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Donna Garner
Curtis Bowers

#03_Joe Wheeler_historian, author, and much more

A little background to Joe’s latest Christmas in my Heart book, 2016.

In 1991 Joe prepared the manuscript for the first Christmas in My Heart book.  He didn’t number it, because he had no idea he would be compiling more Christmas in My Heart stories.  Twenty-five years later, he’s published #25, and is still going strong.  People are buying these books.

If you go to Joe’s website,, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn of the expanse of his publications — he has written so much more than his Christmas in My Heart series of books.

Who is Joe?

One of his many accomplishments has been to be co-founder of Zane Grey’s West Society.

#02__Curtis Bowers (producer of the documentaries Agenda and Agenda 2)

Curtis Bowers’ father is a writer, and retired professor at a university.  His mother originally invited Curtis’ father to a meeting where he first became aware of the agenda to overthrow our country.

Search this website for blogs about Curtis Bowers, Agenda or Agenda 2. Maybe you can catch up with him and his family when they are touring the country – or drop him an email through his site.–


#01__Donna Garner was appointed by President Reagan to work in his administration.

Earlier in 2016 she wrote:  “Americans are energized, engaged, and focused on the future of our country.”

Donna Garner is one of my resources for information related to Education in the United States, and around the world.

You can get on her email distribution list:  PLEASE Ctrl/CLICK HERE  or:

She gives people permission to cut/copy/paste from any of the articles she has written.

By clicking on the link, you are not indicating that you agree or disagree with the content of her e-mails, but that you simply want to receive them.

Since she has no organization, you will see the words “No organization…” on the Sign-Up Form.

If you wish to contact Donna Garner directly, her email address is:

Here is a list of articles she collected from December 2009 through December 2013 0246_Donna Garner 2015 List of information on Common Core-draft  ___________________________________________


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