_SEL, ESSA 08/18/17
0243_60 of President Trump’s Accomplishments so Far_from Donna Garner 08/18/17
0242_July 25, 2017_You Think Russia Tries to Influence American politics?  Think Mexico First_Tom Tancredo 08/17/17
0241_Media obsession with Russia is Malpractice_The biased media that most people watch and listen to pushes propaganda_ignoring interests of the pubic_article by Gary Bauer 08/11/17
0240_Sex-reassignment Expenses (trying to change the biological sex of a person) Could Cost U.S. A New Navy Destroyer—2017-07-26_by Tony Perkins_Family Research Council 08/03/17
0239_What happened Aug 1, 2017 at Jeffco County Commissioners’ Staff Briefings_ELID not to be on ballot 2017_Testimony Oltmans and Wagner against ELID_links to all posts so far on ELID 08/03/17
0238_County Commissioners meet Aug. 1 for presentation of ELID (Evergreen Local Improvement District) – email announcement by Art Onweller – 44 pages of Tuesday Staff Briefings – on last page are their recommendations 08/01/17
0237_First meeting of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity_Voter Fraud Database Tops 1,000 Proven Cases – by Jason Snead_link to Heritage Foundation sampling of voter fraud cases_381-page voter fraud database 07-30-17
0236_Fact Sheet and Recommended Actions in Connection with Proposed Local Improvement District (LID) in Evergreen 07/24/17
0235_Hillsdale College 2017 Introduction to the Constitution course (free) – taught by Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College_ links to classes _ information about Larry Arnn, and his books_links to other blogs about false AP US History 07/21/17
0234_Proposed Local Improvement District (LID) to be pushed onto Evergreen, Colorado_Dean Dalvit video June 6, 2017 at Evergreen Lake House_the Delphi Technique/Method 07/17/17
0233_Recent headlines on the immigration issue sent out by a friend—Trump’s administration is getting things going 07/17/17
0232_An autobiography by Robert (Bob) Ruesch_looking back at summers growing up in the shadow of his wonderful father who for thirty years managed and expanded the YMCA of the Rockies_Estes Park, CO 07/15/17

Added YouTube 03-15/18

0231_July 14, 2017_Celebrating the Property Rights Legacy of Dr. Michael Coffman – Eagle Forum 07/15/17
0230_William Bennett, What Watered Down Masachusetts Standards? (Answer:  Common Core) – introductory email commentary by Donna Garner_article by Shane Vander Hart, May 11, 2017 07/09/17
0229_American Healthcare in Crisis:  Problems and Solutions_Parts 1-4_by “Doc”_July 2017 07/07/17
0228_Heartbreaking Video of a North Korean Refugee sharing about what she escaped_Are North Korea, China and Russia Communist?_Project Veritas James O’Keefe_Trevor Loudon_Robert Buchar films_YouTubes 07/06/07
0227_July 4, 2017 Independence Day message from Phyllis Schlafly Eagles_Religion is part of our founding (a broadcast by Phyllis Schlafly) 07/04/17
0226_Trump’s Full Inspirational & Motivational Commencement Speech for The Coast Guard Class of 2017 07/04/17
0225_Parents, Here’s a Resource to Help You Protect Your Student’s Privacy_by Jane Robbins May 17, 2017 07/04/17
0224_June 19, 2017_Republicans and Lost Promise of Local Control in Education_Emmett McGroarty & Jane Robbins 07/04/17
0223_An Autobiography:  The Atheism That Saved Me—by Robert Morlan 07/01/17
0222_Douglas County Choice Scholarship Program to be Reconsidered by CO Supreme Court in Light of Trinity Lutheran Ruling_The Blaine Amendment 06/28/17
0221_Part 8 HUD/AFFH—June 27, 2017_letter to County Commissioners before their vote 06/28/17
0220_Part 7 HUD/AFFH–June 27, 2017 Colorado Jefferson County, County Commissioners voted unanimously to accept HUD CDBG/HOME money for another year_and begin phasing out of relying on the funding in 2020 06/28/17
0219_Part 6 HUD/AFFH – Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing_not kindness_soon to vote_table of contents Agency Tyranny book_4 YouTubes linked! 06/21/17
0218_Alabama Test Case of Trump Admin’s Commitment to Local Control of Educaiton_By Dr. Susan Berry – Breitbart_6.14.17 06/19/17
0217_June 12, 2017_Trump’s Smart Cuts to Education_by Williamson Evers & Viki Alger_LA. Times_TRIO, GEAR UP, the Mathematica Policy Research Group, the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program, School Improvement Grant (SIG) program 06/17/17
0216_Hyde Amendment Showdown on Obamacare_by John & Andy Schlafly_June 14, 2017_sign up for facebook, email, etc. 06/16/17
0215_Part 2_looking closer at Belittling Parents and Ignoring Evidence Won’t Work (by Jane Robbins) – links worth exploring 06/16/17
0214_Part 1_The Collaborative for Student Success (CSS) – pushers of Common Core_Belittling Parents and Ignoring Evidence by Jane Robbins 06/16/17
0213_Online learning increased to boost graduation rates_in order to receive school ranking and funding_an article by Zoe Kirscvh_Dallas Morning News_6.6.17 06/12/17
0212_Dr. Susan Berry_June 9, 2017 article about US Dept. of Education Betsy DeVos surrounding herself with people connected with Jeb Bush’s FEE_Hanna Skandera_PARCC 06/11/17
0211_What is Cultural Marxism_YouTube_and transcription 05/31/17
0210_How Affordable Housing Developers Scam Taxpayers — YouTube  05/25/17
0209_Facts Don’t Care About your Feelings_Prager University YouTube  05/24/17
0208_An article written by John Newkirk about our Jefferson County school board members: “It’s Only OK When We Do It”_and links to Geri Zahner’s site and blogs on this site that support John’s article 05/13/17
0207_The Federalist “Why Competency-Based Education will Deepen America’s Education Crisis—by Jane Robbins_Jeb Bush’s unparalleled influence on K-12 education 05/13/17
0206_Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Implies Common Core Are ‘High Standards’—she is wrong—by Dr. Susan Berry (May 6, 2017)_Dr. Sandra Stotsky_Mike Pence_Dr. Jason Zimba_Dr. James Milgrim_Ze’ev Wurman 05/13/17
0205_Intro to blog 0206_inadequacies of Common Core_DeVos mistaken about education_ESSA federalized Common Core_FEE is supported by people who want global control of education_Links to some blogs on this site that are about Common Core 05/13/17
0204_2nd episode in a 5-part documentary America Under Siege webseries — Soviet Islam:  The War Against Terror begins at the Kremlin (by Trevor Loudon)_also: First in America Under Siege Webseries — Civil War 2017 05/11/17
0203_April 2017 Imprimis article-The Left’s War on Free Speech-from a speech given by Kimberley Strassel_2010 “Citizens United” triggered an epidemic of people seeing free speech from a 5-year-old’s viewpoint 05/6/17
0202_Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism – presented by Dennis Prager (video/YouTube) 05/4/17
0201_Why Competency-based Education will Deepen America’s Education Crisis—by Jane Robbins 05/4/17
0200_JeffCo Truth website_14 video links and articles showing corruption connected with November 2015 Jefferson County school board recall_links to audio and transcripts as well 04/28/17
0199_Part 5_HUD/AFFH grant money_I have met with Libby and a member of her staff_The county vote concerning HUD/AFFH grant money postponed until Congress acts 04/27/17
0198_Part 4_HUD/AFFH_What is learned from the Westchester County NY 10-year incident_HUD/AFFH forced excessive additional cost and imposed unwanted actions 04/19/17
0197_Part 3_HUD/AFFH_How to Contact our Colorado Jeffco County Commissioners – ask them NOT to accept HUD/AFFH money this month or ever again 04/19/17
0196_Part 2_HUD/AFFH_ Redesigning the Suburbs_ Westchester County New York–Astorio YouTube on Westchester disaster_ Stanley Kurtz’s Spreading the Wealth book_ Agency Tyranny by John Anthony _ Social Engineering in Suburbia 04/11/17
0195_AFFH PART ONE:  AFFH in Five-minutes_YouTube about how you will lose your zoning, etc — HUD AFFH federal grant money – We need to break away from it now! 04/8/17
0194_Six Short Videos from Prager University about 1) Socialism ruined my country, 2) Painful truths, 3) How make society better, 4) How judge America, 5) Does it feel good or bad, 6) How big should government be? 04/7/17
0193_Details of the disruption and lies used in 2014 and 2015 to force a recall of three Jeffco BOE members_YouTube, links 04/01/17
0192_3/24/17 Sen. Tim Neville Legislative update_Julie Williams former Jeffco BOE member compared 2013 Jeffco BOE and Trump’s 1st 100 days_2014-2015 Jeffco BOE history in Blog 0193 3/27/17

Rewritten & revised 04-01-17

0191_A 2012 Jamie Glazov interview of Robert Buchar, maker of the film—The Collapse of Communism:  The Untold Story – info on companion book by Buchar 3/23/17
0190_New book:  My Favorite Life-Changing Stories_by Dr. Joe L. Wheeler_great book of encouragement 3/16/17
0189_Out of Bondage:  The Story of Elizabeth Bentley_1951_an autobiography of an American spy for the Soviet Union from 1938 until 1945 – Part 1 – introduction by dj 3/13/17
0188_Local Kiwanis Club had a celebration and distributed money, books, and gift cards to children and schools 3/6/17
0187_A Revolutionary War Barracks_The Warner House on Constitution Island_the Great Chain of the Revolutionary War at West Point — Warner House became a stop for the Underground Railroad 3/2/17
0186_A Picture of What The Underground Railroad Really Was — a testament to man’s innate desire for liberty – by Derrick Wilburn 3/2/17
0185_President Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address_”With malice toward none, with charity for all…” 2/27/17
0184_Whittaker Chambers_1948 witness in the case of Alger Hiss (a Soviet Espionage Agent) 02/25/17
0183_The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story (Communism never fell in Eastern Europe and is alive in Russia) — a report, review, and a site where you can buy the documentary 02/25/17
rev. 03/23/17
0182_The 1930s and 1940s Venona Secrets (released in 1995) _ Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors_ by Romerstein and Breindel 2/25/17
0181_How Soviets plan to destroy our country_Destroy Patriotism, Morality and Spiritual Life_link to DVD about “fake” fall of Russia 2/24/17
0180_Who is Joe McCarthy? Not who you thought he was. Finally the truth is known that he was right — 50 years later! — Blacklisted by M. Stanton Evans 02/20/17
0179_”What’s so Good About Tough Times?” and “Easter in My Heart”–Two of Joe Wheeler’s collections of uplifting, inspiring short stories 02/14/17
0178_Goebbels—Master Nazi Propagandist_(McCarthy) “Blacklisted by History” written by M. Stanton Evans_whittaker Chambers_Samuel Blumenfeld on Dumbing down education_YouTubes 02/10/17
0177_Epidemic in our country: believing the worst (or best) without any knowledge_Link to Goebbels’ quote about repeating big lie (people will believe it) 02/10/17
0176_What is the group “America’s Future”? – Judge Robert Morris was President of America’s Future when he published “Soviets in the Classroom” for Charlotte Iserbyt_See Blogs 0173-0175 02/10/17
0175_Boycotted: “Soviets in the Classroom” written 1986 by Charlotte Iserbyt_UN, Dept of Ed, and Soviet Russia want to destroy the USA_1985 US USSR education agreements_Judge Robert Morris with America’s Future 02/10/17
0174_UN Demands More Globalist Propaganda in School Textbooks by Alex Newman_UN demands for perversity labeled as norm 02/10/17
0173_UN has never been our friend_The UN-American United Nations by Steve Farrell_Charlotte Iserbyt (“Soviets in the Classroom”) 02/09/17
0172_Illiteracy by design_The Columbian Orator (the book that helped build the American character) – it was read and studied by two of the greatest orators in the 1800s:  Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln 01/19/17
0171_Sweden, Denmark, and the rest of Europe may have very few years left because of open borders_Mar. 3, 2016 YouTube with Paul Weston warning us 01/19/17
0170_Jan. 11, 2017 Trump news conference YouTube and transcript _ Trump turned down billions of foreign dollars _ giving up all new real estate deals til after his presidency _ His overseas profits to go toward National Debt _ many more HUGE sacrifices 01/17/17
0169_People forcing their way – lawlessness – Bill Ayres to rise up in D.C. – James O’Keefe Video of planned crimes – past Jeffco School walkouts – resources for news 01/17/17
0168_Dr. Joe Wheeler_Professor, Writer, Collector of Stories_His December 2016 blog on Elections 01/06/17
0167_I Requested Jeffco Schools NOT participate in walkouts_rumors of planned walkouts on Inauguration Day (Jan. 20th)_Tucker Carlton Video link and transcript of soicialists encouraging & planning walkouts 12/28/16
0166_Attempts to overturn the election of Trump_Former FEC member says recount will not change results (with links)_voter fraud exists_audio and transcript Trump not commit to election results_democrat frenzy 12/28/16
0165_Something’s wrong with the “management” of PERA which increased its unfunded liability from nearly $27 billion to $30 billion_Dec. 21 2016 article by Peter Marcus, 12/26/16
0164_Merry Christmas, and joy to you whatever your faith – from Donna Jack 12/14/16
0163_ 2016-12-24_K-12 Education in 2016 both exciting and frustrating at times – by Sherrie Peif 12/24/16
0162_Wisdom of the Electoral College – to prevent the populace of one state from overriding all other states. 12/19/16
0161_School Tax Failure had Roots In Recall_Dec. 17, 2016 opinion piece by John J. Newkirk (former Colorado Jeffco School Board Member recalled 12/19/16
0160_The Classic Learning Test – alternative college entrance exam currently being used (Sept. 28, 2016 article by Shane Vander Hart) 12/13/16
0159_Caught on Tape_Your vote was cancelled_Project Veritas videos_October 11, 2016, etc._Mass Voter Fraud_stop withholding truth from students and citizens 11/30/16
0158_The First Thanksgiving—Rush Limbaugh in 2015 talking about his 1992 book “See I Told You So”—and what he learned about the Pilgrims and thanksgiving_YouTube & transcript_Links to George Washington’s 1789 Innaugural Address_his Thanksgiving proclamation 11/24/16
0157_Christmas in My Heart_Volume 25_by Joe L. Wheeler—a recent addition to my hall of heroes_Joe’s book-signing events in Colorado in December 2016 11/21/16
0156_Trevor Loudon – speaking in Colorado at the showings of his new movie The Enemies Within- come join him_October 25-30, 2016 10/24/16
***0145_Index to ALL 2016 Amendment, Proposition and Initiative blog posts ON THIS WEBSITE (being updated) 10/20/16
0154_Retention of Judges – when in doubt, vote not to retain – Donna Jack 10/20/16 updated 1-/22/16
0153_Proposition 107 and 108 _ Presidential Primary Elections _ Unaffiliated to vote in party primaries without declaring a party _ Don’t mess up the political parties_No on 107 & 108_by Donna Jack 10/20/16
0152_Doctor-assisted suicide (Prop. 106)_Life is precious–don’t popularize ending life_I’m voting no_from Donna Jack 10/20/16
0151_Amendment 72_Increase Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes_Don’t be a Bully_Martin Niemoler_Laura Carno_Vote no on 72_by Donna Jack 10/20/16
0150_Constitutional Amendment 71_Puts the Constitution out of reach except for the wealthy elites- A yes vote “votes away our vote” – I’m voting NO 10/20/16
0149_ Amendment 70 (2016 ballot) – increasing minimum wage up to $12 by 2020 and continue to increase every year_this is government control over businesses_Creeping socialism_VOTE NO 10/20/16
0148_Amendment 69 is a fundamental transformation move_Colorado Care would make Colorado unrecognizable_eliminates our TABOR protections from government– Notes from County Assessor explaining ColoradoCare_links to many Amendment 69 posts_Donna Jack is voting NO 10/20/16
0147_Undercover Common Core Part 2 – Another Top Publishing Executive: “It’s never about the kids.” – January 14, 2016 10/20/16
0146_Amendment T_No Exception to Involuntary Servitude Prohibition_Who would think this should be voted down?_read on_I am a NO vote_Donna Jack 10/20/16
***0145_Index to 2016 Amendment, Proposition and Initiative blog posts (being updated) 10/20/16
0144_John Andrews’ take on the 2016 Colorado ballot_voting straight ticket NO for good reasons (my position as well) Donna Jack 10/18/16
0143_My personal opinion_vote NO on everything on the ballot in Jefferson County Colorado_Donna Jack 10/11/16
0142_John Newkirk writes another impressive piece of journalism_this time against 3A and 3B 10/4/16
0141_Links to the 2016 Colorado Blue Book and Blue Books form previous years_2016 Judicial Performance Evaluations on Judges—for Jefferson county and all counties in Colorado_Fiscal Impact Statement for Amendment T 10/2/16  Revised 10/3/16
0140_Why to vote no on 3A and 3B_2016-08-8_”The Latest Big Education Fad, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), Is As Bad As It Sounds” By Jane Robbins – 9/30/16
0139_International “education” standard, to create predetermined inner person_SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) is mind-control in schools_Karen Braken’s youTube/Transcription: “Education, the Trojan Horse” 2013 9/29/16
0138_Part-One and New Part-Two video information ads, from Dr. Jill Vecchio M.D., about Amendment 69_vote NO on 69 9/24/16
0137-“Honesty” – just had to post this – laughed so hard I cried – laughed harder when I read it again 9/21/16
0136_Quotation from Marcus Tullius Cicero (42B.C.)—a nation cannot survive treason from within_Trevor Loudon’s DVD “Enemies Within”—order—see trailer—his calendar 9/20/16
0135_Our Country Falling Apart (Curtis Bowers’ Agenda and Agenda 2)_Cities invading suburbs_spreading the wealth (Stanley Kurtz)_Money Being Taken From Suburbs to Finance Cities—Goal: More Control Over all of Us 9/18/16
0134_Bernie Blesses Amendment 69 (Colorado Single-Payer Healthcare)—CO Treasurer Walker Stapleton email against it_Stapleton, Ritter and Hickenlooper agree it would be disastrous_link to resources 09/11/16
0133_My heart grieves at the loss of Phyllis Schlafly_she always stood up strong for God, family and our country_Audio and Visual Links_YouTubes_by Donna Jack 09/06/16
0132_Frank Fancone – some real dangers of Amendment 69 – August 1, 2016 – list of resources about Amendment 69 09/02/16
0131_Jill Vecchio’s most recent YouTube exposing Amendment 69_and Lundberg Amendment 69 trifold link 09/02/16
0130_Bill Ayers (Communist) YouTube_Left can change the country through the schools, because thy have control of the schools _ Donna Garner links article on social-emotional learning (SEL)_chilling 8/31/16
0129_Analysis of Amendment 69_by Colorado Senator Kevin Lundberg_trifold 8/25/16
0128_Dr. Jill Veccho explaining in online video why to Vote NO on Amendment 69 – which will be on this November’s ballot 8/25/16
0127_”The Purpose of Education” by Dave Miller, Ph.D_original declarations and purposes of ivy league colleges/universities_Without religion there can’t be virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty. 8/25/16
0126_Introduction to “The Purpose of Education” by Dave Miller, Ph.D_original declarations and purposes of ivy league colleges/universities_what is “secular”?—what is “republican” government? 8/25/16
0125_Strangers on a train find friendship_by John Newkirk, columnist_find it in July 27, 2016 edition of The Columbine Courier, and also in this post that has links to John’s supporting information – This is an excellent column.  Looking for upbeat?  Here it is. 8/13/16
Live links added 8/15/16
0124_Aug. 7, 2016_Open Letter_Destroying Students’ Chances to Succeed_”21st century learning” agenda [e.g., collaboration, project-based learning (PBL), constructivism, Common Core-compliant methods)_By Donna Garner who tells of her experience teaching PBL 8/13/16
0123_CCU Program August 8, 2016_What’s the Future of Education Reform in Colorado? 8/7/16
0122_Reading a book Curtis Bowers’ father inspired John A. Stormer to write (None Dare Call it Treason) – by Donna Jack 8/7/16
0121_One year ago this blog began_Instructions on how to search and use this website_links to many Blogs where you can watch and listen to people tell what is going on in the public schools_by Donna Jack 7/28/16
0120_Summary of education issues in the 2015-20176 school year_Bond and Mill Levy Override (taxes) to be on November ballot_Data-gathering video and transcript_PERA—by Donna Jack 7/26/16
0119_the Denver post weighed in on the “troubling spin” Colorado’s PERA pension system executives are putting on their 2015 returns 7/26/16
0118_July16, 10—2016 Big Education’s Not-So-Secret Effort to Marginalize Teacher__Emmett McGroarty, Jane Robbins 7/17/16
0117_Another Teacher Vents About Guided Reading_forwarded by Donna garner 2016-07-14 7/17/16
0116_Fix PERA (Public Employees’ Retirement Association) if you care about the kids_July 12th editorial by The Gazette editorial board. 7/17/16
0115_Upcoming Scheduled Appearances of Curtis Bowers around the United Stated, through July 2016 7/15/16
0114_Two more chances in Colorado to hear the movie producer Curtis Bowers, and watch his movie “Agenda 2”_July 15 and 16 7/14/16
0113_Report of failure of the absolutely worst reading program [Guided Reading] ever devised by the mind of man 7/12/16
0112_The Hegelian Dialectic—Problem, Reaction, Solution_YouTube_Published 2013-07-07 7/12/16
0111_Posted here are all current locations to meet Curtis Bowers and watch his movie Agenda 2–(July 11-17). Ways to contact Curtis. 7/8/16
0110_Agenda 2, a movie made by Curtis Bowers_showing July 13, 2016 at the Lewis Barn in Evergreen, CO_Curtis Bowers will be there to talk and answer questions 7/4/16
0109_July 1, 2016_Sandra Stotsky writes:  The Curriculum is Changing, Once Again Without Public Discussion_Preceeded by Donna Garner comments on Common Core’s Social Justice Agenda and Stotsky’s article. 7/2/16
0108_June 17, 2016_Louisiana to Require Teaching Cursive All the Way Through 12th Grade 6/22/16
0107_”Common Core isn’t preparing students very well for college or career, new report says” June 9, 2016_Valerie Strauss 6/16/16
0106_Common Core – not what its supporters thought it was_Some history of Race to the Top (RTTT) and Common Core in Colorado 6/15/16
0105_”The Dark Side of Student Data Mining: It’s ineffective and puts children’s privacy at risk” By Karen R. Effrem, MD on June 3, 2016 – Draft 6/15/16
0104_How to observe a board meeting June 14th_ Then how to sign up to testify June 16, 2016_and other information about testifying at the June 16th board meeting 6/7/16
0103_What is this democrat (actually 2 D’s and 3 U’s), endorsed and funded by the unions, union-controlled school board doing debating whether or not to OVERCHARGE us $155 Million (or overcharge us less) — when they should not overcharge us at all? 6/7/16
0102_Only the wealthy should have the right of petition (Initiative 96, on ballot Nov 2016)__I THINK NOT!_dj commentary and an email from Jon Caldara 6/7/16
0101_Call U.S. Senate today! June 7, 2016_Stop US Senate from forcing all women ages 18-26 to register for the Selective Service and directing the Pentagon to study whether or not we need to force women into combat roles_Heritage Action 6/7/16
0100_The Obama administration’s directive May 13, 2016 that every public school provide transgender access to bathrooms_should people remain silent? 6/2/16
0099_Title IX isn’t referring to bathrooms in schools!_Henry Burke_May 31, 2016 6/2/16
0098_A father-son Citadel Memorial Day memory about Honor, Duty, Respect_Maj. Gen. Franklin M. David, Jr. and his oldest son, 1st Lt. Stephen W. Davis 5/30/16
0097_The new Federal Education law (ESSA) doesn’t get rid of Federal Control_the ACT and SAT are still Common Core aligned_their serious competition is VECTOR 5/27/16
0096_How HUD controls your property rights (and behavior), with John Anthony 5/16/16_YouTube 5/23/16
0095_This is not a police state.  It’s a University.  By Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. 5/20/16
0094_The Issue is Totalitarianism – Excerpt from Derrick Wilburn’s newsletter 5/20/16
0093_Memorial to Treon Goossen — from Donna Jack_The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost (YouTube) 05/14/16
0092_Students from Socialist Communist China Crowding our College Campuses_Free Speech not there_April 2016 edition of The Phyllis Schlafly Report 05/05/16
0091_Donna Garner_her bio and what led up to group think, co-operative learning, outcome-based education_abandoning Type #1 Education 04/28/16
0090_Label-Libel_a term used in “Teaching as a Subversive Activity” by Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner_a 1969 book to teach teachers 04/23/16
0089_2013 Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference_Debate with Laura Boggs for Common Core, and Jim Stergios against Common Core_supporting links and info. 04/18/16
0088_Analysis of a recent WSJ piece by Piereson and Riley_to have SAT be the only measure of college readiness_Bad Idea! 04/10/16
0087_Good explanation of COPs (Certificates of Participation) _Jeffco COPs_Whatcha gonna do when they come for you_by Joshua Sharf Jan 29, 2015 04/04/16
0086_Launching of complete index to 86 blogs on this site_access them all easily_it will be updated as blogs are added 04/02/16
0085_Dissecting the Common Core with Dr. Louisa Moats–Psychology Today_March 21, 2014 04/1/16
0084_Competition for the Common-Core-based ACT and SATs_looking for people to beta-test it 04/01/16
0083_Government Give-away Programs_Title 1_Gifted and Talented, etc. 03/27/16
0082_CO Rep. Everett spoke_Amendment 69_Mar. 15, 2016_handout_YouTube_Pelosi – “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy” 03/17/16
0081_Public Schools in Colorado will not teach students the dangers of Amendment 69 (to be on Nov. 2016 ballot) 03/12/16
0080_Will Tens of Millions be “stolen” from us by dishonestly-elected Jeffco BOE members?  Petition and ballot were identical lies 03/07/16
0079_February 28, 2016 – please be patient – working on indexing, checking links and correcting errors 02/28/16
0078_Arne-Duncan-with-Charlie-Rose_YouTube March 13, 2009_school should be 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round_Article telling how Arne reshaped American Education 02/27/16
0077_Jan. 27, 2016_Links to speeches of current interim Secretary of Education and former Secretary Arne Duncan 02/27/16
0076_US Sec. of Ed, Arne Duncan on 50 Years of Congress passing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act_ESEA (speech & YouTube)_meet John King interim Sec of Ed (YouTubes) 02/27/16
0075_1989 Governors Conference-Lamar Alexander_in school from 3 months old to 18 years old_YouTube_transcript 02/25/16
0074_Common Core: Subversive Threat to Education_Karen Bracken_April 8, 2013_YouTube 02/25/16
0073_Jonathan Gruber disclosed in testimony to a US House Committee, that the Obama administration intentionally lied about Obamacare_YouTube 02/25/16
0072_link to 0022_How Politics Has Corrupted Higher Education: College/University Humanities Programs (1990) 02/23/16
0071_Examples of votes that gave away more freedom_More information about Amendment 69 02/23/16
0070_Obama for Single Payer_YouTube posted 2008_let people know about the CO Amendment 69 “single payer” “universal health care” disaster 02/23/16
0069_Freedom Minute-Ross Izard says College Board Revamps AP US History Framework_but they really didn’t_Read Donna Garner’s well-documented email about the Fake change in AP US History 02/23/16 – updated title 11/21/17
0068_Advancing Colorado_Flier_You can sign their petition against Amendment 69 02/23/16
0067_Rocky Mountain Heist_ The Blueprint_ignorance of where socialism leads_ Amendment 69 text 02/22/16
0066_Two meetings that talked about Colorado Amendment 69 – to be on the November ballot 02/22/16
0065_Is America Exceptional? Really? – by Derrick Wilburn_Feb. 18, 2016 02/19/16
0064_Information on Dinesh D’Souza, Bill Ayers and Angela Davis_short YouTube American Exceptionalism debate 02/16/16
0063_American Exceptionalism: Dinesh D’Souza vs. Bill Ayres (YouTube Recorded Live) Feb. 4, 2016 published 02/16/16
0062-15-year-old Connects the Dots About the Dangers of Common Core 02/15/16
0061_Compare the Frameworks of The 2010, 2014 and 2015 AP US History (Type #2 Education is destroying education) 02/15/16
0060-We Don’t Need Brains_Chapter 1_Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Gatto 02/09/16
0058_Colorado Common Core Implementation Costs by Henry W. Burke 1.27.14 02/03/16
0057_How a GOP Congress QUIETLY IMPOSED COMMON CORE on the Entire Country, Christmas time 2015 – Jane Robbins 02/03/16
0056_Almost No States Examined Costs before Signing up for Common Core in order to get “Free Money”_CA $10 Billion_US $80 Billion 02/02/16
0055_Exclusive: Former Houghton Mifflin Exec Reveals How Pearson Unfairly Won the LAUSD iPad Deal_Project Veritas transcription, YouTube and Susan Berry article
0054_Global Schooling: The Hijacking of American Education, an article written by Patrick Wood, August 17, 2005. 01/30/16
0053_How the National Teachers Union Usurped a Local Election – And how you paid for it. by John Newkirk – Jan. 28, 2016 01/30/16
0051_Why Would You Put People in Charge who Don’t Know the Difference Between Freedom and the Alternatives (Slavery) 01/30/16
O0050_COMMON CORE EXEC REVEALS ANTI-AMERICAN AGENDA: Guns, STDs, Islam, Climate Change, Dead White Guys_James O’Keefe 01/23/16
0049_A Short review from of “Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon” 01/22/16
0048_Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto – compulsory education fails students 01/14/16
0047_Undercover Common Core Part 2 – Another Top Publishing Executive: “It’s never about the kids.” – January 14, 2016 – YouTube – James O’Keefe/Project Veritas 01/14/15
0046_Undercover Common Core Video: Exec Says “I hate kids…it’s all about the money” – YouTube – James O’Keefe/Project Veritas – Published January 12, 2016 01/14/16
0045_Jane Robbins – Common Core and Data Collection – Post on YouTube Nov. 20, 2013 01/05/16
0044_The Speech Every 2015 College Grad Needs to Hear – Most College and University Graduates Have Been Cheated – George Will – 2015 graduation – YouTube 12/31/15
0043_It seems the new board is reverting back to secret plans and reckless spending – so this website will add new focus 12/19/15
0042_November 25, 2015 letter to new Jeffco 5-Democrat BOE:  Are transparency and accountability beginning to vanish? by Donna Jack 11/25/15
0041_Public School Teacher takes on unions – YouTube – from Fox Business News Nov. 2, 2015    posted on this site Nov. 7, 2016 11/07/15
0040_5th Grader:  Congress Stop Spending Our Money – Supreme Court study the Constitution (YouTube) 11/07/15
0039_Jeffco School Board Pres. Ken Witt_teacher sick-outs & student protests against the district’s new pay for performance & proposed curriculum review committee_Oct 6, 2014 10/28/15
0038_Jeffco, Reject Recall – YouTube – Denver Post says this recall is way out of line – Vote No 10/27/15
0037_YouTube_Teacher on Recall Election — claims are false — don’t vote out duly elected board members — October 26, 2015 10/27/15
0036_Bill Ayers explains the left’s power is in schools and classrooms – YouTube 10/26/15
0035_A June 2013 Conversation with U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan_wants dramatic expansion of high-quality preschool 10/22/15
0033_Jeffco Board of Education majority member John Newkirk’s new website – impressive accomplishments 10/18/15
0032_Two Jeffco School District moms tell shy they support the new reform majority school board members.—YouTubes 10/17/15
0031_Bullying 101 – One video of PTA president and union supporters’ lack of respect at a Jeffco BOE meeting_One interview about union bullying in hallway outside the same meeting. 10/16/15
0030_It’s About The Child Conference – join online January 29-31_livestream_Houston, Texas 10/16/15
0029_Would voting for the Democrat/union-supported school board slate bring back InBloom?_YouTube 10/16/15
0028_Thanks, Jeffco school board majority, for my new school – Golden View Classical Academy 10/16/15
0027_The Denver Post Editorial Board:  Jeffco schools recall effort should be rejected_October 13, 2015 10/16/15
0026_20-year old Spokesman for Taiwanese Demonstrators against History Framework, Commits Suicide 10/12/15
0025_Accomplishments by the Current Colorado Jeffco BOE – refuting recall lies_Letter from Julie Williams 10/06/15
0024_A Better Way to Look at the Political Spectrum – commentary and YouTube 10/06/15
0023_Julie, John and Ken – Targets of Jeffco Publi Schools recall effort speak out – Canyon Courier YouTube 10/01/15
0022_How Politics Has Corrupted Higher Education:  College/University Humanities Programs (1990) Roger Kimball – 55-minute YouTube video 09/30/15
0021_The three-board majority members are respectful to people and follow the rules.  That’s not true of the two minority board members.  (See 0072) 09/26/15
0020_Lily Tang Williams, former resident of China, tells of relatives and their hope for better education for their son in the USA 09/24/15
0019_Jefferson County School Board Member Julie Williams’ first newsletter – September 9, 2015 09/09/15
0018_Sample of Petition to recall Jeffco BOE member_lies_dig for truth 09/09/15
0017_How Zinn Gets in:  Road to a National Curriculum – by Stanley Kurtz – 2015-08-17 08/17/15
0016_Terrible News About 2015 SAT Results – By Donna Garner_2015-09-07 09/08/15
0015_2015-08-27_”Sorry, College Board’s AP U.S. History Still Leftist” by Donna Garner 09/08/15
0014_Making Americans Illiterate:  A Key Factor in the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America – YouTube with Samuel Blumenfeld_ Frederick Douglass:  Was an American Slave, and became one of the best orators of the 1800s 09/03/15
0013_Letter from Scholars Across the Country Concerned About Advanced Placement History 08/21/15
0012_Who Controls Our Children – battle against Outcome-Based Education in 1990s_Peg Luksik 08/09/15
0011_Should our Children be Standardized? – Peg Luksik — Trailer on YouTube and Transcript 08/08/15
0010_Mao’s regime in China used Household Registration and Personnel File system to keep track from birth to death.  – By Lily Tang Williams 08/08/15
0009_Interview Reporting about Union Mob in Hall at Bear Creek High School during May 1, 2014 Colorado Jeffco School Board 08/04/15
0008_Video and Transcript for:  15-year-old Connects the Dots About the Dangers of Common Core 08/02/15
0007_Guilty Until Proven Innocent – WHAT!?!  I Thought a Person is Innocent Until Proven Guilty 08/01/15
0006_2015-07-30_APUSH Revisions Won’t Do:  The College Board Needs Competition 06-30-15
0005_Comparison of Type #1 and Type #2 Education 07/29/15
0004_Audio, Video, and Transcript of the Entire 10 Minute 57 Second Jeffco BOE Meeting Feb. 8, 2014 0/29/15
0003_Jeffco Union Rewrites History, Fuels Protests – by Ross Izard
0002_Feb. 8, 2014 – Mayhem caused by Union, Cindy Stevenson and Democrat School Board members – Talk by Jeffco BOE member Julie Williams_YoutTube– YouTube of Stevenson resigning Nov 11, 2013_transcript of entire Feb. 8, 2014 BOE meeting, Chronological report, notices, videos, etc. of subversion by Jeffco school union members_Supt Stevenson and democrat board members instigating the “riot” atmosphere.  Audio and transcript of entire 10 min. 57 second meeting.  YouTube of entire meeting plus 4 minutes after.
07/28/15/add link etc 10/18/17
0001_Charlotte Iserbyt – Some of Her U.S. and World education Resources – 1999 comprehensive history:  The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

In 1985 a 40-page book with 1993 update:  Back to Basics Reform or OBE Skinnerian International Curriculum:  Necessary for the United States’ participation in a socialist one-world government scheduled for the early years of the twenty-first century

Also:  Experimentation with Minorities and Deliberate Dumbing Down for the Planned Economy

YouTube Preview to:  “Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education” [26:24],   Part 1 of 3  [6:32:10],  Part 2 of 3 [4:04:03], Part 3 of 3 [2:53:15]

Charlotte’s son’s site:


Rev 10/18/17







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